A Whole Lot Of Nothing

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Mar 132011

Yesterday, we did a whole lot of nothing. And it sure felt good! 🙂

During the rally last week, Terry and I were getting by on minimal sleep, and were on the go from before daylight every day until after midnight. By the time the last RV left the Yuma Fairgrounds on Friday, and then we finished our business with the fairgrounds office, dumped our holding tanks, and moved to the back corner of the fairgrounds, we were totally drained. It really felt good to crawl into bed!

Yesterday, we slept in late, then stayed in bed snuggling, talking about the rally and enjoying some quiet time together. Terry and I treasure mornings like that, when we just forget about the rest of the world, and concentrate on just us. It’s something every couple should do on a regular basis. One of the reasons we have such a close relationship is because we never put anything or anybody else in front of who we are, as a couple. I hope that doesn’t sound selfish, but it’s how we feel about each other.

When we finally got up, we spent most of the day just relaxing and recharging our physical and mental batteries. Terry did a couple of loads of laundry, I answered a few e-mails, and called my nephew Steve Russell in Florida when I learned on Facebook that his brother Harold had been hospitalized with congestive heart failure. Steve said he didn’t call to tell me the news because he knew that we were so busy with the rally. The good news is that Harold has been moved from the Intensive Care Unit to a regular room, and Steve said he was awake and alert. Get well, Harold. I just found you, and I need you to be well and healthy for a long time.

About 4 p.m., we went to dinner at Da Boyz Pizza, in the old downtown area of Yuma, with Greg and Jan White and Tom and Barbara Westerfield. We had a nice time visiting over our delicious meals, then came back home. Back at the fairgrounds, Terry and I spent a while in Tom and Barb’s motorhome, so Barb could show me some neat apps for my Droid. We were all still worn out from rally week so the visit didn’t last too long before we went to our coach. We didn’t do much else the rest of the evening. Like I said, it was a day with a whole of of nothing going on. And today doesn’t look like it will be much different. But I’m not complaining.

With the rally behind us, Terry and I don’t have any commitments, and no place we have to be, until our rally in Celina, Ohio September 26-30. That’s a very good feeling. We plan to go to Tucson from here, and spend a couple of weeks visiting family there, and playing tourist with Greg and Jan. They have never been to southeast Arizona, where I spent many years of my life, and I’m looking forward to showing them some of what it has to offer.

From there, we may spend some time in the Camp Verde area while I get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal ready to go to press. Then we’ll go to our old hometown of Show Low to visit my daughter Tiffany and her family. Our two grandkids up there are in serious need of some spoiling. 

After we leave Show Low, the game plan is to head for the Pacific Northwest, an area we love, but have not had an opportunity to visit in a long time. I got my start in the newspaper business on the Northwest coast, and the region has a special place in my heart. During the rally, somebody gave me their card and said that they have a lot at an RV resort in Newport, Oregon, and invited us to use it if they were not there. Unfortunately, I was so busy and had so much going on, that I completely forgot who it was, and I have a big stack of cards people gave me. If you’re reading this, and if your offer is still open, please contact me. We love the Newport area and would like to spend some time there this summer.

Thought For The Day – As I said before, I never repeat myself.

Nick Russell

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  1. it is great to hear that you are just doing nada. We love the pacific coast all the way from California up to Washington. We had planned to go up the coast also, but with the cost of gas we have had to change our plans. We do not know where we will venture to. Sorry that you are going to miss GNR this year. Take care in your travel. We will see you in Celina.

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