Spring Cleaning

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Feb 132011

We were awakened yesterday morning by car doors slamming shut. Then more cars doors. And then even more car doors! As it turns out, Patio Gardens, where we are staying, was having its annual garage sale. This is basically a 55+ mobile home park, with a few RV sites, and every year the folks have a Spring Cleaning yard sale.

I was tempted to walk around and see what everybody had for sale, but then I decided that we really don’t need any more junk. If anything, we need to get rid of the extra stuff we’ve been hauling around for way too long. Even after 12+ years of fulltiming, we still keep sorting through our storage bays, cabinets,and closet, and disposing of stuff we don’t use any more. The only problem is, no matter what we get rid of, we never seem to have any more space! I think the stuff we keep just expands to fill very inch of available space.

Miss Terry has been doing some Spring Cleaning too, sorting, rearranging and cleaning her kitchen. She even got to use her new extra long cuff nitrile gloves to get rid of some grime, yuck! That girl sure has a lot of stuff in her kitchen! I’m not complaining, because it all goes into feeding me, and believe me, I am really well fed!

Terry assures me that it will all fit back where it came from, but I’m not so sure!

Loaded counter 2

Hey, look at that! She did it! We have a counter again!

Empty counter top

While Terry was busy with all that, I was doing some Spring Cleaning myself, trying to clean up a lot of last minute details and chores so I can concentrate on our upcoming rally in Yuma. I went online to fill out the liability insurance request for the rally, but ran into a snag and will have to call the insurance company on Monday to resolve that.

Then I sent out the link to the new digital issue of the Gypsy Journal to our subscribers, e-mailed subscription renewal notices to digital subscribers whose subscriptions are due for renewal, and then I sent out a Rally Information Letter to all rally attendees who we have e-mail addresses for. We’ll be mailing printed letters to those whom we don’t have an e-mail address for on Monday. 

With that done, I took a break and checked in on Ancestry.com too see if my family tree had sprouted any new branches, but no such luck. I have to seek out those branches myself, it doesn’t happen automatically. But that’s a lot of both the fun and frustration of genealogy research. I was very pleased to see that Ancestry now has a free app for iPhones and the iPod Touch, and a separate app for iPads. I downloaded it to my iPad and was very impressed with how well it looks and works. That is going to be a big help when we’re out in the field doing research. As I understand it, they are currently working on an app for Droid smart phones too. How cool is that?

Later in the evening we stopped at Best Buy, because I want to upgrade to a newer GPS, the Garmin 465T trucker model. They had the unit in stock, but it was $55 more than I can get it from Amazon, with free shipping. I asked the salesman if they could meet Amazon’s price, and he said no, they will match prices with real stores, but not Amazon, because it’s not real.

Huh? I’m no fan of Amazon (or Best Buy for that matter), but if a company has a product for sale and I buy it, doesn’t that make them real, whether their store is a sticks and bricks, or a virtual marketplace? The department manager walked up to ask me why I would consider buying online and taking my money out of the community. I told him for four reasons; 1) I don’t live in the community, 2) Best Buy is a huge faceless nationwide corporation, not a small local retailer, so part of my money was still going to leave the community, 3) If I don’t like an item from Amazon, I can return it. Best Buy charges a 15% restocking fee, and 4) I save $55. He didn’t seem to understand my reasoning on any of those points, and I didn’t spend any more time trying to explain it to him.    

Bad Nick isn’t into Spring Cleaning, but he did post a new Bad Nick Blog titled Smoke, Smoke, Smoke That Cigarette. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Honesty is the best policy. But insanity is a better defense.

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  4 Responses to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. THAT…and several other reasons we have boycotted Best Buy for many years. They are and have been too big for their britches, as my mom use to say!

  2. Stuff breeds in the night, especially in dark compartments and attics. It took me months to clean out my house in Connecticut 10 years ago. Then it took me months to clean out our condominium in Massachusetts last spring and fall. Seems as if the stuff multiplied again in those 10 years. Now it has started to multiply again in our new home in Florida. In the meantime, my Winnebago is overweight, and I don’t know what to do with all the stuff that I just know I can’t do without on the road.

    Kudos to Miss Terry. Her clean and organized galley looks great!

  3. We had a Garmin trucker’s GPS and it was constantly taking us the wrong way. Sold that one and now have a Cobra trucker’s GPS – much, much better.

    We have enjoyed the fact that we are no longer possessed by “stuff.” One of the many benefits of this lifestyle.

  4. If amazon is not real will the gps be real or just a figment of your imangination

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