And The Wind Blew

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Apr 192011

If there is one thing you can count on in northern Arizona this time of year, it’s that the wind is going to blow, and it’s going to blow hard. The wind came up Sunday, and when it started blowing, it never stopped.

Yesterday morning we had to drive to Flagstaff to drop off a truckload of envelopes to the mail service, and there were a few times when the wind caught us and really threw our Explorer around the highway. Of course, having those two kayaks on the roof didn’t help things too much. 🙂

We’re leaving the Verde Valley tomorrow to go to Show Low, and with the high winds that are predicted, I think we’ll take the much steeper, narrower State Route 260, instead of going up to Interstate 40 and taking it across to Holbrook, and then State Route 77 south to Show Low. That route is longer, but in good weather, it’s just as fast, and a much easier drive. The keywords here being good weather. Driving that stretch of Interstate 40 last year about this time, we got caught in the worst dust storm I have ever experienced, and it was  a very scary trip. I don’t want to do that again!

We have several different mailings that go out; our Standard Rate Mail subscribers, those who use commercial mail forwarding services such as Escapees, FMCA, and Alternative Resources; Canadian subscribers, those who choose the First Class Mail option; digital edition subscribers, etc. Each group of subscribers is maintained on separate mailing lists.

When we got back to the Western Horizons campground in Camp Verse, I printed out the mailing labels for those lists, and Miss Terry started stuffing envelopes again. Then we looked outside and saw Ken and Kathy Adams walking past. Ken and Kathy are vendors for Rescue Tape, one of the handiest products around. We had not seen them since we all worked an RV show in Pennsylvania last year.

I called out and invited them in, and we had a nice visit. Ken and Kathy are headed toward Las Vegas for their son’s wedding, and then they have to turn right around and get to Elkhart, Indiana to vend at an RV rally. Ahh… life on the RV rally circuit!

After Ken and Kathy left, I logged onto and started printing out the labels for our First Class Mail subscribers. Or, at least I tried to. But I quickly ran into formatting problems, and things went from bad to worse, as my frustration level rose into the stratosphere. At one point I realized that the software had printed out duplicates of several labels. At $1.48 each, that was over $12 wasted! 🙁 I can probably get a refund on the duplicate postage from, but it’s a long process that can take weeks.

Greg and Jan came by, so we took a break and went to Crusty’s Pizza in Camp Verde for dinner. The food was excellent, and Greg and Jan both said it was right up there with Da Boyz in Yuma. That’s a pretty good endorsement!

After we were finished eating, we came back to the motorhome, where Greg spent a couple of hours sorting out the problems with the First Class mailing list for me. I don’t know what I’d do without Greg, because I was in way over my head. Thanks buddy! Note to self, find a replacement for, hopefully something more user friendly.

Today will be more of the same – getting papers mailed out, and shipped off to the commercial mail services mentioned above. Our pals Dennis and Carol Hill, owners of the RV Driving School, pulled in yesterday evening while we were busy dealing with the mailing list problem, so we’ll hunt them down and check out the new cabinets they had made for their motorhome since we saw them at our rally in Yuma. Dennis and Carol are headed for Alaska, and I wish we were too! We’re thinking that next year may be the time for our first Alaska RV adventure!

Thought For The Day – Conscience is what hurts when everything else feels so good.

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  7 Responses to “And The Wind Blew”

  1. HI Nick,

    Rescue Tape is as essential as band aids. I would not be on the road without it.
    I don’t remember seeing it at your 2010 Yuma Rally. But we bought a lot of other stuff there nonetheless.

  2. If you can work in a trip to Alaska, you won’t be sorry. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time (at least 4-6 weeks in Alaska) because there is So much to see. We haven’t been near as many places as you and Terry but we have been to Alaska and hope to make it back some day. I has to be our best adventure yet!!

  3. Mike agrees that everyone should have at least one roll or rescue tape. It has come in handy a few times. Could you have Greg invent a shrink gun, then you could shrink me down to a small size and I could fit in a drawer and got to Alaska with you and Terry. Oh well it is still on our bucket list, but way down it. between buying this site and having the rig painted our green backs are getting short.Please be double careful on the road tomorrow especially with the winds.

  4. You always tell your Gypsy Gathering attendees not to drive in bad weather by using the comment, “Are you crazy?” So, now I’m asking you your own question. What’s so important it can’t wait a day or two? Yes, I know you’re anxious to see your daughter and grandkids but arriving safely is more important than arriving quickly, right?!!!

  5. You’re right Linda, and if the wind is too bad, we’ll go to Plan B. It’s going to be windy this time of year no matter, but there’s windy and then there’s WINDY.

  6. Last time I checked, was the just about the best. That’s not to say we don’t have issues from time to time, but if you find a better solution, kindly give a shout out!

  7. Tell Ken and Kathy if you put a clamp over the rescue tape it splits down one side. I have a hole worn in the metal part of the fuel return line and am in the middle of now where north of Las Vegas, NM. I hope it doesn’t start leaking again in the AM. Part of the rescue tape is still under the clamp and I hope it is filling the hole. drron

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