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There are so many great RV blogs out there that it is hard to keep up with them all. And every week, somebody turns me on to yet another blog I never knew about.

I enjoy reading RV blogs for several reasons. They help me keep up with my friends, they take me to new places we’ve never explored before, they give me a new perspective on the RV lifestyle, and they are just plain fun! Here are 15 blogs you may not be aware of, but should be reading.

Hit The Road Jack – Jerry and Kimberly Peterson are working RVers who share their adventures as they work a Christmas tree lot, sell pumpkins, work at trade shows, and explore this great land of ours.

The Sandcastle – My friend Linda Sand and her husband Dave travel fulltime in a Winnebago Journey, and Linda writes about the joys and occasional frustrations of life on the road.

Travel By Chance – Dan and Patty Chance are adventure loving RVers who write about everything from driving tour buses in Alaska, to working in Glacier National Park, to roaming the highways and back roads of America. As much as I enjoy the stories of their travels, I also like Dan’s occasional down to earth tales of his days as a California Highway Patrol officer.

Dennis & Carol’s RV Adventures – Our friends Dennis and Carol Hill are the owners of the RV Driving School and veteran fulltimers. Dennis is also an excellent photographer. Follow their adventures this summer as they travel to Alaska with a few friends in an informal caravan.

Travels With Emma – This neat blog is written by a solo fulltimer named Judy Bell, who travels the country with her dog Emma. Her prose is enjoyable, and her photographs of everything from birds to cows, and anything else that walks, flies, or crawls, are outstanding.  

Blue Road Blogger – Tim and Mary Johnson are schoolteachers who are in the process of making the transition to living on the road fulltime, with a target date of June 15, 2013. Their blog covers the steps they are making to move from their old lifestyle into their new one as fulltime nomads.

FabGrandma – This is one of Miss Terry’s favorite blogs. Karen (FabGrandma) writes about everything from working on the road, to craft projects, to gluten free cooking on the road.

Travel With The Bayfield Bunch – Al and Kelly Bossence are Canadian RVers who include lots of excellent photos to illustrate the stories of their travels.

RVing Beach Bums – Joe and Nancy Carrier publish a relatively new blog, but I am impressed with the writing and the many excellent photographs they include with every post.   

Chappy Trails – Jim and Bobbie Chapman are having a wonderful time exploring America and sharing their adventures in their blog. Check out this fun couple’s blog and ride along for a while.

Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels – This Canadian couple’s blog includes everything from great travel stories and photography, to technical posts, and a lot more.

A Camp Host’s Meandering – Levonne Gaddy is an active blogger, excellent photographer, and camp host, whose ultimate goal is to be a “gloriously financially successful writer and photographer.”

RV Tire Safety – My friend Roger Marble’s new blog on RV tire safety is a bit technical at times, as the topic demands, but it is also a must read for anyone who wants to better understand their RV’s tires, learn how to properly care for them, and how to get the most out of them.

Where’s Eldo? – Jeannie Sparks is a recent convert to the fulltime RV lifestyle, who travels with her special guy Eldo Tompkins in a Tiffin motorhome, vends at RV rallies, and enjoys every minute of every day on the road.

RV-ing in the Kram-a-lot-Inn – Jesse and Ginger Haman are fulltime RVers who blog about their travels, workamping, and their life on the road.

It was hard to come up with just 15 RV blogs, because there are so many fine ones to choose from. But I hope this gives you a cross section of some of the blogs and bloggers out there, just waiting to share their adventures with you.

Thought For The Day – I have too much of my own emotional baggage. I can’t carry yours too.

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Nick Russell

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  37 Responses to “15 RV Blogs You Should Be Reading”

  1. Hi Nick, Good references, I look forward to exploring these new blogs. Thanks. Have you considered adding a blog-specific “Links” page to your blog?

  2. Thanks Nick, I have read your Blog every morning for several years…

  3. Wow…only one of those was new to me….LOL! Great selection though….

  4. Nice touch Nick – very generous of you and I am sure those that you listed appreciate the bump in their readership that they will get from your references…

  5. I am appreciative Nick. Thank You

  6. Thanks so much for having ours on your list and we really appreciate the other mentions and will check them all out. We always look forward to reading blogs and the most exciting thing for us is to meet up with many of these folks while we travel.

  7. Great timing. I was just thinking about checking other blogs but didn’t know where to find them. I read yours everyday and will continue, but also would be interested in the others too. Thanks.

  8. Thank you for the mention! It looks like I am in very good company.

  9. Nick,

    Thanks for the leads to more interesting reading. A suggestion to those who do not blog every day: compile an email list of blog followers and send them an email whenever they post a new blog. I do just that. I also have not monetized my blog because with 60 some readers I am not going to get rich and I don’t want to annoy them with ads.

    Keep up the great work. You daily blog is must reading in the Stoltz coach.

  10. What about Our Great Adventures (Jan and Greg White)??

  11. Thanks so much for the mention! We are honored to be in such great company! Blogs are so much fun and a great to keep tabs on all our friends and get travel tips besides!

  12. I was surprised at the number of blogs that don’t have the RSS Feed button. And then the few that did, only one had the choice of using MS Office as the reader. Do you actually go to several different web sites to read blogs? How do you know when anything new is there to read? Maybe I don’t understand this blog thing.


  13. Nick, Thank you so much for mentioning A Camp Host’s Meanderings in your list. I am honored and humbled. There are several blogs on your list that I didn’t know about. I’ll have to give them a visit! I hope all is well in your travels! Take care…Levonne

  14. Thanks for the shout out Nick! I had no idea you even knew I exisisted. 🙂

  15. You left out a lot of really good blogs like Greg White Our RV Adventures, Froggi Donna’s 2 Taking a 5th, Mike McFall’s Mike & Pat’s Travels, Geeks on Tour, Jenifer Gray’s RoadMamma, and a couple dozen more. It is unfair to showcase some blogs and not others.

  16. Thanks for all lof the fun links Nick! I am always looking of new blogs to read as we learn more about fulltiming.

  17. Tom,
    I read most of the blogs you mentioned on a regular basis, However, this post was about new blogs I have discovered in the last few months. It would be impossible to list every RV blog out there, and that was not the point of my post. For more great blog listings, try or

  18. Ack! Now you’ve got me stuttering…

  19. Nick
    I read Gregs blog, but today I can’t get it. Did he stop?

  20. Hey, I got an email saying I was on a ‘list’ somewhere! Didn’t sound good to me! But, I see now it’s all good.

    Thanks, Nick. Much appreciated.

  21. Whoa! My head just swelled so big I floated right out through the roof of our rig. Thanks for mentioning The Sandcastle. Guess I’l have to be diligent about posting for awhile. 🙂

  22. Thanks for the honor Nick. I will admit to being a bit technical but having spent 40 years surrounded by Engineers & Chemists its a bit of a challenge to write for regular folk. I am trying to mend my ways. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing you and Miss Terry in Celina at the Eastern Rally. I have updated my presentation a little and will again offer free tire pressure gauge check.

  23. Only one out of 15 is written by a single solo RVer.

    Are “couples” more geared to reading about “like” people ?

    You are missing out on fresh new ideas…..


  24. Where’s Elmo is my favorite. Lots of pictures easy reading.

  25. Eldo not Elmo stupid word correct

  26. Hey there Nick! My paramour and I have just purchased our very first RV – a 1973 Dodge Coachman REO Pace Arrow (we’re still trying to decipher what exactly she is) and I’m going to be blogging about the renovation progress and then our various travels on I just wanted to stop by, introduce myself, and invite everyone to visit my blog occasionally, check out what’s going on, and offer any tips and advice you can! I love your blog, Nick – thanks for all of the wonderful pics and tips! Keep it up!

  27. Definitely some good reads. Travel by Chance has some GREAT photography. Some of the blogs are less active than they once were but some are still alive and kicking. Check the RV blog at I typically find some good tips and information on there.

  28. Nick and Terry: My husband, Bob, and I had the pleasure of meeting you about 6 years ago at the Life On Wheels Seminar in Bowling Green, KY. Along with Gaylord Maxwell, you were both so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the RV lifestyle and we can’t begin to tell you how much we appreciate you sharing your experiences and information with us. Well, here we are having successfully full-timed for almost 6 years now and we enjoy keeping our family and friends informed as we travel throughout our great country via our blog at

  29. What a wonderful find this blog is! I will definitely check out each and every site you have listed. We are former sailors, now landlubbers. We have been rv’ing in our motorhome for the last couple of winters, and are trying to decide if we should go fulltime or not. Your links to the 15 blogs is just what I am looking for. Thank you!

  30. IIt’s always good to read about other peoples experiences. I have just purchased my very own RV after selling my house, time for pastures new :). I look forward to travelling in the coming month. Will keep you posted on this site.

  31. We have been looking for an RV under 30 feet. Why is it that none of the makers except Mercedes consider passenger comfort in their designs.

    Ford and Chevy both have that big bulge off the dog house forcing the passenger to sit with their legs twisted to the right. One of the Ford designs have a fan right in front of the feet with a board that comes down.

    When I ask dealers, they all say “The passenger is up moving about in the back” which is extremely dangerous.
    It seems they just don’t care . Frankly, I would rather not have an RV if my passenger can’t be comfortable and safe. How about others

  32. We are a new Class A motorhome owner. I have seen where people put lace curtains in the front window of the cab. I am wondering how they go about hooking a rod up and also where to find one long enough.

  33. I am a fairly active 70 yr old female interested in a small group traveling the states on with your RV. I am frugal and would like to spend about one month doing this. Any possibilities. June 1 2014

  34. This is great! We are Newbies to the RV lifestyle. I am starting a blog soon myself. My husband and I have never even camped, so this has been an adventure already and it’s only been a little over a month! Looking forward to keeping up with you and checking out all the others on your list. Thanks!

  35. Thank you for all the links here. I will be reading as much of them as I can. 🙂
    I love reading about the rv life. I am wondering if there are any who might be looking for a friend/companion who would like to share expenses with their travels?
    Or rvers who would care to email a person ?
    I am thinking on doing this rving, but i’m kind of scared to do it alone. I do have the gypsy in me I believe. I love to travel and hear from people who do get to travel!
    If anyone has any ideas please feel free to email me at desertrose. 1358 at gmail dot com ( hope you can figure out my spaces and dots are just . Dots…)

  36. Thanks for sharing all these great resources! Very informative.

  37. I want to install airbags on my 11600 gvwr 5th wl trailer
    Firestone dont know squat
    I dont think i need special bags
    Any input would be great.

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