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Feb 142011

I have to admit that we were not at all surprised when the fellow from Awning Man, the mobile service that installed our slide covers, never showed up as he had promised to yesterday, to fix the sloppy awning we complained about. When he left here the other day, Terry and I could tell that he was one of those guys who is happy to take your money, but wants to forget who you are the minute your check clears the bank.

It’s pretty sad that some business people can’t see the big picture, and that taking care of customers pays off in the long run. But it’s been my experience that those kind of people are their own worst enemies. Somebody asked the other day why I didn’t name the company in Saturday’s blog, after writing about how he tried to pass the blame for the sagging awning, instead of taking any responsibility.

I didn’t do that because I believe in giving everybody an opportunity to do what’s right. Who knows, when he was here he may have been having an off day, or just have come away from an encounter with a surly customer, or been cut off by somebody in traffic. I’ve had some bad days in my life, when I probably didn’t come across all warm and fuzzy. But when somebody makes a promise to return and fix the mistakes he made, and then stands me up, I’m done with them. I’m always happy to recommend good service companies and vendors, but the Awning Man, based in Tempe, Arizona is not somebody who will ever get our endorsement. Nuff said.

While we were waiting for the awning guy to be a no-show yesterday, Miss Terry made up a batch of fresh rye bread. Her dad loves real rye and pumpernickel breads, not that bland stuff you buy in the supermarket, and whenever we’re in town she tries to bake him some loaves. When she took it over to her dad, it wasn’t long before he was smiling and enjoying a sandwich.

While she was doing that, I logged onto to order the new Garmin 465T trucker GPS unit I wanted, and was confused because they had it listed twice, with a difference of about $70 in the price. The model number and description were the same, the only difference I could tell was that the less expensive one was stocked and shipped by Amazon, while the pricier one would come from a third party.  

I called Amazon to ask what the difference was, but the young lady I talked to was obviously outsourced, and her English was so poor that I had trouble understanding her. I called back again, to a different number I found on Amazon’s website, and this time I got a nice older gentleman who said he was in North Dakota. He was very helpful, and explained that the only difference was that the third party sellers could charge whatever they wanted, while Amazon offered the lowest prices on items they had in stock. I bet it’s not hard to figure out which one I ordered! I’ve done a lot of research, and talked to several people who have the 465T, and I think it’s the best unit for our needs. 

Garmin 465T

While I was researching GPS units, I came across a neat website called GPS Magazine that has a lot of good information, and reviews on all kinds of GPS units. Check it out and see what you think.

Another neat website you might want to check out is the Ultimate Campground Log. Our good friend Patti Ivey recently made the hard decision to shut down the RVers Notebook, which she had continued for several years after the loss of her husband Mickey, who originally developed the program. The Ultimate Campground Log is a free download, and has a lot of the features the RVers Notebook offered.

About 6:30, we met Odel King and Laurie Brown at a restaurant called Blue Adobe Grill for dinner. Terry has been following Odel and Laurie’s blog for a while now, and got me hooked on it, so we were looking forward to meeting up with them. What a fun couple! We had a good time talking about the fulltime RV lifestyle, the recent upgrades they had done to their their Travel Supreme motorhome at RV Renovators (which they are thrilled with), the chore of moving out of their motorhome while the work was being done and then moving back in again, and at least a dozen other topics as they came to mind.

I invited Laurie and Odel to come to our rally in Yuma next month, but that darned Odel is one of those self-centered guys who thinks the whole world revolves around him. It seems he is scheduled for knee replacement surgery in California at the same time as our rally, and he thinks that’s more important. The nerve of some people! 🙂

We had a great time with Odel and Laurie, and we are really looking forward to crossing their path again one of these days.

Thought For The Day – Do something – It may be wrong, but do something.

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  12 Responses to “Stood Up”

  1. We are snowbirds and part timers and therefore are not as confident of our travel skills as you fulltimers. I like to plan our trips on the computer and make modifications to the trips as planned by the GPS. Can you plan the trip and upload to the Garmin 465T? (I read the manual and did not find this information:) We rv’ers go to place the truckers probably do not.

  2. Nick
    Your link to the The Ultimate Campground Log doesn’t work, “index.html” has to be deleted from the address.

    Interesting site, been wondering what I would do when Rver’s Notebook customer support was gone with newer versions of Windows.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. To Illinois Snowbird – Garmin has a Mapping program called “Map Source” available for free download from their web site that you can use to map out a route on your computer and then download it to your Garmin GPS but it is not easy and it’s very time consuming to use.

  4. I have the Garmin 465T and have used it for over a year now and generally like it. I also plot our trips using the Mapsource mapping program mentioned above. The problem I’ve had with using Mapsource, then transferring the route to the 465T is that the 465T recalculates the route and it doesn’t match what you originally plotted using Mapsource. I’ve learned to work around it, but it just takes more time.

  5. Thanks Terry P.

  6. You mentioned that you finally got a nice gentleman in North Dakota that spoke and understood English. By any chance, his name wasn’t “Peggy” was it?

  7. Psssssst…Nick _______- It’s Valentines Day.———–Don’t forget.

  8. I have fixed the link to the Ultimate Campground Log. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  9. Nick I just did a Google for “awning man tempe” and your unfavorable comments are on the first page of results. Talk about bad advertising..He made an expensive mistake!

  10. Damn, Jeff, I just did a search to see and you’re right! Seems to me that blowing Nick andf Miss Terri off was a bad, bad move! Don’t mess with the Nixter!!!

  11. Nick I think that you should post your experience with Awning Man on the web site. It might help someone else avoid a similar experience.

  12. Hello everyone. I am the Author of The Ultimate Campground Log. I would like to
    thank you for the comments on the program. While the program is for camping it is more geared for campgrounds you have been to or plan on visiting. I wrote this
    for my wife because we camp alot during the summer (not retiried YET) and
    getting older we could not remmeber all the campgrounds we went to or what they
    had or what was in the area. It was not written to keep track of traveling cost as
    there are many programs to do that. If you have any comments please join our
    forum and leave comments. Thanks again Nick for the comments.

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