Stupor Bowl Sunday

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Feb 072011

Am I the only man in America who didn’t know who was playing in the Stupor Bowl yesterday, and didn’t care?

I have never been into organized sports, and try as I might (okay, I never really have tried), I just can’t get enthused about them. There really is more to life than watching a bunch of jocks tussling over a silly ball. What’s the big deal?

The one time I tried to watch the big game was at a relative’s house, and I was so bored I fell into a stupor. I’m not a drinking man, but I would have given anything for enough joy juice to put me to sleep until the dumb thing was over.

Several years ago we were at the Escapees Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming, New Mexico, and were leaving on a Super Bowl Sunday morning to go to Arizona. The folks in the RV park  just could not believe that we weren’t staying for the big Super Bowl party. I think they questioned my sanity, my patriotism, and my manhood. But it was one of the easiest driving days we ever had, because we pretty much had the highway to ourselves.

A lifetime ago, I spent some time teaching cadets which end of a rifle goes bang, at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. I could have gone to any number of Army football games at Michie Stadium, but I never set foot inside the place on game days. As the bumper sticker says, I’d rather be fishing.

So yesterday, instead of watching the Stupor Bowl, I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal for a few hours, and then we drove into Phoenix to visit with our friends Orv and Nancy Hazelton, who are in town for an assignment with NOMADS, a group of Christian RVers who perform volunteer work at churches, children’s homes, colleges, camps, and with outreach ministries and disaster recovery projects across the United States.

Orv and I usually talk on the phone several times a week, but we have not seen them since they were at our rally at Elkhart Campground early last September. We had a nice visit in Orv and Nancy’s Phaeton motorhome, and Terry examined at the rock chip in their windshield and said she thought it could be repaired before it started to spread, and keep them from having to replace the entire windshield.

We went to a Mimi’s Cafe for dinner, and had a good time solving all of the problems of the world. Or at least the RV world that we live in. Nancy was my primary care provider at the VA hospital in Lexington, Kentucky before she retired, and I asked her how the transition has been to retirement and fulltime RVing. She said that while she misses her old career, she is having a good time roaming the country with Orv.

I believe that it is important to have something to do, whether it be working, volunteering, or even a hobby to keep us busy. Even if I won a lottery for millions of dollars, I’d still be doing exactly what I’m doing right now, because I love it so much. I would get incredibly bored just getting up and staring at the boob tube all day, every day. I think RV travel and the fulltime RV lifestyle probably helps keep a lot of folks alive and mentally alert. Whether you’re line dancing at an RV park, playing cards or Mexican Train in the activity center, touring a historical site somewhere, hiking, or just doing routine maintenance chores around the RV, there is always something to do!

Besides, having wheels under our house means that we can get away before our kids can stick us in a rest home somewhere! 🙂

Thought For The Day – Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

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Nick Russell

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  20 Responses to “Stupor Bowl Sunday”

  1. Nick, check your Feb 8, 2010 blog. You are starting to repeat yourself. Can you be charged with plagiarism on your own writings? LOL Just chinking your chain.

    We winter in Tucson about 3 miles from the Pima County Fairgrounds and think it would be a great place for your rally. Nice facilities, full hookups and lots of things to do in the area. The GEM how takes place in late Jan & early Feb and is interesting to see if you are into that kind of things.

  2. Give me a break Larry, I’m old, I’m allowed to repeat myself now and then! 🙂
    Actually, I’m consistent, doesn’t that count for something? Try getting the same story out of a politician two years in a a row!

  3. Nope, you aren’t the only one Nick. I don’t care about football either. :>)

  4. Well, I guess that I am third behind you guys. Other than the news telling of the ice falling off the stadium and injuring 7 people…….Found out when, where and who. Never did find out how or why???? Guess I won’t make a reporter.

    Cec and I often laugh at some of the old WW2 movies, where the ‘test’ of being a US soldiers is world series, football or some other silly a.. pro sport. I would be joining Hogan at Stalag 13.

    Have a great rally, wish we could be there.

  5. The SB is the only pro game I watch all year and then for the ads.

  6. We watch about three football games a year usually including the Rose Bowl and Super Bowl. We knew who was playing, because that’s all that was on news or anything else, except of course, Egypt.

    As for the rally in Tucson, we’d be very happy with that, because even if we are busy otherwise we could at least motor on over once or twice. Unfortunately the first week of February will be my busiest week of the year for the next three years!

  7. I sometimes wonder how we ever found time to work. So much to do in retirement.

  8. Nick, did you play football in high school or college? I think that guys who did are more interested in watching it now. Also, we are from Wisconsin and own a share of Packer stock. That connection made the superbowl interesting to us.

  9. Hi Nick and Terry
    I agree with you all about the SB. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times I have watched a ball game. In my younger days I really enjoyed submarine races but that too has passed. I guess tractor pulling would be about the only sport I watch now. Guess that comes from my farming roots.
    Take care and thanks so much for your blog and newpaper. It brings a lot of enjoyment to us out here in the hinterlands.

  10. We drove from Eagle Pass, TX all the way to the New Mexico border yesterday (W of El Paso). The traffic was light and it was smooth sailing all the way! Not being football fans, either, it was no hardship to miss the SB game.
    You recently mentioned the border patrol checkpoints. This trip West, for the first time, we have twice been asked to produce our passports by the BP officers. (We’re Canadians). This has never happened before. So, they must have been instructed to be more vigilant.

  11. Dave B,
    No, I didn’t play any sports in high school or college. I always had a job to go to after school.

  12. Son won $40 for 1st quarter, wife won $60 for 3rd quarter scores in pool. Enjoyed
    the game and the commercials were great. Food was good. A great Sunday.

  13. Sadly with nothing else to do, we watch some of the SB. Found the ads to be completely stupid and the half time show to be insulting to my limited intelligence. Oh yeah, the rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is grounds for treason.

  14. I know, I know my spelling skills need sharpening.

    If Nick wasn’t so tight with his purse strings he’d have a “Edit” button handy for us old folks.

  15. Nick, just because you do not like or understand football, it is no reason to bad mouth footfall. If you must insist on calling it the stupor bowl then you should have done that on your Bad Nick blog. If you are just writing that to get a reaction you have mine. You can do better.

  16. John and I are in complete agreement. He played sports until he was old enough for a car. Ha! I was a cheerleader for 2 years, but couldn’t get as enthused as I should have been. I would have rather been playing basketball myself rather than just watching someone else. Isn’t that what sports are supposed to be about, people getting exercise? I see all those people sitting there in the stands and know all the money spent to sit there and think of how great it would be if that money was spent to help our poor or the time spent to fix up the homes or other things to help make our country a better place. Oh well, one person’s opinion and I appreciate my right to express that opinion. It takes all kinds to make a world. Keep up the good work.

  17. I gotta disagree with you Al. I found Nick’s blog right on, and from the comments left by readers above, I think there are a lot of us who agree with him.

  18. Hey Nick…….We will have to agree with you. Never really had any interest in the Superbowl…..only wanted the final score since we put into the “pool” to see if we won.
    We would much rather spend our time with the grandkids. Had to let you know we LOVED your thought of the day!!! Agree with that one 100%!!
    Keep up the great work, and we will see you down the road………

  19. I’m with you, Nick, and the rest. Organized sports have never been my thing. I used to drive for Greyhound. Charger groups to the Denver Broncos could not understand that I did not want to go in and watch the game. I stayed on the bus with a good book and classical music on the radio.

    Did they play any extra innings this year??

    — Kevin

  20. I’m with you Nick, no enjoyment from any sports. Could not even tell you the rules to a single organized sport. I did use to play HORSE on the basketball court. Does that count for something?

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