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May 212011

The other day I shared a link that my friend Cool Judy Rinehimer sent me on adding avatars to blog comments. Well, now I have another link from Judy, to her brand new CoolRVers On The Road blog. How cool is that? If you’re wondering, Judy got her screen name because she is from the town of Cool, California. Yes, there really is a cool town in California named Cool! How cool is that?

Unfortunately, I have another link to share with you from California, and this one isn’t cool. In fact, it’s sad. According to RV Business, California has announced plans to close 70 state parks, in an attempt to balance the state’s budget. Here’s an idea – why not take some of the welfare rats who are living on the taxpayers’ dollars and have them do things like maintenance work at the state parks in return for their public assistance? That might save the state a buck or two.

Okay, enough Bad Nick, this isn’t the place for it. But I hate to see any state take extreme measures like closing parks and rest areas, when there may be ways to avoid it.

After our busy day exploring Yosemite National Park on Thursday, yesterday was a day for relaxing around the motorhome. Miss Terry finished the final proofing of my mystery novel, and I spent a lot of time answering e-mails, and logging in some orders that came in from our website. In the afternoon, Greg White and I drove into Coarsegold to the post office, then stopped at a grocery store for a couple of things Greg needed to pick up.

Back at the RV park, I managed to get a little bit of writing done, and then my pal Orv Hazelton called to chat for a while. Orv and his lovely wife Nancy are up in Washington state, and we hope to cross their path when we’re up that way in a few weeks.

I’ve had a few people contact me with offers to stop at their houses for a night or two of driveway camping while we’re in the Pacific Northwest, and while we appreciate the offers of hospitality, we’ve got the first six weeks of our sojourn to the coast booked up with reservations at Thousand Trails campgrounds, and after that we just want to play things by ear. Sometime in July we want to make it up to the Escapees Evergreen COHO park in Chimacum, Washington, and we also want to spend a few days at the Elks lodge in Bremerton. We like riding the ferry across Puget Sound, to spend the day playing tourist in Seattle, and then coming back to our cozy home on wheels at the end of the day.  

We plan on another low key day today. I have more than enough work to keep me at my desk all day long, and Terry has been looking forward to having a day to do some cooking. I’m not sure exactly what’s on the menu, but I know it’s going to be delicious!

Thought For The Day – Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

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  10 Responses to “How Cool Is That?”

  1. 2 Things,
    1, I’m Glad Cool Judy isn’t from intercourse, PA.
    2 .If you took the Welfare rats and put them in the parks they would steal everything they could get their hands on. Detroit tried that 25 years ago and they stoled the copper wiring right out of the buildings,

  2. How about the lifeguards who are making $100’000 or $200’00 a year. They feel they deserve that much because they save lives on their job. Your tax dollars at work!

  3. Don’t miss the Elks Lodges in Peteluma, CA and Brookings, OR.

    Travel safe, and enjoy.

  4. The Elks Lodge in Sequim, WA is really nice and they have a Lavender Festival in July that is wonderful.

  5. Thanks for mention. Now working with Live Writer, per your recommendation, and must get into the routine of doing a blog. I admire your discipline to crank out your various blogs. Don’t expect mine to be daily.

  6. Nice idea Nick, they tried this back in 1999 for the lazy welfare leaches it did not work.I had the misfortune of having some of the folks work for me. the majority just wanted to sit on their lazy butts and talk on the phone. I even had one ask me who and the hell I was when I asked her to get a set of vital for me. She actually told me to go to hell and get them myself. She left that day and never came back. where did Dave get his facts on lifeguards? We know several lifeguards and they make no where that amount of money. by the way if the world does end today as the crackpot predicts remember we love you guys, but we will see you in Sept I am sure

  7. Elaine,
    The lifeguard reference is in regard to this news story, in which lifeguards in Newport Beach, California earned the big bucks, including two battalion chiefs who pulled down over $200K

  8. Well Jerry just gave the prison guards a big raise so the money is there with tax increases.
    We went in the Kodiak at a state park for some information and talked to the nicest lady and found out she was a work camper. The next day we went back and this young girl would not give us the time of day. I asked her if she was a work camper and she said no I work for the state. So who needs a state union worker to keep the parks open?? The unions!! This park was 50:00 a night for a plot of ground to park on with no hook ups.

  9. I was just reading in The Examiner (SF newspaper) that the CA state assembly is going to put to vote to allow private organizations to ‘take over and manage’ the parks that are listed to be cut. Sad state of afairs when private people and companys have to do the things that we’ve all been paying the state to do for years. Were’d that money go to…obviously not to funding the state parks. No doubt CA is slowly slipping into the financial ocean….and doing it all on their own. Go figure.

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