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Feb 212011

Sunday was another ugly weather day, here in Apache Junction, and across most of northern Arizona. The wind had eased up a lot, but it was cold and gray, and rained off and on all morning. Sometime in the afternoon the clouds started to break up and we were seeing blue sky, but it was still darned cold. We wanted to spend some time cleaning out and rearranging the storage bays under our motorhome this past weekend, but it just wasn’t going to happen. The weather just did not cooperate. I really shouldn’t complain, in our old hometown of Show Low, they got a foot of snow!

Terry and I are short timers here in Apache Junction. We’ll be leaving here in just a few days to go to Yuma to handle all of the last minute Gypsy Gathering rally details there. But between now and then, we’ll be very busy.

The new issue of the Gypsy Journal arrived at the UPS freight facility in Phoenix Friday night, but since they were closed over the weekend, we had to wait until today to pick it up. So first thing this morning we’ll unload  the back of our Ford Explorer, stashing our two inflatable Sea Eagle kayaks, the Sears air compressor I just bought and haven’t even opened the box yet, and all of the envelopes that we picked up from the mail service on Friday, inside the motorhome while we drive into Phoenix to pick up the papers at UPS.

Then we’ll spend the next few days stuffing envelopes to get them in the mail to all of our subscribers. That’s a herculean task, but Miss Terry has it down to a science, and it always amazes me at how fast she can whip through it. People are always volunteering to help her with the mailing, but since every piece that goes to the mail service is bar coded, and the post office insists that they stay in the correct sequence, it’s easier if she does it her way. I just stand back, fetch her more plastic mail bins as needed, carry in bundles of papers from the truck, and lug out full mail bins as she gets them ready to go.

The original plan was to pick up the papers at UPS on Friday, get all of the envelopes stuffed over the weekend, and dropped off at the mail service on Tuesday, and then leave for Yuma on Wednesday. But since there was a delay at our printers, pushing back delivery of the load to Phoenix, we have to make up for lost time. Of course, Miss Terry says that if she works at double her usual pace she can still keep us on schedule. I told her that we can live with a short delay, but I know how determined she can get. So we’ll see what happens.

Terry has been working on the rally reservation list, and in answer to the folks who have been asking us what vendors will be at the rally, here is a list that will give you some idea of what to expect – RV Driving School, Phil & Ann’s RV Service, Pressure Pro, Redlands Truck & RV, SKP Park Of The Sierra, Coil -N-Wrap, Del-Sand Ltd, Lawrence RV Accessories, Passport America, Sky Med, Solar Sunscreens, Patriot Enterprises (Windshield Repair), Jeannie’s Iron-On Sparkles, Adventure Caravans, Too Crazy Ladies, Aero/Designs By Sharon, Frame-Rite/Xtremeplax, Good Sam Insurance, Harvest Hosts, Journal In A Box, R & K Enterprises, Satellite Advantage, R & S Induction Cooktops, RV Décor, Secret Source, RV Renovators, Sunset Dogs (food vendor), Tastefully Simple, The Prudent RVer, Tin Can Shack (food vendor), Traveling CCW, Verizon, Your Water Filter Source. There are others who have told us they will be there, but who have not officially registered yet.

Our friend Chris Yust from Good Sam Insurance has been vending at Quartzsite the last few weeks, and Chris is one of our greatest cheerleaders. She’s been busy telling other vendors and the RVers she talks with about the rally, and recruiting several new vendors for us. Thanks Chris, and everybody else who helps spread the word about the rally, and about the Gypsy Journal. Be sure to tell all of your friends too! We have lots of room at the fairgrounds, and the more, the merrier!

Thought For The Day – Those who hammer their swords into plows will plow for those who do not.

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