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Apr 232011

This is going to be a short blog post, because I’m not feeling well and cannot come up with a lot to talk to you about. That doesn’t happen often, so I hope you’ll understand and let me slide, this time around.

We haven’t been doing a lot, just enjoying being parked here at the Elks lodge campground in our old hometown. Here is a picture of our Winnebago and Greg and Jan’s American Eagle parked next to us. There are only two other RVs here, a Safari motorhome parked several sites down from us, and the camp host’s motorhome.


But it won’t be long before the place starts filling up, as folks come to the White Mountains to escape the heat of the desert, to fish the many lakes in the area, and to just enjoy a slower pace of life than what they have in Tucson and Phoenix.

White Mountain Lake

I did make a new post to my self-publishing blog titled Opportunity is Everywhere yesterday, but that’s about as productive as I got.

After giving it a lot of thought, the other day I had to contact the nice folks at RV News Net and tender my resignation. I’ve done several segments of the Just A Gypsy podcasts, which you can watch online, but I just have too many irons in the fire, and it was difficult to block out the time required to tape the episodes. With all of my writing and blogging projects, publishing the paper, and organizing our rallies, I just couldn’t juggle enough balls at once, and something had to go. But there are a lot of other entertaining and informative shows on RVNN, so check it out often.

Okay, that’s it for this time around. It’s past midnight, and my energy level is below zero. I’m going to post this, and head for bed.

Thought For The Day –  The depth of your struggles, will determine the height of your success.

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  12 Responses to “A Short Blog Post”

  1. Just when I found it and subscribed (haven’t even watched the first show yet), you cancel it. Darn. Oh well, that’s ok. I know you’re busy. And I already get quite a load of ‘Nick’ every day via the blog, Bad Nick, the e-newspaper, and the occasional rally. I shouldn’t complain. 8^)

  2. I just found your video podcast on itunes yesterday and left a favorable comment. I subscribed too and like J.C. am disappointed but hey you’re only one man and you do a great job with all your commitments. Certainly more juggling than I would care for. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. One has to pick their battles. Your assignment now is to get well.
    Do you have a site or a book or do you come up with the thought for the day?
    Remember to drink lots of water, in your house like ours, it is not that far to the bathroom. Being ill is not how to enjoy your family.

  4. Aw, Nick. I hate seeing that you weren’t feeling well with this last post. I hope you feel A LOT better today. You’ve got some beautiful folks to see there in Show Low, so I’m sending good vibes your way that today is a better day, that you will feel good, and that all of you have lots of fun and happy times. Be well! We care about you and Miss Terry.

  5. Still under the weather! it is time that you turn off all your toy, and just rest. Chicken soup is the answer to all ills. Seriously take it easy and just relax for a change. Hope you feel better soon. We are very concerned about you.

  6. NICK: You’ve had a tough period with your health. . . maybe you need Nancy’s return to practice just to care for you. . . NOT going to happen, but we do care for you much and wish for the old vibrant Saint Nick. Nancy says that she prescribes a warm blankee and some of Miss Terry’s best chicken noodle soup. By the way. . . thanks for your help with my Silverleaf. . . I too now wouldn’t be without it. Question: why would one desire the Gallons Per Hour feature? Thanks, as always, Orv

  7. Get well; be well. That’s the hope of all of us for you. We can miss you for a day or two while you get well better than we can miss you for longer if you wind up in a hospital somewhere. So, take care of Nick, OK?

  8. Hope you are feeling better soon!! Its okay to “take a break” until you feel better..

  9. Nick,

    I truly hope that by the time you read this that you are feeling much better. I believe your dropping the RV News Net responsibility is a very smart move. This way you can have more time for fun and to say funny things about Greg White.

  10. I hope you feel better soon.
    I understand you and Miss T. are coming to the Pacifc Northwest this summer. I’m on the Long Beach Pennisula in Washington State. Are you interested in some infomation from the local visitors bureau? I’d be glad to mail you some but I don’t know if you prefer to get your info from the internet. Cleo

  11. Cleo,
    I appreciate the offer, but we’re trying to keep our mail forwarding costs down, so I’ve been doing a lot of internet esearch. I used to own newspapers in that area, so am pretty familiar with it. We’ll bve at the Thousand Trails there for a couple of weeks.

  12. Hey Nick,
    Thanks for sharing the RVNN link. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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