May 142011

Our two weeks at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails is up today, but we had talked about extending our stay through the weekend, and heading out Monday morning. That’s the great thing about the fulltime RV lifestyle, our plans are usually written in Jello.

However, we woke up yesterday morning to discover that the power was out on one side of the RV park, and of course, it was our side. 🙁

I called the office and was told that they hoped to have the problem remedied by noon. Okay, we can handle that. It was pretty hot, but the humidity was low, so we opened up the windows on the shaded side of our motorhome, turned on our roof vents to create an air flow, and even though it was in the low 90s, it was tolerable.

An hour or so later, our batteries were getting low, since the power had been out for several hours by then, so I turned on our Onan generator to charge them up. I also called the office again, and was told they hoped to have the power on by 3 p.m. Huh? What happened to noon?  We waited a while, and then decided that since we had some errands to run, we’d do that and at least be in Greg’s air conditioned truck or inside air conditioned stores.

We called the Thousand Trails office a couple of times during the day, and were told they hoped to have the power on by 5 p.m. Hmm…. are you beginning to see a pattern here? When we got back to the RV park, somewhere close to 7 p.m., the ranger said the power was still out, but that they were bringing in a generator so folks could at least have lights and charge their batteries. By 9:30 there was still no generator. The ranger also said the power could be out “a day or two.”

Okay, that’s all I need to know. Another great thing about the fulltime RV lifestyle is that we have wheels under our house, and if we don’t like the neighbors or the neighborhood, we can leave. Scrub the plan to stay around a couple more days, we’re outta here!

Overall, we have been pleased with our Thousand Trails membership, but this kind of stuff ticks me off. They really need to invest some time and money into maintenance, instead of waiting until things break and then try to piece them back together. We’ve been here two weeks and the pool has been out of order all that time. When we checked in, we were told it would be fixed in a  day or two. Apparently, those days are going to be in November or December. We have seen the same thing in every Thousand Trails campground we have visited. Sites with the electric boxes covered up and out of order, pools and hot tubs that don’t work, and repeated excuses from the staff. We got our membership used for only $100, but if I had paid the big bucks that some people have for their Thousand Trails membership, I’d really be upset.

If Speedco isn’t too busy, we’ll get an oil change and lube before we head out this morning, and the game plan is to drive to Boron, California, about 200 miles. We’ll spend the night at a Passport America park there, and then Monday we’ll go on to the Escapees Park of the Sierras in Coarsegold, California.

Of course, all plans are written in Jello, and I have a short attention span, so who knows what tangent I might go off on along the way?

Meanwhile, Bad Nick has been busy, posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Wave The White Flag, The War Is Over. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – When you’re in it up to your ears, keep your mouth shut!

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  8 Responses to “I’ve Got Wheels Under My House”

  1. It sounds like Thousand Trails is not that good. There seems to be a pattern with these membership resorts. They start out nice but then over the years go steadily down hill.I’m sure there are some exceptions but generally over all this seems to be the case. Once the initial money from membership sales is over, they are often sold and start to decline. And now you can get into Thousand Trails with out being a member. I like that better than being committed to a membership.

  2. Nick, sorry to hear about the power problems at your TT park. I’ve heard more and more about the sorry condition of a lot of their parks, and that’s the primary reason we haven’t invested in their program. It is nice to have wheels under your home, but I must respectfully disagree that it’s always easy to just hitch up and move. It’s easy when you’re using your TT membership and not paying a daily rate. But sometimes we have to pay ahead of time for x amount of days, usually to get a lower rate. Well, when you’re committed to a certain amount of days, it’s like pulling hens’ teeth trying to get a refund from park management if you want to leave early. I’m just sayin’. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog (and Bad Nick). Keep up the great work.

  3. 000 Trails has not only not been doing their maintainance, the are selling off parts of their parks to KOA!! Case in point is the Little Diamond Lake TTN in Newport WA. We were there last summer and out of 400 campsites, only 130 were left for TTN Members and in September only about 30 sites were open . All the rest had been taken over by KOA and new complete 50 amp electric and water hookups had been installed and the roads were newly paved and new gravel laid and leveled. Yet the few remaining sites for TTN had no improvements at all and the ranger made sure we didn’t trespass on the KOA sites or else they would have to ask us to leave!! He said if we were not happy we could always complain to TTN in writing, which we have done. Of course we never got an answer from anyone.
    I have been told this is not the only park to sell out portions to KOA.

  4. Thousand Trails is owned by a very big corporation – ELS – and as with all big corporations, they are slow to get things done. Guess profits to shareholders are more important. They own Encore and some of the Encore parks are current but lots need to be updated as they’re worn down.

  5. we have stayed at many TT parks since going full time seven years ago. the majority of them have been very nice and kept up. Our big complaint with them is most of them we only had water and electric. We have been told this is what they offer non-members staying under an affiliate membership. It is not that big of an inconvenience but full service is better. even our home park with ROD does the same thing. they keep the full service for members who paid to much for membership. we are happy to use these parks since we stay at no cost.

  6. WEATHER ALERT… Nick is heading north and the rains are coming into Northern California tonight thru the week. Hmmm, is there a connection?

  7. Cool Judy, Yes there is a connection. We had Nick with us last winter in Florida and, well, we had one of the worst winters ever. Good luck Northern California. Just look at what happened to the TT park. It must be the cloud over his head!!!!!

  8. We have to laugh every time we remember “Arabian RV Oasis” in Boron CA. It was one of our early experiences with P.A. and we were *not* impressed. But for 12 bucks, who’s complaining? If you haven’t been there before, don’t expect it to look much like the picture. Would we stay there again? Yes. 8^)
    But please don’t let these comments deter you from visiting Boron. They have a very “interesting” museum and a Mexican restaurant down the street that serves the *best* crab enchilada! I hear the tour of the borax mines is pretty interesting, too, but we saved that for our next visit. 8^)

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