DirecTV Impresses Me

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May 072011

I’ve never been a fan of either Dish Network or DirecTV. I’ve had both services at one time or another, and am currently a Dish customer. As a fulltime RVer, I have had a number of frustrating encounters with the customer service people at both companies.. However, I believe that when a company goes the extra mile for its customers, that effort should be recognized.

Yesterday morning, I got a call from my friend Brenda Speidel, who is currently in Missouri with her hubby Ron, tending to her mother, who is dealing with some health issues. Brenda said that they recently got a telephone call that was a recorded message from DirecTV, from whom they get their satellite TV programming.

But this wasn’t your typical sales pitch. DirecTV was telling them that if they were affected by all of the storms and bad weather that has hit so much of the country, they wanted to help. Brenda said the message said that if equipment was damaged by the storms, DirecTV would replace it for them; if their satellite dish needed repositioned, they would send somebody out to do it. RVers don’t need that service, but I’m sure a lot of other folks do. Basically, it was a call saying “What can we do to help?”

Now, I know that some of the cynics out there are saying “Sure, they want you up and running so they can keep billing you.” And yes, as a business, it is in their best interest to get their customers watching their programming again. But I wonder how many other businesses in the storm ravaged areas of our country are making any effort to make their customers’ lives easier? I haven’t heard of Dish Network making any such offers. DirecTV gets a thumbs up and an Attaboy from me!

Thanks to the many folks who contacted me asking about the digital camera I had for sale. It has been sold, and yesterday I shipped it off to its new owners. I hope they enjoy it, and have a lot of fun taking great pictures with it.

After I dropped the camera off at the post office, we drove up to North Las Vegas to check out the Elks lodge, which has several RV sites, just so we’d know what it was like, for future reference. The RV sites are back-in 30 amp, with water and electric, but I wasn’t too impressed with the neighborhood, and though the guidebook says stays are limited to 30 days, the few RVs there looked like they have been there a lot longer. If I absolutely needed a place to park, it would work, but I’d much rather be here at the Thousand Trails preserve, or at the Elks lodge in Boulder City.

We also stopped to check out the Speedco, and the fellow I talked to at this Speedco location was very friendly, and at least 50 or 60 steps up the food chain from the cretins they have working at the Speedco in Kingman, Arizona. I plan to call them next week when we leave town, and if they aren’t too busy, we’ll stop in for an oil change and lube.

From there, we stopped at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort and the Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort to drop off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal. Both places are upscale resorts, and looked very impressive. I’ve probably been in hundreds of RV parks across the country dropping off sample bundles of papers, but never have I had the friendly welcome I did at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort. Not only did the friendly young woman at the desk welcome me and say she would be happy to pass out the papers to guests as they checked in, she even offered me a bottle of cold water or a soda to drink, since it was such a hot day! I was impressed.

We stopped for dinner at one of the local casino buffets, and then went back to the motorhome. The temperature has been over 90 degrees the last couple of days, and I sure appreciate our Winnebago’s basement air conditioner! We spent the evening relaxing, I wrote a new post to my self-publishing blog titled The Rules Have Changed, that addresses the rise of e-book publishing, and then printed out the final draft of my mystery novel so Miss Terry could proofread it one more time before I publish it on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles e-book services.

Thought For The Day – Be careful not to trade what you want most for what you want now.

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Nick Russell

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  1. Murphy Oil also made an effort to help those affected by the storms. They did not raise any fuel prices in the affected areas. I’m pretty sure Murphy was not really financially hurt by this but in those horrific times I ‘m sure the couple bucks folks could save helped, as did this positive type action taken by Murphy.

  2. Nick,
    Would you continue commenting on the Elk Lodges campsites, This provides us (Elk RVers) with the information needed when looking for lodges to stay at.


  3. Your thought for today is the best you have published in a long time, Nick. It should be engraved on the door jamb, the lintel, and the dinner plates of every house in the land, including our motorhomes!

  4. A tip for writing a good mystery novel, leave the last page blank.

  5. We have stayed at the Oasis RV Park, it used to be an RPI park, but they are no longer one. The folks their were very snotty when dealing with us. We used it when we met my sisters for a reunion. It was better to deal with the snots behind the desk than drive all the way in from Pahrump.We were only there for a couple of nights.

  6. Along the same lines of Direct TV’s offer, I got an email from Progressive Ins offering to let those in the Tornado afflicted areas push their insurance payments out a bit to ease the sudden financial burden.

    That was a surprise.

  7. Nick, I have used the Speedco in Vegas many, many times. Never an issue and always good service.

  8. Nick – a little different in the rigs, Volvo 630 semi and New Horizons trailer, But the folks at Speedco #333, BeaverDam, OH RIGHT on the money and time. Said they have a lot of RV folks in during the spring or fall and said the usually add to their smaller engine filter stock for those times

  9. Marty, If you are an Elk, you can join a member-reporting Yahoo group: (copy and paste the URL). There is a similar reporting site for Moose.

  10. Nick and CoolJudy,
    Thanks for the information you both have provided regarding Elk and Moose RV parking sites.

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