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Apr 292011

Yesterday was a day that I have really, really been needing. The wind rocked our motorhome all night, but we both just let it rock us to sleep, and slept soundly. When morning came, we kissed each other good morning, and then rolled over and snoozed some more. Eventually we woke up, and then just stayed under the covers snuggling, talking, and enjoying having absolutely nothing to do and no place to be. After all of the stress and family drama we’ve been subjected to in the last week, it was good to finally just let it all go and get back to concentrating on us.

Sometime after noon, we finally got into gear and drove into town to drop off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal at the local RV parks. It’s still early in their season, so most of them aren’t very busy yet, with lots of empty RV sites.

Once we had finished dropping off sample copies, we stopped at Safeway so Miss Terry could pick up some items for dinner, and then we went back to our home on wheels, at Canyon Gateway RV Park. Our site overlooks the valley, with a great view of Interstate 40 as it drops down from the east. In spite of the heavy wind, there was one big RV after another rolling down the highway. I wonder where they all had to be, to have them driving in that weather? I sure was glad we weren’t out there battling the heavy wind!

I turned on the television and watched the coverage of all of the destruction in the Southeast from the tornadoes. So many people have suffered so much in that region. We sure feel for them.

About 6 p.m. Greg and Jan got back from their trip on the Grand Canyon Railway, and Terry had a very nice dinner waiting for them. We enjoyed hearing all about their adventures on the train and at the Canyon, and everybody ate way too much, which usually happens when it’s Terry’s scrumptious cooking! 🙂 After dinner, we sat around visiting for a while, but before long both Greg and Jan’s eyes were getting droopy, so they headed back to their motorhome and, I’m sure, an early bed.

After they left, I checked my e-mail, and had a comment for yesterday’s blog from a woman who said I hit a nerve with my comment that “women can get out and help.” She reminded me that a lot of women not only pump their fuel, but wash the windshield, drive the RV, and do whatever else needs doing.

I sure wasn’t trying to offend anybody, but we have also met a lot of women who will not do anything outside the RV, and who refuse to drive it. I really believe that those women need to learn to take on some of what many call the “blue jobs” too. You never know when something will happen, and you will be forced to step into the other person’s role in an emergency. In our rig, I do most of the driving, just because I love to drive it, but Miss Terry is quite capable of doing whatever needs done, and usually a lot better and more efficiently than I ever could.

Of course, Bad Nick never worries about offending anybody, so he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled Royal Nonsense. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Remember when we were in kindergarten, and we couldn’t wait to grow up? Now we’re all grown up, and a nap and snack time sound like gifts from God!

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  9 Responses to “Thanks, I Needed That”

  1. You are so right about women needing to know the “outside jobs” and how to drive the RV. Twice, my husband has not been able to do the outside jobs or drive and it has been up to me. I took a driving class to be able to drive the 40ft. beast. While my husband is the primary driver, I drive whenever we drive more than 2 hours. When he had knee surgery and was on crutches, guess who was dumping the tanks! You never know when you are going to have to take over each other’s chores. It is always better to be prepared…

  2. There is one other thing to keep in mind about women doing outside jobs – maybe they are not strong enough or physically able to do them.

    The old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover is very appropriate.

  3. I had to go back and reread your entry to see what the lady was upset by. I couldn’t find anything offensive (even for you, sweetie!) and I thinks she doth protest too much.

  4. Suzy is virtually the only driver for our 36 ft MH, but once a year she lets me drive just to keep in practice. With her physical problems I don’t often ask her to help with hooking up, dumping, etc., but she has done all of that quite capably. At the fuel pump, she takes a potty break and does the record keeping.

    Loved your thought for the day!

  5. Mike made sure I learned everything there is to do on the rig. I am amazed at how many women can not or will not help out. when asked what would happen if your husband got sick, their reply is usually, we have insurance to take care of the rig. That is fine if you are in an area they can get to. Mike usually pumps the gas, I do also occasionally, but while he is pumping I usually walk the dog and do a walk around the rig and tow to make sure everything is still fine.

  6. Howdy Nick,
    When we were looking @ motorhomes we knew I wasn’t going to be able to get
    out and do ANYTHING, and all I COULD DO was drive it.. Joyce being only 5’1″ is
    a little bit short for the ‘tall’ jobs and scared of ladders and stools.. We are in our
    middle 70s, on ‘short’ funds, but thank the Good Lord and kind-hearted people we
    are able to get by.. Even ‘dumping’ is usually taken over by someone else.. We
    are so fortunate!!! I guess that my M-91(electric chair) toad hanging on the hitch says something… I have NEVER been one to ask for help, until I’m forced to, but
    have always asked others if they needed any, so, I hope I’m being compensated.
    Joyce is my guardian angel !!!!!!!!!

  7. I hope I’m not stealing their comment, but Sharon and Don DelRosario likes to use the term “purple” jobs — no pink or blue for them. At your relationship seminar in Yuma this year, I enjoyed Sharon’s comments about having to share the jobs she used to do all the time as a solo. When Don fell off the ladder last year, there was no worry — Sharon just took over. To reward her for her nursing and caretaker duties, Don bought her a new, Rhino dump hose AND WAS SHE EXCITED! (After that, Luke had to have one. too.)

  8. As a solo RVer, I want to say that if it were not for Nick holding my hand at Life on Wheels and encouraging me that I really could do this, even though my kids and family all told me I couldn’t, I would still be sitting in my hometown and not out here living my dream. Several times early on I was frsutrated and was sure I had bit off more than I could chew, but you always reassured me and told me there was nothing I couldn’t do if I wanted to. Thanks buddy.

  9. As a woman I totally agree that we should learn to do everything in the RV and I’m one of the ones that do….I can drive, dump, hook-up, clean the solar panels…you name it. Of course I expect hubby to be able to do the laundry, clean dishes and other such stuff too. We’re all in it for the partnership, after all, and my Scandinavian upbringing definitely keeps it so 🙂


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