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Feb 192011

I have to be honest, when we got up yesterday morning, I wasn’t entirely sure that the guys at RV Renovators would meet our deadline of getting finished by the end of the day. But Billy had told us not to worry, and true to his word, at 4:45 he backed our motorhome out of the bay, and we were done!

Just to give you some perspective, here is what our front TV cabinet looked like on Tuesday morning when we pulled into the shop.

Front before 2

And here is the finished cabinet now. Our 26 inch Samsung LED TV fits and looks good. You can’t see it well in this picture, but the bottom of the shelf is curved outward to match the design of our Winnebago. The Ultimate Adventures used a lot of curves in their interior layout, and Billy and his crew followed that style in designing the new cabinet. It looks great!

Finished front TV

The door is hinged and opens to give us a lot of new storage space. We need to tidy up all of the excess wiring in there yet, and we may add a shelf too. We haven’t decided on that yet, but it will be a simple job to do so.

Front cabinet door open

Moving back to the bedroom, here is the original TV cabinet as it was on Tuesday.

Bedroom TV before

And here is the finished cabinet, with our new 22 inch Samsung LED TV mounted on the door. We had hoped to use our 19 inch Vizio LCD TV, but the way the power cord came into the back of the TV was proving troublesome when it came to mounting the TV. We have been very pleased with our Samsung LED, so we bought the same model in a slightly smaller size.  

Finished bedroom cabinet

I need to extend the coax cable in the cabinet to allow the door to open all the way, but again, we have a lot of new storage, both in the old cabinet, now that the TV mounts to the door, and below, in the extended area Billy added.

Nick bedroom cabinet door open

Terry and I are thrilled with the end results, and we really appreciate Monty, Cinda, Billy, Curtis, and the rest of the crew from RV Renovators for getting us in and out so fast, and for taking such good care of us. If you need any sort of RV repair or upgrades, I would not hesitate in recommending this company to you. They are real professionals, and the best of the best, in my opinion.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, before they would let us drive off the lot, Billy and a couple of the guys even washed our coach! In most places, at ten minutes before quitting time on a Friday afternoon,  the employees would trample you heading for the gate. But not at RV Renovators! They stayed and did a good job cleaning our rig, just as a courtesy that they extend to their customers. We drove out of there with our home on wheels looking great inside and out!

Washing Winnie 4

We made it across town and got backed into our site at Patio Gardens with just enough daylight left to allow us to get the motorhome leveled out on its jacks, the slide rooms out, and the utilities hooked up. Once we were settled in, Terry’s parents came over to see the finished project, and they were just as impressed as we are.

The next step was to set up the bedroom TV so it would receive the feed from our Dish Network receiver in the front of the motorhome. Somehow, in the process of moving things around, we got some wiring messed up, and I was lost. It took some trial and error, and a half dozen telephone calls to my buddy Greg White, but eventually we got it sorted out.  Thanks for your help (again) Greg.

After getting up before the chickens the last few days, the first order of business today will be to sleep in. Then I plan to wake up, roll over, and go back to sleep again! I deserve it!

Thought For The Day – I’ll have to think twice about it before I give it a second thought.

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  8 Responses to “It’s Done!”

  1. Thanks for the photos Nick …… The changeover looks very nice.
    Is there any one near Elkhart that you can recommend for a similar job?

  2. I’d suggest Carlyle Lehman at Focal Wood Products Tell him I sent you. He built our desk/work stations, and also does TV upgrades.

  3. Looks great Nick and Terry. Your home is even “homyier”. Thanks for the photo tour.

  4. Nick, your blog has been down more than up this morning.

    The new doors look great. I wonder if you will need latches to keep them from swinging as you drive.

  5. Nick, I am very impressed with the work of RV Renovators. We will definitely visit them when we are ready for some modifications to our coach interior The workmanship looks outstanding. Thank you for the great before and after pics!

  6. Looks great! What a nice change, huh? Adding the shelves in the bedroom was a smart idea, and well executed. We’ve had our MH back for several days now, and everything RV Renovators did for us seems top-notch. They deserve our rave review – a good find.

    Safe travels,

  7. It looks great, thanks for the pictures it gives us an idea how to do our bedroom TV when we get around to doing it. Extra storage is always a good idea. Take care

  8. Just what I wanted and thanks for info. Reminds me of HeeHaw, “searched the world over and finally found …” how to mount my lcd tv. Had this info at one time and lost it!

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