Albert Hammond Lied

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May 182011

You may not know who Albert Hammond is, but if you ever meet him, don’t believe a word he says. The man is a liar!

No, Mr. Hammond is not an RV salesman, nor is he peddling campground memberships. Albert Hammond is a British singer/songwriter perhaps best known for his 1972 hit It Never Rains In California. The man has obviously never been to Coarsegold, where it has been rainy and dreary for two days now, and today doesn’t look any better. But what the heck, we’re warm and cozy in our motorhome, I have my comfortable sweats and my Teepee Creeper slippers on, and Miss Terry makes excellent hot chocolate. So let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

We took advantage of the chilly weather to stay home yesterday, and Miss Terry baked several loaves of bread, and worked on the final proofing of my mystery novel. I wrote a little, answered several e-mails, and spent some time researching places to visit in our travels this summer. Between here and the tip of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, we have a lot of options for interesting things to check out for future issues of the Gypsy Journal.

Subscribers Tom and Patty Knott are our neighbors here at the Escapees Park of the Sierras, and during the afternoon Tom stopped by to give me some tips on places to visit locally. We can probably stretch our stay here out to two weeks if we really try, but it would take years to see and do all that there is in the area. 

About 5:30 we rode into Oakhurst with Greg and Jan for dinner at Di Cicco’s Italian Restaurant. It was a nice place, and the service was excellent, but the food was mediocre. Our dinner selections ranged from ravioli, to lasagna, to pizza, and while it was okay, we all agreed it was a little bland. Jan summed it up best when she asked the rest of us “Don’t they know about things like basil or oregano?”

Back at the campground, we settled in for a quiet evening, with more writing, more proofing, answering e-mails, and a couple of good TV shows.

A while back, my friend Judy Rinehimer, known as Cool Judy to her many internet fans and friends, wrote to ask me how to include her avatar with blog comments she made. That’s beyond my “need to know” authority, so I referred her to Chris Guld at Geeks on Tour. Judy wrote back that she found a reference to the information on the Geeks’ website, and sent me this link to adding avatars, in case any other blog readers want to personalize their comments too. I hope you all do, because I like to put faces with the blog comments.      

While we’re on the topic of blogs and comments, check out Bad Nick’s newest Bad Nick Blog post titled The Dating Game, and leave a comment. Bad Nick is a lot of things, but nobody has ever accused him of being politically correct. Crude, rude, and indecent, yes, but politically correct? It will never happen!

Thought For The Day – Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Albert Hammond Lied”

  1. Minor detail: Albert Hammond sang, “It Never Rains in *Southern* California.” You’d be hard-pressed to consider Coarsegold as being in the lower half of the Golden State.

  2. Hi Nick,
    If it’s any consolation (doubtful), it’s been raining for a few days here on the East Coast as well.
    Thanks for the info. on the avatar. I, too, would like to see the “mugs” of those posting.

  3. The next line in the song is “It pours”.

  4. Coarsegold is in the Southern half in the Atlas. But it is in the Northern half also.

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