Last Day In Tucson

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Mar 292011

I had a quick in and out at the Tucson V.A. hospital yesterday. I had several vials of blood drawn, a urinalysis, an EKG, picked up meds at the pharmacy, made a trip to the other side of the place for a blood pressure monitor, and I still walked out in one hour and 2 minutes! That’s great service if you ask me!


There was a time in this country when I would not give you a plugged nickel for the Veterans Administration, and felt that the way they treated our country’s veterans was a disgrace. And it was only a few years ago that the folks at the V.A. hospital in Lake City, Florida told me to take a hike when I went there seeking help for a cataract that had taken most of the sight in one of my eyes.

However, since then I have received excellent care, and prompt, courteous service at V.A. medical facilities from Lexington, Kentucky to Lebanon, Pennsylvania, to Tucson. If you are a veteran, even if you don’t have any service connected issues, do yourself a favor and register with the V.A. health care system. You may never need it, but if you do, it’s there for you. You earned it with your service, my brothers and sisters, and you deserve it.

Today is our last day in Tucson, and while we really hate to leave my cousin Beverly, we are also looking forward to getting up to Arizona’s high country and spending some time exploring the Camp Verde area before we head over to Show Low to visit my daughter and granddaughters.

Soon after I got back to the fairgrounds, Terry and I left again, to mail out some orders, and then to stop at Beverly’s apartment. We’re cramming in as much time as we can with Bev before we have to leave, because it will be close to a year before we get back again. We had to make a stop at the local Verizon store to make some changes to our Friends and Family plan, and then a little later on, we met Greg and Jan for dinner at a small barbecue restaurant called Jack’s, which was very good.

After dinner, we all went back to Beverly’s apartment, where Greg spent a couple of hours tinkering with her computer, clearing up some problems that were slowing it down a bit. The job took him long enough that we all had room for dessert by the time he was finished, so we headed for the nearest Dairy Queen.

Thanks to everybody who wrote to tell me whether or not the blog header was looking okay on their computers. Greg White and Chris Guld were both scratching their heads over the problem, and then, close to midnight last night, Greg called me and told me he had figured out the problem. In the top toolbar on my browser, next to where you type in the URL address, is a little green box that looks like a torn piece of paper. That is the Compatibility View, which Greg said is used to view websites designed for older browsers. For some reason, it had been turned on on my computer. Greg said to click it, and the problem was solved! How cool is that? Thanks, Greg!

After announcing that registration was open for our Eastern Gypsy Journal Rally in yesterday’s blog, the e-mails started pouring in. Our pals Stu and Donna McNicol were the first to register, and by the end of the day I had commitments from several vendors, as well as over 30 other attendees. The  Great Lakes Converted Coaches Chapter of FMCA (GLCC) contacted me, asking if they could hold their rally in conjunction with our event, and I wrote back to tell them that we look forward to having them be a part of all of the fun. Being former bus nuts ourselves, you can bet Terry and I will make time to check out their bus conversions and kick a few tires when they get there.

Roger Marble, who will be doing seminars on RV tire safety and genealogy at the rally, will also be bringing in a small group of 8 to 12 RVing friends to join us. It’s going to be a great time! Be sure to put it on your calendar!

While all of those people were signing up for the rally, and Greg and Chris were doing their computer magic, Bad Nick was busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled So Healthy We’re Killing Ourselves. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – You have a right to your opinions. I just don’t want to hear them.

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  1. Sure enough! I click the compatibilty button and the header on this site gets messed up. Learn something new every day – Thanks Greg!
    Too bad the people with Internet Explorer 6 don’t have that button to fix how it looks for them. Oh wait … IE6 *is* the problem. Seriously folks, anyone still using Internet Explorer 6 – you really do need to upgrade.
    Looking forward to the rally in Celina!

  2. Wow! I just read thru the comments from yesterday’s post. 49 people responded to the question, How does the blog look on your computer? What a wonderful resource … like ‘poll the audience’ in ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire”
    And, I see that Illinois Snowbird hit the nail on the head with the compatibility button! What a smart bunch!

  3. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But since I’d lost my job and insurance, my only option was to go to the Leavenworth KS VA Hospital for help (former Navy). They were fantastic!! I can’t say enough about the caring, considerate people. My husband (former Air Force) had always been reluctant to go to any VA because of their bad rep, but because of my experience, he has been more than comfortable and satisfied receiving his health care from the VA also. As we are about ready to launch into full-timing, it’s very comforting to know we can go to any VA facility around the country, have our records from our original VA sent, and receive care & refill meds at a new location. I never thought about how valuable military service could become later in life when I originally “ran away from home to join the Navy”.

  4. For those of you still having the problem viewing Nick’s masthead correctly.
    In the MS IE browser, select “Tools”, then “Compatibility View Settings”.
    Make sure that Nick’s “” is NOT one of those add to this list. If it it, just remove it. From now on when you bring up Nick’s blog site everything should work as it should.

  5. Nick,

    I certainly agree that our service men and women are entitled to the best possible medical care.

  6. The VA is a preview of the national health care system. Its a large bureaucratic organization that serves most of its patients well. Problems arise only when you need something that the bureaucracy doesn’t want to provide or you don’t agree with your provider. In our current system, if you don’t agree with your doctor, you can go somewhere else for care. In the VA system, if you don’t agree with your doctor, you must enjoin the bureacracy, and appeal the decision. If you still don’t agree with the decision, you must go outside the VA system and consult another doctor. That’s fine, as long as there are doctors outside the system. When all doctors are part of the “system,” there will be no outside doctors to consult. That’s why Canadians sometimes come to the USA for care.

  7. Nick, it’s my understanding if you haven’t enrolled yet in the VA med. system it’s to late unless you have a Purple Heart or a high award of some type. Some of the guys i use to work with went to the VA in Hampton Va and they accepted one and turned two down. The one who was accepted was awarded the purple heart in Viet Nam…there was a cut off date i understand that they kept very quite…If anything has changed I would like to know. I appreciate everything the VA has done for me and can not say enough things about the folks who work there..

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