May 222011

Well, since I didn’t get beamed up to heaven in the Rapture yesterday, Miss Terry said I had to work. 🙁 I swear, the woman is a slave driver!

I spent most of yesterday uploading my new mystery novel, Big Lake, to Amazon’s Kindle program. It should be available sometime today. Converting the file into Kindle format isn’t as easy as they make it sound, and it took several attempts to get it right. I posted some information on the process on my self-publishing blog, for those who are interested.

With that task done, I decided to try and upload another of my books, The Frugal RVer, to the Kindle Program. That didn’t work out, and I have that story on the self-publishing blog too.

While I was busy with all of that, Miss Terry was taking advantage of a day at home to do what she loves most in the world, cooking up a delicious feast. Some women love shopping, or watching talk shows on television, but my pretty lady is never happier than when she’s banging pots and pans, and cooking up a storm!

Greg and Jan came over about 5 p.m., and we sat down to a wonderful dinner of marinated roasted pork tenderloin, wild rice, brussel sprouts, and peas. The four of us usually chatter away like magpies when we’re together, but it was pretty quiet at our table, because everybody was too busy eating to talk!

Terry topped off the meal with a huge homemade strawberry pie with homemade whipped cream, that would make anything you get at Marie Callender’s taste like a stale Pop Tart in comparison. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’ll never be a thin man!


A little while after we finished the pie, our longtime friends Ron and JerriLea Hopf stopped by to say hello. They had just arrived here at the Park of the Sierras for their first visit,and they are as impressed with the place as we are. There’s not much I like about California, but I love this Escapees campground!

We had a nice visit with Ron and JerriLea, talking about our mutual RV travels, fulltiming, and their recent transition from a fifth wheel to a motorhome.

After everybody left, I worked on the computer for a while, logging in a couple of new orders, and answered a long e-mail from a gentleman who had a lot of questions about fulltime RVing. I answered about half of them, and then suggested he spend some time reading some of the good internet RV forums, such as Escapees, RV Net, and IRV2 for the rest. There is a tremendous amount of information out there on every aspect of RVing and the RV lifestyle, and with just a little research you can learn a lot to help get you off to a good start.

With that all done, I turned the computer over to Bad Nick, because you just know he was going to have something to say about yesterday’s predictions about the end of the world in the Bad Nick Blog. How could he not? Check out his My Rapture Got Ruptured post, and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for.

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Nick Russell

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  3 Responses to “E-Books & Strawberry Pie”

  1. I just went to Amazon and your book is listed, but not available for sale yet. I called Amazon’s customer service number was told they are setting up the final details in their system. I can’t wait, I want to be the first to order it!

  2. Mary,
    I just checked and it is available now for purchase. Here is a link to the Amazon listing.

  3. Just finished your book and have to say it had me hooked. I really enjoyed it and for the first time ever I read while at work. Looking forward to the next one.

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