May 292011

Anybody who knows me, knows what a wonderful friend I am, and that I will do whatever it takes to help my fellow man, no matter how much it inconveniences me. Of course, it’s even better if I benefit from my own selflessness. I’ve been working hard lately keeping my buddy Greg White out of trouble. And trust me, that’s a fulltime job!

The last couple of days, Miss Terry and Greg’s pretty wife Jan have been busy checking out the Peddler’s Village in Coarsegold, a combination craft festival and farmers market set up for the holiday weekend. And if anyone needs adult supervision more than I do when the ladies are away, it’s Greg. As Jan says, left to his own devices, he tends to wander off and get into trouble.

Fortunately, I’m a very good friend, and I managed to find enough chores that needed done to keep Greg occupied and out of jail. I’m not sure we could have raised bail money on a holiday weekend. 🙂

The turn signals on our Ford Explorer had stopped working when we were towing the SUV behind our motorhome. They were fine when driving it, the problem was in the wiring used for towing. Greg loves troubleshooting things like this, and he spent several hours with meters and test lights and jumper wires, poking and prodding, and going “hmmm.”

Greg discovered that there were actually several problems with bad connections in both the Explorer’s tow light wiring harness, and the motorhome’s towing light circuit. He resolved all of these, replacing a couple of bad connections, and tightening up others. By the time he was done, everything was working properly again. Greg also installed a charge wire, that allows the Explorer’s battery to take a trickle charge off the motorhome when we’re towing it.

When we were in Yuma for our rally, back in March, the battery had gone dead. My friend Phil Botnick took the battery out and took it to WalMart to have it tested, since it was a WalMart battery and only a few months old. According to the guys at WalMart auto service center, the battery was okay, and once it was charged, it seemed to work fine. But a couple of weeks ago, while we were at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails preserve, the battery went dead again. Greg jumped it, and again, it was okay.

But Friday, while Greg was working on the towing lights, the darned thing died again! That was enough for me. Yesterday, while the ladies were off shopping, we went to NAPA and I bought a new battery. Yeah, I could have probably gone back to WalMart and gotten some credit for the bad battery, but the closest WalMart is in Fresno, and I didn’t want to drive all the way down there, and I really didn’t want another one of their batteries. Besides, they would have installed the new battery, and I had an obligation to keep Greg busy.

Greg was wrapping up the last of the repairs when Miss Terry and Jan returned, and once he was cleaned up, we drove into Oakhurst for dinner at Pizza Factory. We had taken Greg and Jan to the Pizza Factory in our old hometown of Show Low, Arizona a while back, and none of us were too impressed. But the fellow at NAPA had told us that this one was great. It was also the original Pizza Factory, started by a local family that made good, and franchised the business.

Imagine our surprise when we walked in and saw our friends Dave and Brenda Neil! We didn’t know they were in the area, but as it turns out, they have a lot here at the Escapees Park of the Sierras. They were just finishing their meal, and recommended the white pepperoni pizza, which uses a garlic white sauce instead of tomato sauce. It was delicious! Probably one of the very best pizzas I have ever had! Greg and Jan were just as impressed with the spaghetti and meatballs Greg ordered, and the pizza they shared. I wish we would have discovered this place earlier in our visit to the area!

By the time we got back to the campground, it had started to rain, and it came down steadily all night long. I’m glad Greg got most of his chores done yesterday. I’d hate to make him work in the rain. I’d do it, but I’d really, really feel guilty. 🙂

We listened to the rain fall, watched TV, and I made a new post to my self-publishing blog, titled Publishing For Kindle Vs Nook. We only have a few days left here at the Escapees campground, and while we’ve enjoyed our time here and love the area, we’re getting hitch itch and are looking forward to getting on the road again. 

Thought For The Day – Destiny is not a matter of chance; but a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved. – William Jennings Bryant

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  1. I’m not sure I’d publish where I was parking if we were traveling w/Greg and Jan – you might find a lot of folks out there wanting to help you keep him out of trouble! 😉

  2. Does the phrase “fox gaurdin the hen house” ring a bell? 😉 Just my thoughts after keeping up with the blog for a while.

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