May 052011

Yesterday was a day when I should have stayed in bed. I went outside to dump our black tank, and because the RV sites here at the Las Vegas Thousand Trails preserve are so tight, I had to wiggle my chubby butt between a picnic table and the side of our RV. Then I discovered that our bay doors were locked, so I had to wiggle my chubby butt  back between the picnic table and the side of the RV, reach inside our motorhome’s door to push the electric bay door lock release switch, then wiggle the aforementioned chubby butt back between the RV and picnic table a third time. About then, I said to myself “Self, why the hell don’t you walk around the other side of the RV, and not have to squeeze through here over and over again?” Hmm… there’s an idea!

Anyway, I opened our sewer bay, and the door promptly came down and thumped me on head. Dang, that hurts! 🙁  I pulled the black valve, and the hose elbow immediately jumped out of the rubber sewer donut the campground requires, spewing a mess out. It happens to all of us sooner or later. Welcome to life in an RV.  I quickly turned to push the black tank valve closed, and bay door came down and hit me on the head again! Dang, that still hurts! 🙁

Of course, I can dump my tanks a thousand times without a mishap, and nobody is ever there to witness it. But when something goes wrong, there’s always an audience. This time, it was a nosy lady with a yappy little dog in a site behind us, who said “That’s disgusting!” Yeah, I know. As I started cleaning up the mess, she told me how I was polluting the groundwater table, and should report the spill to the EPA.

“If you used a macerator, that wouldn’t happen!” she told me.  About then, Bad Nick really wanted to point the errant sewer hose at her, pull the valve again and say “If you weren’t such a busybody, this wouldn’t happen!” But Good Nick wouldn’t let him do that. Sometimes Good Nick is such a party pooper. Pun intended. 🙂

With the mess cleaned up and the dumping chores done, I went back inside (forgetting to walk around to the other side of the RV, and instead squeezing my chubby butt between the RV and the picnic table), and took a shower.

I worked on the computer for a while, and then about 2:30 we rode with Greg and Jan down to our mail service in Boulder City to pick up a couple of week’s worth of mail, and some packages we had sent in by UPS. On the way, we stopped at Camping World, and after we left the mail service, we had an early dinner at Lindo Michoacan , a great Mexican restaurant we discovered on our visit to Las Vegas last year. The food was delicious, and the view out the windows toward the city were fantastic. We made one more stop, at Fry’s Electronics, and then headed back to the campground.

Before we went back to our campsite, I took a picture of the bus conversion I mentioned yesterday. I thought it was an old GMC Scenic Cruiser, but Terry pointed out that it is actually a Flexible Starliner, another great old coach from the glory days of bus travel.

Flexible Starliner

About 9:30 I realized that we were out of milk, and knowing that Good Nick can turn to Bad Nick pretty quickly if he doesn’t get his Frosted Flakes in the morning, we ran to WalMart, a couple of miles down Boulder Highway. The store wasn’t all that crowded, but of course, we had to get in line behind a fellow who’s credit card was declined, and he kept insisting that there must be a problem and telling the checkout clerk to try it again, and she did, over and over, with the same results. So he had her try another card, which was also declined. Finally we took our stuff back off the counter and went to the next checkout. I swear, I could have bought a cow and milked it myself in the time it took to get out of that place!

You’d think that would be enough frustration for one day, but you’d be wrong. As they say in those late night infomercials, but wait, there’s more! When we parked the Explorer in front of our motorhome, as I was walking past, I scraped a couple of layers of skin off my head on the rearview mirror of the RV! Dang, that hurts! 🙁 

Yep, I should have stayed in bed!

 Thought For The Day – Beauty fades, but dumb is forever.

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Nick Russell

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  17 Responses to “I Should Have Stayed In Bed”

  1. At least YOU don’t have the runs.

  2. Poor Nick! Now that is one BAD day. At least it is over with and today should be much BRIGHTER! Thanks for the chuckle at your expense unfortunately.

  3. Think of it this way, all the bad things happened all in one day.The rest of the week will be clear sailing!!!!!!!!!

  4. LOL! You and Don can share sewer spill stories next time you’re together.
    If I’m not mistaken, that bus belongs to Sharon and Ron Mead, Escapees and Boomers. They use Two CN USA in their email sig. I thought they had a blog but I couldn’t find it.

  5. I nearly choked on my morning cup of tea …….. The image of that chubby butt wiggling ……. way too much this early.

  6. Those rubber donuts can be a real pain. I had exactly the same thing happen to me a week and a half ago — minus the audience and the bumps on the head and the wiggling between table and RV. Your experience relates better than mine!

  7. You’ll have to come up with a new blog entitled “Poor Nick”.

  8. Nick, I was getting gas a few weeks ago and my card was declined. We when to the bank and the card was canceled by the bank because of security. Got a new one ordered. Went back to the gas station and we used the wife’s card and it was declined. So it was back to the bank. Same thing. We never did see any strange charges. The woman at the station said she had more then one declined that day from our bank. S.H.

    Don and Barb

  9. Dave’s card was declined because he tried to charge over the single purchase limit. So he gave them a second card. In the meantime, the first bank called me and I authorized the charge! Fortunately, they didn’t actually put the first one through but we had a few scary minutes until Dave was able to call the first bank and confirm that we didn’t pay twice for that tank of diesel.

  10. Nick, I also learned the hard way —- Now I pull the grey water valve first just enough so I know everything works the way it should— then shut that one, and pull the black water valve..hoping this helps you—-but it was a good laugh…………Jake

  11. Hey Greg!!

    Nick did have the runs….. when he pulled the black tank valve.


  12. I don’t know if it is a “pink” job, “blue” job, “purple” job or plain ol’ BLACK job, but my job is to keep a foot on the dump hose when using the sewer donut. Sometimes I feel like a flamingo balancing on one leg, but, SO FAR, no accidents. Yes, the bus does belong to the Meads. They have been visiting with Donna/Bob. Also, Barb and Tom Westerfield are at Lake Mead RV with the start of their Golden Spike Rally. If you haven’t done so, take Jan/Greg caching in Boulder City. Lots of easy finds and one “killer” 4-difficulty level cache called “Nighmare on Elm Street”. It is around the corner from the Boulder Elks.

  13. My husband, our dog, and I are considering joining the RV world. I’ve read several blogs recently, but just happened upon this one today. I must say that this is the best one yet! Nick’s story and the comments to his story gave me some good laughs. Looking forward to reading some of the past entries.

  14. just to be a thorn and picky as your official history source, The bus is a Flxible – no E Al

  15. I too often do the flamingo balancing like Cool Judy. In fact, I just was in
    that position yesterday. Quite challenging when there is no firm object
    nearby to grab hold of.

  16. The phrase “Nick happens” comes to mind! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…

  17. Ahh Nick. . . defication does occur. Even to the best of us. . . like you. Oh well. Been there done that. By the by. . . I drove those beautiful old Flexs, make right in Loudonville, OH, for Airport Transit from the old Hollywood Roosevelt to LAX and Burbank back in the sixties. Boy. . . those were the days. A few of those old buses were equipped with gasoline engines in order to cut down on the noise and pollution in front of the hotels and at the airports. Talk to you soon, as always, oRV

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