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Apr 212011

We left the Western Horizons campground in Camp Verde a little after 10 a.m. yesterday morning, driving east on State Route 260. I was a bit apprehensive about traveling this winding two lane road through the mountains in our 40 foot diesel pusher motorhome, but I needn’t have been. The Winnebago handled it with no problems. We got down to about 34 miles per hour on a couple of the steepest climbs, but they were not too long.

We started out at about 3200 feet elevation, and climbed to over 7,000 feet. Climbing out of the Verde Valley, we passed lots of scrub brush, and had plenty of curves to keep us awake.



As we got higher and higher, we started seeing juniper and pine trees.


The road had plenty of pullouts and passing lanes, where we could get over to let traffic get past us.



Our engine brake got a lot of use on the downhill sections and sharp curves.



There was some road construction east of Payson, but what’s a road trip without a construction zone or two?


The scenery was beautiful, but I didn’t spend too much time sightseeing.



We arrived in Show Low about 2 p.m. and got parked at the campground at the Elks lodge. Pull through 50 amp full hookup RV sites for $15 a night, what a deal! Greg and Jan parked next to us, and by the time we were leveled out and had our utilities hooked up, the wind had started to blow. I was glad we weren’t up on Interstate 40!

It was a good trip,and I won’t hesitate to take the same route again when we come to town to visit my daughter and her family, here in Show Low. According to my Silverleaf engine monitoring system, we averaged 6 miles per gallon for the 150 mile trip. With all of the mountain driving, and towing our Ford Explorer loaded with newspapers, that’s not too bad.

Greg and Jan both said they loved the scenery on the trip, and it was fun introducing them to another part of Arizona.

As I said, we started out at about 3200 feet, and Show Low is at 6500 feet. The difference in temperature is noticeable. I think we’ll put an extra blanket on the bed!

We were all famished, so we piled into our Explorer and went to Native New Yorker for a late lunch or early dinner (linner). By the time we got back, Tiffany, her hubby Jim, and our four year old granddaughter Destiny were at the campground waiting for us. Hailey, age 8, was still in school, but we’ll get to see her today.

Besides being one of the smartest people I’ve ever known, and an all around good guy, Greg is also blessed in the fact that at first glance, he and I look somewhat alike. (Closer inspection proves that I am actually much more handsome. 🙂 )  In fact, several years ago, when Greg and Jan came to Life on Wheels as students, people kept giving him money to purchase Gypsy Journal subscriptions! Greg assures me that one of these days he’ll get that subscription money to me. Yesterday, when we got out of the Explorer after lunch, little Destiny ran up to Greg and hugged him, saying “Grandpa Nick!”     

After Tiffany and Jim left, I took a little nap, and then answered at least a dozen e-mails about our upcoming Ohio Gypsy Journal Rally. Our pals Dave and Jean Damon confirmed that they will be there as vendors for 303 Products, and Jean will be offering her fantastic massages. I definitely want to get in line for that! I’ve had Jean work her magic on me a couple of times, and afterward I’m always so relaxed I could sleep for a week!

I had e-mails from two vendors, who wanted to be assured before they registered that they would be the only ones selling their type of product. I wrote back and told them that we don’t give anybody exclusives. We tried it before, but with so many different vendors selling so many different items, it was like herding cats. It just doesn’t work. We have an open marketplace, and welcome any and all to come and participate.

Somebody else wanted to know if the folks from RVSEF would be at the rally weighing RVs. I’m not sure yet, but as soon as I can find out, I’ll post that info here. We’ve already got quite a few folks registered for the rally, and I hope we’ll see you there too!

Traveling always gets Bad Nick in a writing mood, and yesterday he posted a new Bad Nick Blog titled If I Ran The Post Office. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Never make someone a priority who considers you an option.

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  1. Nick, thanks for the trip report and pictures of 260.

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