Much Ado About Nothing

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May 012011

It was darned cold when we woke up at 7 a.m. yesterday morning, and when I poked a foot out from under the covers, all I really wanted to do was pull it back in, roll over and spoon Miss Terry, and sleep for another two or three hours! But alas, duty called.

Once I had done my duty, I got dressed, and poked my head outside, where I made short work of getting our motorhome unhooked from the campground’s utilities, then hurried back inside to warm up.

We pulled out of Canyon Gateway RV Park in Williams at 9 a.m. and headed west on Interstate 40. The strong winds of the last two days had died down, and we made good time. For the first 20 miles or so, a collection of classic cars and a Corvette club passed us, but most of them left the highway to get onto one of the sections of old Route 66 that still remains in northern Arizona.

100 miles after we got on the highway, we got off again, a few miles east of Kingman, because I wanted to get our Winnebago’s oil changed at the Speedco truck lube. We have never used Speedco before, but several RVers we know have recommended the nationwide chain, and I wanted to give them a try. I think this will be my first and last visit to Speedco.

I had called the day before, and confirmed that they serviced RVs with the Cummins ISC diesel engine, as their website says. But when we arrived, the first thing the slovenly fellow who came outside said was “We work on big trucks here.” I told him that I knew that, but it was my understanding that they also serviced RVs. Because we had never been there before, I wasn’t sure where to park, so I had stopped at the entrance to the parking lot to ask where to go. The fellow said “You have to move.” ”Okay, where do you want me?” I asked. ‘Just move,” he replied.

So I pulled into the parking lot, then walked back to Greg and Jan’s motorhome to tell them that it wasn’t looking too good. Before I got there, the same fellow was back outside yelling “You have to move that RV! We’ve got trucks coming in and out!” I walked back up to him, asked him again about getting a lube job and oil change, and he said it would be a while. When I asked him to define a while, he said “Maybe an hour, or an hour and a half. Maybe two. Maybe four. We take care of the truckers who have to make a living first. But you need to move your RV!” I didn’t see any trucks lined up for service, but given that attitude, no problem, I moved it right on out of their parking lot.

Well, I tried to. There were only two vehicles in the large lot, both employees’ cars, and neither was parked up against the building, but just sort of there in the front half of the parking lot. I could make a wide U-turn and get out, but the two cars were blocking my way. Three employees stood there smoking and watched me trying to get out. (Yeah, really busy taking care of those truckers, huh?) Finally I opened my window and asked if somebody could move one of the cars. A woman employee shrugged, got in one car, and pulled a couple of feet forward so I could narrowly squeeze through.

But then, she backed right back into the same spot and blocked Greg, who was following me! They ignored Greg as he tried to weave between the two cars, and though he missed them, he crunched the left front corner of his bumper trying to get out of the parking lot. Greg took it in stride, but I was really pissed off. Obviously, these clowns don’t give a damn about RVers’ business, so I wonder why they even list RV service on their website.

Back on Interstate 40, we cruised into Kingman, got off the highway on U.S. 93, and took it north toward Nevada. This is a nice drive, all four lane divided highway, and the views of the rock formations were awesome.



As we approached the Colorado River, the road had a lot of curves and downhill grades, but nothing to worry about, as long as you drive sensibly.


The wind had picked up as we left Kingman, and a couple of gusts really rocked our world. This old RV may have some years on it, but guess what? The view out the windshield’s the same as what the folks in the newest, most expensive luxury motorhome enjoys.


As most of you know, I have a real phobia about high bridges, so I was fretting about the trip over the new Hoover Dam bypass bridge that opened recently. Last year, we saw the bridge under construction from the dam, and I swore I’d never drive over it.

Bridge 2

But several readers assured me that it was no big deal, because RVs are supposed to drive in the left lane, and high retaining walls block most of the view. Sure enough, all of my sniveling was for nothing. We were over the bridge before we even realized it, and it wasn’t as intimidating as many highway overpasses we’ve been on. Not nearly as bad as the Interstate 10 bridge in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and compared to the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, it was like driving in a parking lot! So if you’ve been worrying about the bypass bridge, don’t even think about it. It I can do it, anybody can! 🙂


We passed Lake Meade, with its deep blue water, drove through Boulder City, and a half hour later, we were at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails preserve. The park is busy, and the RV sites are very close together, but we got a back-in 50 amp full hookup site, and had no problem getting parked and settled in. Except for the hassle at Speedco, it was an easy four hour, 211 mile run.

Greg and Jan are a couple of sites down from us, and once we were all parked and had time to relax, hunger set in. So we drove a couple of blocks to the Boulder Station Casino for a great buffet dinner. Then it was back to the motorhome for a quiet evening relaxing with TV and cruising the internet.

Thought For The Day – Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are, the ones who would do anything to see you smile, and who love you unconditionally.

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  18 Responses to “Much Ado About Nothing”

  1. Thanks for the tip – that will be one place we avoid…

  2. We have always taken our motor home to Speedco and gotten good service. We got in line with the commercial trucks and waited for our turn, which is as it should be. We could tell that they weren’t very familiar with RV’s per se, but once they got started, they knew what to do and provided good service. However, you can find poor employees at any business.

  3. We just had our Motor Home serviced at Speedco near independence missouri and had the best experence. Everyone was extra friendly, and the cheapest we ever paid. We will avoid Kingman for sure!!

  4. Sounds like the Speedco at Kingman is not one of their best operations. I had my engine and genny oil changed at the store south of Casa Grande and everyone was really pleasant and helpful if just a little slower than I would have liked.

  5. I’ve had great experience with Speedco, sounds like you found a crew who didn’t want to work.
    I’d suggest trying Speedco again, I think you’d be happy with their service.

  6. We will come see you, “Brother, Sister and Cousins”.

  7. We have used Speedco in Casa Grande many times and also one in Knoxville TN with excellant results. We were treated well. We enter the garage from the exit and so our engine is in the front of the building. Seem to know what they are doing. John always get the oil analysis. We will avoid Kingman – guess they don’t want to do business. But try Casa Grande when you’re in the area.

  8. We have put Speedo’s to our do not use book, this is just for Kingman, Like most business you can get lazy I do not want to work people. Feel lucky they spoke English.Glad you made it over the bridge alright, I knew you would. Enjoy your stay in sin city. Be safe

  9. Guess we wont see your RV going over the lake Ponchatrain bridge in Louisiana any time soon.

    Hope you guys are having a great time.

  10. We have used the Speedco in Joplin, Missouri and were very pleased. Professional, good price, and will return there for service.

  11. We did our first Speedco in Amarillo,TX.. We had excellent service.We were in and out in about 45 minutes. The crew was pleasant and the manager even gave us $5.00 off our service.(when the fuel filter was changed some diesel ran out he gave us the 5.00 credit for it) Everyone was very courteous.
    I would notifly Speedco and let them know just what your experience was. No one should be treated that rude.
    I wonder if a manger was in at the time of your visit?

  12. We have had excellent service at the Speedco in Knoxville, TN. Alway fast, courteous & friendly. Give them a try next time you are in Racoon Valley.

  13. I’m glad you found crossing the new bridge to be a non-event. It sure makes getting to Las Vegas much easier. doesn’t it?

    While we have had good service at various Speedco locations around the country over the years, our experience in Kingman just a week or so ago was much like your own.. We were treated rudely and left without them doing our service because they made it very plain that they didn’t want our business. We will never go back to that location again.

  14. Don’t surprise me. I have never had good service anyplace in Kingman. The Flying J there is terrible. We just keep on driving and never stop anymore.

  15. No experience with Speedco but I drive over the Lake Charles bridge atleast twice a day if not more and do not see any problems with it. Guess I am not afraid of heights like yourself…

  16. Nick we have been to the same Speedco by the truck stop on Exit 66 in AZ and were not pleased. The guy yelled at me because I didn’t know they wanted me to go in the exit door and I followed the sign around to the back instead. But that is the only one where we have had less than excellent service.

  17. You should have gone to Speedco in Casa Grande. We were in and out in good time and were happy with the cost and service we got.

  18. Nick and Greg:

    Cummins Care facilities like to service big rigs and they treat customers with respect. Avoid Speedco and that other rinky dinky place that put the wrong valve stem on your tire. There are much better places to spend your money.

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