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I can say one thing for this cold weather that is blanketing most of the country – it’s sure promotes marital harmony. I don’t know how any couple could fight when it’s this cold, because we need to snuggle up together to keep from freezing to death at night! I predict that we’re going to see a brand new baby boom in September and October of this year. I just wonder how many of them will be born to fulltime RVers and folks who were boondocking in Quartzsite? 🙂

Hmmm… can the world stand a little Bad Nick running around?

Yesterday Terry was up and out the door early again, spending some more time with her mother. I would have loved to roll over and go back to sleep, but even though some have described me as a big teddy bear, cuddling with myself is no fun at all.

Besides, the crew from RV News Net had scheduled a Skype call to record a couple of new segments of my Just A Gypsy program, so I had to get up and get ready for that anyway. The new internet RV show went live January 15,  and you can see the first three segments we recorded by clicking this link. We covered the Gypsy Journal in general, reviews of the Sea Eagle PaddleSki and Strongback chairs, the Grand Canyon Railway, and personal security in your RV. The three segments run from about 8 to 11 minutes long. If you have a slower internet connection, it’s easier to just minimize the screen and let the video load first, then click the screen to watch it without any interruptions as it spools up. I’ve never been involved in a project like this, but it’s interesting. Check out the videos and let me know what you think.  

The Skype thing took all morning, then I worked on the new issue of the paper and made some phone calls about our upcoming Yuma rally. I was getting cabin fever by the time Terry came home, so we ran to Jack in the Box for lunch, and then she dropped me off back at the motorhome to keep plugging away, while she made a grocery store run to stock the larder. Living in an RV means we don’t have a lot of storage space, but it had been so long since Terry had done any serious grocery shopping, that our cupboards were getting as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s. 

I also spent some time chatting online with a couple who have just purchased a new RV and are planning to go fulltime as soon as the sale of their house closes next month. They said that while they had been excited and thrilled, suddenly they were scared to death and getting cold feet, wondering if they had gone totally insane. I assured them that a lot of new fulltime RVers have experienced the very same thing,and that I even developed a seminar when I was teaching at Life on Wheels, called The Reluctant RVer, that addressed this very thing. I think (hope) that by the time we finished, they were feeling much better and were back to looking forward to this new adventure they are starting on.

Miss Terry and I have lived and traveled in RVs fulltime for over twelve years now, and we’re even more excited and happy with the RV lifestyle than we were the day we pulled out of our driveway for the very first time.

A few days ago, I reported that we were looking into the possibility of holding a future Gypsy Journal rally in Tucson, and the response was very positive. Yesterday I got an e-mail from the folks at the Pima County Fairgrounds in Tucson, and we seem to be pretty close on the numbers. The only time they have available is the first week of February next year. How does that work for everybody’s schedule? Of course, I know a lot of us write our schedules in Jello, but we have to lock in the dates well in advance, because the fairgrounds is a busy venue.

I mentioned a new little Bad Nick above, but don’t worry, Miss Terry assures me that that isn’t going to happen, no matter how cold it gets! But the good news (well, maybe that’s the good news) is that Bad Nick posted a new Bad Nick Blog yesterday titled The Man On The Ground. Check it out and leave a comment.

A Quick Update – I just received word that Lake City, Florida has lifted the ban on overnight RV parking due to pressure from the RV community, and the signs have come down at WalMart. Who says reason can’t triumph over greed?

Thought For The Day – War does not determine who is right – only who is left.

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Nick Russell

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  12 Responses to “It’s Too Cold To Fight, Let’s Snuggle”

  1. Would work great for us…we’d just try to book a site in Yuma for after the rally! You know we’ll be there…helping park or whatever!

  2. That works good for us as well.
    This year we have been getting as many diff. rv park experiences as we can so we will know what we want later. I know we will have a bus rally in Q. mid to late Jan. so we will be there anyway. I think Tucson is a beautiful place and might even be good for the full winter season.

  3. Nick, Just the mention of Tucson in your blog and Tucson set a 100 year record low of 18 degrees last night!

  4. Works for us. I’m glad to hear Froggi and Stu are volunteering to help with the parking. We probably wouldn’t have met them, if it wasn’t for their help in parking the first year in Yuma. You’ve given everyone a lot of advance notice. The good part will be if you are having such a good time, you can pay the fairground and stay longer and you don’t have to wait for the Good Sam bunch to leave.

  5. Nick – Feb works for us and we will look forward to our first GJ rally! We have always been on opposite sides of the country for your past rallies. Tucson can not have two years in a row with record low temps! It was 8 this morning here in Benson at the SKP park. First time we have ever had a frozen line, and we have heat in the compartments! LPG pumpers will be busy today!

  6. First week in February sounds great! Right after Q. Can’t make it this year – going to explore California

  7. First week of Feb works for us, we’ll be in Tucson from 12/1 to 2/28 anyway. May just leave the fiver at Desert Trails and come over daily for the rally.

    BTW, Thursday it was 11 on our thermometer here west of the Tucson Mountains! 24 this (Friday) morning, so it’s warming up!

  8. February in Tucson sounds good to me.

  9. Whoopee, just a comment on Lake City, FL. I’ve never been there but glad to hear $$$$ talks and bullpucky walks! I realize that cg owners have to make a living but being able to park for a few hours to rest is sometimes what we need. We will give them plenty of $$$$ this summer when we go from the west coast to the east coast.

  10. Can you confirm the Feb. dates a little closer? Is it the week starting Sunday, Jan. 29 or the week starting Sunday, Feb. 5? (The first falls on Wednesday.) The reason for asking is that the SKP Geocachers just voted yesterday to do our 2012 rally in Q immediately after the RV Tent Show which runs Jan. 21-29, 2012. That means we would be gathering Jan. 29 and having our rally Jan. 30-Feb. 1 or 2. We had approx. 50+ rigs and most will be heading to Yuma for your rally. See you all there.

  11. February would work just fine for me.

  12. I sent the mayor of Lake City FL an unhappy email re: parking; now I’ll send a “thanks for listening” email. 😉

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