Getting Back To Normal

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Apr 122011

The storm that hammered us over the weekend has moved on eastward, leaving behind some patches of snow on the mountainsides around the Verde Valley, along with blue sky and warmer temperatures in its wake. I’m finally beginning to feel better, and life is getting back to normal around our motorhome. Or at least as normal as life ever gets for us. 🙂

Yesterday, Greg and Jan had to run down to Mesa to take care of some errands. They invited us to ride along, but we had to pass, because I got way  behind schedule working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal while I was sick, and am trying hard to catch up. I hammered away at it all day, stopping only long enough for dinner late in the afternoon, and by the time I stopped to write this blog at 11 p.m., I had 25 pages done. If I can get a couple more days of uninterrupted work, I think I can get it wrapped up by Friday.

Of course, our two weeks are up here at the Thousand Trails on Wednesday, so I’ll lose some time as we move to the Western Horizons, a couple of miles down the road, under our Resorts of Distinction membership. I’d be just as happy to sit still and pay for our time out of the Thousand Trails system, but this is their peak season, so we can’t.

I appreciate the huge response we had to yesterday’s blog on RV fuel mileage. We had 26 comments on the blog, and I had another eight or nine e-mails. Given the information you all shared, the 7 miles per gallon we get in our Winnebago diesel pusher isn’t all that unusual. And as for the fellow who sent me the e-mail claiming that the electronic add-on device he had developed for diesel engines was guaranteed to get me 15 to 16 MPG, I’ll pass. Right now all of my money is tied up in swampland in the Everglades. 🙂

We still don’t have any word on when the Elks lodge campground in Show Low will open, but since they got over six inches of snow in the weekend’s storm, I’m not too optimistic. I talked to my daughter Tiffany, over in Show Low yesterday, and she said the snow had already melted away, which is not uncommon for that area after spring snowstorms. If we still can’t get into the Elks after our week at Western Horizons is up, we may check out the Elks lodge in Prescott for a few days. Prescott has always been one of my favorite towns in Arizona, and I wouldn’t mind spending a few days there. Heck, if the weather holds, we may even get our kayaks wet in one of the lakes up there!

Thought for The Day – Be a giver not a taker, listen more and talk less, compliment more and criticize less, forgive more and judge less. In the end you will be more happy, and not friendless.

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  3 Responses to “Getting Back To Normal”

  1. Wish we could have been with you in TT Verde Valley, and wish we could be with you in WH this coming week. However, this week is hectic, and Sunday we leave for our summer trip to Nevada and California. We do plan to visit Mike and Pat McFall in Congress, so we won’t be friendless on this part of our journey!

  2. I want to thank you for the thought for the day.Yesterday some Eagle bus owners stopped in to see us on there way to their place in Yuma. They just retired in Nov. and have about got out of vacation mode. We we talking about the RVers question set. Where have you been, Where are you going & Where did you grow up? I learned long ago that when you get someone talking about their favorite subject (themselves) you can fill a long period of time and make a good friend.
    Be safe

  3. Happy to hear your are feeling better. Thanks for sending cooler weather to us poor Texas folks, could you please send some rain now. We are getting desperate. enjoy your time with your grandchildren and daughter, be safe.

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