Rallies Are Fun!

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Mar 092011

I hope you didn’t get the idea from my last couple of blogs that RV rallies are all hard work and drudgery. Yes, we and our volunteers all do work really hard to make the rally a success. But we also have a lot of fun in the process! If you haven’t been to a Gypsy Journal rally yet, you have no idea how much fun we are having!

I could tell you all about it, but since it’s late and I’m tired, and since one picture says a thousand words, here’s a complete book full of yesterday’s rally fun for you!

The day started off bright and early with visiting over coffee and donuts in the Vendor Building, sponsored by Redlands Truck and RV Performance Center. It takes a lot to lure me out of bed before noon, but fresh donuts will usually do the trick!


Of course, starting the day by hugging a couple of pretty ladies is always good too! Here I am with my pals Kelli Faidley and Carol Hill. Talk about a thorn between two roses!

Nic Kelli Carol 3

I don’t know how Barbara Westfield can work so hard, and still get up so early, and look so darned happy! I lean on Barb a lot for 1,001 chores before, during,and after the rally.

Barb Westerfield

No, I mean it! I really do lean on Barb!

Nick lean on Barb

And here is the beautiful Miss Terry, the reason I live and breathe. No matter how hard she is working or how stressed she may get, she always has a smile for everybody, and makes them feel welcome. She is the perfect hostess!

Miss Terry in pink

The day was filled with seminars, shopping the vendor booths, and visiting with good friends. And a good bit of work got done, too. Here is Rob Gamble, from Redlands RV, demonstrating the art of stripping a car. No, Rob isn’t operating a chop shop here at the rally, he is installing a Blue Ox base plate, and an Air Force One auxiliary brake on Orv and Nancy Hazelton’s new car. The Redlands crew has been busy doing all kinds of repairs and upgrades on RVs and tow cars here at the rally.

Rob Gamble Redlands

I needed a couple more contestants for tonight’s Cactus Queen beauty contest. Here I am trying to convince Don Greene, from Harvest Hosts, that he should participate, by showing him a You Tube video of our Hoosier Honey contest last year at Elkhart Campground.

Nick Harvest Hosts

Don’s wife Kim thought it would be fun, but Don was a hard sell. But, if you look at that smirk on my face in this picture, you can tell I’m about to close the deal! 🙂

Nick Harvest Hosts 2

After a long day of fun, what do we do in the evening? Why, have more fun, of course! A little after 7 p.m., the husband and wife duo Ea$y Money took to the stage with great toe tapping country music. They were good!

EZ Money

And even though they may have been tired from all of the day’s activities, it didn’t stop several couples from getting up to dance.


So, as you can see, we have a lot of fun at our rallies. If you haven’t been to one yet, we hope you’ll join us at our Eastern Rally, which will be September 26 – 30 in Celina, Ohio, or next year, back here in Yuma, March 5-9.

Today will be another busy day, with a full lineup of seminars, and tonight’s pizza party and Cactus Queen contest. The fun never stops!

Thought For The Day – Life is a coin. You can spend it anyway you wish,but you can only spend it once.

Nick Russell

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  1. Thanks for the pictures, makes us feel we are there with you , see you in Ohio

  2. This is our first rally and we are having lots of fun and learning a good bit. We are rock and roll fans but grew up in the hayday of western music. We enjoyed the concert last night and stayed for all of it. We did not dance because the last time I danced it rained for a week.

  3. I had a great time there last year and met some new friends. This year, health keeps me from going there. And it’s pouring rain and the wind is blowing hard here in Ocean Park, WA. Something just hit the trailer. I better go out and take a look, I guess. Have fun while you can…..

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