Apr 272011

We’re leaving Show Low this morning, and if all goes well, it should be a short driving day. We’re only going to Williams, a distance of about 175 miles. That’s an easy day of RV travel.

Even with a stop at the Flying J in Winslow for fuel, we should only be on the road about three hours. It was windy here in Show Low yesterday, and it’s supposed to be windy from Thursday on for several days, so we’re taking advantage of today’s predicted calm to get out of Dodge.

But I’m sure not complaining about the weather. We have RVing friends all over the eastern half of the country who are dodging tornadoes, getting pounded by heavy rain and large hail, and hunkering down until the weather clears. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Yesterday morning we were busy printing out booklets to fill the orders that came with our mail, then getting everything ready to mail out. A little after noon we drove to the post office in Lakeside to mail the orders, then stopped at the bank, before coming back to the Elks lodge campground.

We are always on the lookout for funny signs to include in the Gypsy Journal, and when we saw this one at an RV dealership in Show Low, I knew I had to share it with blog readers too. I needed this the other day when our black tank was plugged up!


While Terry was busy getting the inside of our motorhome ready to travel yesterday afternoon, I read several e-mails from folks who had requested a copy of my mystery. I have to say that I am thrilled by your responses, and you have given me the confidence to polish it up a bit and publish it. And for those who have asked, yes, there is a sequel in the works. 🙂 I also made a new post to my self-publishing blog, titled Nobody Wants Your Idea.

A little before 5 p.m., we went to dinner with Greg and Jan, and had a good time, as we always do together. Greg and Jan have been with us since before our rally in Yuma in early March, and somebody asked if we ever got on each others’ nerves with so much togetherness. Not at all! The four of us are very compatible, and though we have been traveling together, it’s not like we spend every waking moment in their company. We usually get together for dinner, and sometimes we’ll do some sightseeing together, but aside from that, we go off and do our own thing much of the time. It’s a good arrangement, and we’ll be together for a while yet, before we part company as our paths diverge when we head for the Pacific Northwest.

Thought For The Day – A man can fail many times, but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else ~ John Burroughs

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Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “It Should Be A Short Day”

  1. Saw the same banner for the Proctologist in Quartzsite back in January. Very creative.

  2. I’ve been giving it some thought and there is a downside to publishing your book. When you start doing the book tour and all the TV appearances, your plans will no longer be carved in jello.


  3. Fitting sign for black tank problems. I am one of the happy ones that you are working on a sequel. Be safe in your travels.

  4. I’m sure enjoying your book. It’s not often one makes me laugh out loud. I’ll send you my notes when I finish it.

  5. Thanks for taking a picture of my banner. I am the rv proctologist for the last 8 years. My base camp is quartzsite arizona. Its such a fun name to have and rv ers that have worked in the medical field love the name. People stop to take pictures of my truck all the time. Check out my website. Rvproctologist.com

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