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Mar 072011

Please watch where you step today, the butts of our entire rally parking crew are dragging, and I don’t want you to step on them! 🙂

Compared to the Early Bird parking day last year, yesterday was a breeze. Yes, everybody worked very hard, but the weather cooperated, we had a good plan of attack, all of the arriving RVs followed the instructions in the letters we sent out and the blog, and everything pretty much just worked.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog that we would start parking people about 1 p.m., but we got lucky; everybody from the Good Sam rally cleared out in record time, and we were able to start moving a few RVs onto the fairgrounds by noon. Tom Westerfield, Dave Cross, Don Del Rosario, Tom Whittaker, Ken Olson, Bob Parker, Donna Huffer, Eldon Tompkins, Will Olsen and the rest of the crew (I’m sorry, my brain is fried and I can’t remember everybody’s names right now) were out  greeting the incoming RVs and getting them in the proper rows in the staging area.

Greg White and I kept busy all day bringing RVs in groups of three to five onto the the fairgrounds proper, where Dennis Hill and Dick Reed met them and got them parked in their spaces. We ran the batteries dead on two golf carts, then grabbed two more and ran them dry, in a process where we used two, while two were charging back up as we led the RVs in.

Parked RVs 4


Parked RVs 6

At 5:40 p.m,. I brought in the last rig, and we had 145 RVs on the grounds by the end of the day. That included everything from a couple of 42 foot long diesel pushers with more slides than I have stretch marks, to tiny little B vans and mini-motorhomes, truck campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, and at least one gorgeous truck conversion. I think the youngest person is a three year old, who is here with her parents who are vendors, and I believe our oldest attendee is 85 years young. We have fulltime RVers, weekend campers, RV snowbirds, and working RVers.

Parked RVs

Parked RVs 3

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate everybody’s patience as they waited in the staging area, and their cooperation as we worked to fit them into all the little nooks and crannies around the fairgrounds. And I just don’t have the words to express my gratitude to my hard working parking crew, who stood out in the sun all day long getting the job done. You guys and gals are just remarkable people!

Miss Terry is just as grateful for the crew of ladies who helped her in Registration, getting everybody signed in. Here is a picture Judy Rinehimer took of Sharon Del Rosario, Miss Terry, Cyndy Olsen, Barbara Westerfield, Lynn Cross, Jan White, and Paula Lougee. Also, big thanks to Ken Lougee; he and wife Paula are vendors who have been to many of our rallies, and they were kept busy all day, helping Terry get the vendor tables set up and laid out. All of you are great!

Registration crew

We had an “Oh Crap!” moment when one vendor from California noticed that his big cargo trailer wasn’t handling properly as he tried to back it up to start unloading, and investigation showed that his hitch had broken. Can you imagine the mess this could have made if it let go all the way, going down the highway? That’s when you really appreciate your safety chains and breakaway switch!

Broken hitch 2

Once we got everybody parked and did a drive around the grounds to make sure everybody seemed comfortable and content, Terry, Greg, Jan, and I went out to grab some dinner. I had not eaten all day, and I don’t think Greg or Miss Terry did either, so we were famished. It’s not uncommon for the four of us to sit and talk for an hour or longer after a meal, but not this time around. By the time the waiter cleared our plates away and brought our check, nobody could keep their eyes open.

I got back to our Winnebago sunburned, wind burned, with chapped lips, and completely worn out. But as Greg said (who is in just as bad shape), “It’s a good hurt!”

And today we’ll do it all over again!

Are we having fun yet? You can bet we are! 🙂

Thought For The Day – There’s a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can’t get away.

Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Watch Your Step”

  1. Sorry to hear that you lost the battle of the gas gold carts.

  2. Nick, you work too hard! I’m getting bushed just reading the blog! 😉

  3. As one who is now parked here I must say you guys did a fantastic job! Thanks to you and all your helpers. Now let the party begin! Once you park all those arriving today, of course. 🙂

  4. Try this again, You are doing a great job, then again we never doubted you would. I am happy to see the Miss Terry has an experienced crew to help with registration, I sure miss being there. Glad the last rally co-operated with you this year and the rain stayed away. Looking forward to your postings. Remember to eat Nick.

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