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Mar 122011

By the time you read this, we will be sawing logs. For the last week, we’ve been getting up way too early and getting very little sleep. So we have a lot of ZZZZs to catch up on. Tom and Barbara Westerfield’s motorhome is parked in front of our Winnebago, and Greg and Jan White are right behind us. We have all agreed that until we see somebody else’s door open today, we won’t come knocking.

On the opening day of the rally, when we were introducing the vendors, I told the audience that I had a goal this year, of not having to ask my friend Phil Botnick, from Phil & Ann’s RV Service,  to fix anything for me. At past rallies, Phil has worked on the generator in our MCI bus conversion, worked on the Winnebago’s HWH leveling jacks and our water heater, and once he even rebuilt the carburetors on my motorcycle!

Well, I didn’t reach that goal. I had to call on Phil not once, but twice, during this rally. 🙁

On Thursday, the battery went dead in our Ford Explorer. But it was my fault – I opened the hood. For me, that’s all it takes. During our Kayaks and RVs seminar, I opened the hood to untie the ropes that hold the bows of our Wilderness kayaks down. All I have to do is get near a vehicle’s engine, and it breaks. Phil jumped the battery to get me started, and then on Friday morning, while I was helping Terry say goodbye to all of our rally attendees, Phil took the battery out and took it to WalMart, since it was under warranty. They charged it and put it under a load test, and said it was okay. So Phil re-installed it, and we’ll see what happens. The SUV had not been driven in several days, and Phil thought that maybe there was a phantom load, or a light on that we didn’t notice. If I don’t ever open the hood again, it may work fine for years.

Later on, I moved our motorhome to a staging area so it would be out of the way of other folks leaving the fairgrounds. Since it was a hot day, I tried to start our Onan generator to run the air conditioner, and the darned thing wouldn’t even turn over! Hey Phil, I need you again! Phil told me to start the RV’s engine and let it run for a while, to help charge up the house batteries. The genset still wouldn’t start! So Phil came over, hit the switch, and the thing started right up! Just like I can break something just by looking at it, Phil can fix it just by looking at it!

We had been plugged into power all week, but Phil thinks that the Interstate batteries that we had Camping World install one year ago are bad. That would not surprise me at all, since everything else they did during that service appointment was shoddy. It looks like this just wasn’t my week for batteries. Thanks for your help, Phil.

Once everybody had their morning coffee and donuts, and helped us stack all of the chairs and tables, they started pulling out, while we swept out the Vendor Building. Then we drove around the fairgrounds to make sure that everybody was gone, or were close to getting ready to leave by our noon deadline.

I stopped to help Orv and Nancy Hazelton hook up their new Honda to their motorhome, since this was their first time to tow it. Redlands Truck and RV Performance Center installed a Blue Ox base plate and an Air Force One auxiliary brake on the Honda at the rally. We also looked for a cat that went missing from somebody’s motorhome, with no success. When I came back by again, a little later on, the coach was gone, so I hope they found their pet.

Once everybody was gone, we settled our bill with the fairgrounds, then dumped our holding tanks. With that done, I parked by the same horse barns at the back of the fairgrounds where we were for the week before the rally started. We’ll be here a couple more days, while we get all of our rally supplies packed back into our storage bays, review the rally with our advance staff to see what worked and what we need to refine or improve for next year’s Arizona rally, March 5-9, right here in Yuma. We also plan to saw a lot of those logs, as we recharge our physical batteries from our long, busy week.

Thought For The Day – A coward is a hero with a wife, kids, and a mortgage.

Nick Russell

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  1. It was a great rally and thank you both for all the hard work you put into it. We love you both. Bob & Donna

  2. Thank you both (and all your helpers as well) for a great rally. We are very glad we found Gypsy Journal last summer in Elkhart. Safe travels to you both until we meet again.
    Dick & Phyllis

  3. Just wanted to say Bad Nick was working behind the scenes here in Yuma. Today, many of your rally attendees still in the area attended the local Yuma Lettuce Festival. Having eaten too much during the day, we really were not hungry when it came to our traditional dinner hour. BUT, about 7:30 Luke declared it was time for DQ!!! We took another couple, set the GPS for the closest Dairy Queen and off we went. Unfortunately, it no longer existed and so it was off in search of another one which we did eventually find. Got our DQ Fix and thought of the GJ team doing this almost every night. We’ll have to re-check our blood sugars twice. Thanks, Bad Nick

  4. Another fun rally guys! You outdid yourselves this time, everything ran smooth as silk from our point of view, but I expect there was some heavy paddling going on below the surface! Thanks for all your hard work.

    We’re at Trailer Village in Roswell, NM (Sat night) and when we dropped off copies of the Gypsy Journal the owner said you need to come by here and do a write up on Roswell (there are little green men all over the place around here).

    Safe travels!

    Nancy & Dennis

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