It’s All Jello

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Apr 252011

Fulltime RVers always say that their plans are written in Jello, because we never know when something will come up to turn us in an entirely different direction than what we had intended. We’re experiencing a bit of that right now.

We had originally planned to stay here in Show Low for a couple of weeks, but our timing was bad, and it’s best that we move on sooner than that. We’re expecting some mail to arrive today or tomorrow, and we’ll probably head out Wednesday. We’re just not exactly sure where we’ll be going. Greg and Jan are going to stop in Williams for a few days to ride the Grand Canyon Railway and see some of the sites around there, but we did that last year, and while it was a fun trip, it’s not in our budget this time around. 

We want to spend a week or so at the Escapees Park of the Sierras Co-op, near Coarsegold, California, but along the way we may stop a couple of places for a day or two, or even three. We may pop into the Thousand Trails Soledad Canyon preserve in Acton, California for a few days, and use it as a base for some exploring in that area. But I’ve heard the Verizon signal is pretty flakey there, so that may be an issue. Has anyone been there lately, and have any feedback to offer? After we leave the Park of the Sierras, we’ll start making or way north toward the Oregon coast, where we have reservations starting in early June. Between now and then, who knows where we’ll show up?

We hung around the campground yesterday, but we kept busy. The day started with a nasty clog in our black water tank that took a couple of hours to deal with. Note to self – Stick with Scott bathroom tissue, it works.

I spent the rest of the day answering e-mails and sending out copies of the mystery book I wrote about yesterday. I think about 50 blog readers asked for a copy. Thanks to everybody who asked to read it, and I appreciate the feedback I’ve received so far.

About 3 p.m. I laid down for a nap, but only got a few minutes before a phone call interrupted my snooze. Miss Terry was busy making her signature Mexican dinner, which she actually started the night before. She makes everything from scratch, and it’s a lot of work. But she loves cooking, and Greg and Jan seemed to love the results as much as I did. Roasted shredded beef tacos, shredded chicken enchiladas, refried beans, and all of the trimmings. Did I mention that I will never be a thin man? 🙂

After our dinner settled, Jan brought over a delicious pound cake, which she served with strawberries and whipped cream. I don’t think my buddy Greg will ever be a thin man either! 🙂

Thought For The Day – In the 60’s people took acid to make the world weird. Now the world is weird, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

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  12 Responses to “It’s All Jello”

  1. Hey, Nick! My Good Sam group camped there last year and there is wi-fi access for something like $5/24 hours. I used it and it’s pretty good. I just ordered it for a 24 hour period from Sat morning to Sun morning as we are weekend campers. Some of us are still working full-time jobs so we can’t go out for whole stretches of time (unfortunately). Here’s their website:

    Have fun!


  2. Hey Nick,
    We stayed at the Soledad Canyon Reserve in March of this year while we were visiting friends and family in the area. The park is in bad shape…the road had washed out that went from the lower end of the park to the upper portion. Now you have to leave the main park and drive around to get into the upper portion. If you go, do that because the upper portion has a good verizon signal and not many trees to block a satelite signal. Its not a bad park for a few days. Not sure what you want to see around the area.
    Safe travels

  3. Our extra lot here at North Ranch is open Nick…. You are sure welcome to sit there for a while. Prescott, Bagdad and Peoples Valley is close. I gaurantee Verizion is hot there and the price is right!

  4. Nick, first, thanks for the copy of the book. Starting today, I have guests to entertain for a couple of day and then I will dive into the book. Second, I spent nearly a month at North Ranch earlier this year and Mike is correct about the Verizon signal and the area. Third, Soledad has a decent signal up on the hill, if you can get there. If the main road is still washed out and the side gate is open, it should be no problem but I haven’t been there for over a year. Lynn and I hope to see you soon at Park Sierra.

  5. Hey Nick,when grabbing the Scott TP, make sure it is the septic safe variety. While sick this winter, I grabbed the wrong Scott’s, the 16 roll package. We are now the proud owners of a plumbing snake! Denise

  6. Even though we were told that you can use just about any toilet paper, we do not we stick to single ply only. Happy that you were able to unclog without any damage to the tank. I am about a third of the way thru your book and it is great, I am enjoying reading it. Take care when you pull out.

  7. Verizon was good at the Park of the Sierras. The waterfalls were great at Yosemite. I would recommend going up one HWY ether 41 or 140 and coming back the other.

  8. Let me know if you’re passing throught the San Francisco Bay area. Love to say howdy. As I may have mentioned, I’m on work assignment in this area (from TN) and after this year it’s looking like semi-retirement! Can’t wait!!!! The wife and I spent many weeks last year just enjoying our National RV and the ‘local’ parks, camps, etc. It was sort of good news and bad news when we sold our National a few months back. I can say one thing, the Class A bug hasn’t left me so far this year. My eyes have stayed on the web looking for the ‘perfect’ RV for us. LOL I’m beginning to think that either I’m impatient (which is likely) or that the perfect RV doesn’t exist. Oh well. … travels to you.

  9. Can you please give me the name of the company who made your inflatable kayak? Didn’t you say you also purchased a more comfortable seat for it?

  10. I hope Miss Terry will post some more recipes soon on Miss Terry’s Kitchen. Reading about the lasagna and the Mexican dishes has my stomach growling! 🙂 Of course, it would probably help if I was reading during breakfast, like normal, instead of before supper! LOL

  11. Nick, enjoy Yosemite, but try to avoid driving Rte 120 west of Groveland and east of Rte 49. If you look at a map, you will see why. There is a stretch that looks like a cock’s comb, and they are not kidding! We disconnected the car from the RV and Ron drove the car a half-mile ahead of me in the Dutch Star. Every time he passed an oncoming car, he radioed me, so I could stop and get over and let them pass me. It was a long 8 miles!

    Just now I looked at a map, and it sure looks like you could take the Old Priest Grade instead. Who knew? We sure didn’t!

  12. Clairese,
    It is a Sea Eagle from Yes, I got the upgraded seat from Sea Eagle. I love it, and Tim & Crystal Ryerson are great people to deal with.

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