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My pal Greg White and I have to stop spending so much time together. If you read my blog and Greg’s blog for yesterday, you might think you are experiencing déjà vu. We spent the day together, went to dinner together, and wrote almost the same blog, even down to the picture! We even used the same term, “nooks and crannies” when describing the RV parking places here at the Yuma Fairgrounds! After posting my blog, and then reading Greg’s, I called him and said that one of us could have saved himself a lot of work by just writing “me too!” and putting in a link to the other blog.

Besides the fact that he is a great guy, can fix anything, works cheap, and is a very loyal friend, one of the things I like about Greg is that he’s a night owl too. I know I can (and sometimes do) call him at midnight or 1 a.m., and he’s still up. That’s my kind of guy!

Greg also works cheap, and has a good sense of humor. The other day I mentioned to Terry that I was going to have Greg fix something when we got together, and she said it was not fair to always take advantage of him, and never offer anything in return. Well, I got to feeling guilty about that, so I called Greg and asked what I owed him for all of his help, and he said that basking in my glory was all he asked. Yeah, I really like Greg! 🙂

Yesterday our friends Ed and Stevi Hackenbruch came by to drop off some door prizes for the rally, and also brought Terry and I a very special gift. Stevi is a crafter who makes al kinds of neat things from gourds, and she created this custom gourd bowl to commemorate this years Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally. The front has our logo from the Gypsy Journal, even colored in the paint scheme of our Winnebago Ultimate Advantage, and the back has the rally name and location on it. What a wonderful gift! Thank you very much, Stevi, we will treasure this forever.

Gourd 2

Gourd back

We had a nice visit with Ed and Stevi, and after they left, Greg and I went over to the main hall here at the fairgrounds to check out the gun show. I know that I must be getting older, because there was a time when I went though a gun show like a kid in a candy store, wanting everything in sight. But yesterday we walked through the entire show, and all I bought were two avocados. And I don’t even eat avocados! But Miss Terry loves them, and I knew she could make good use of them.  

Soon after I got back to the motorhome, Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School stopped in for a visit. Dennis will be presenting several seminars at the rally, including one on Driving to Alaska. Dennis will also be helping us with parking all of the RVs that will be arriving for the rally, so you’ll see him around helping out wherever he’s needed.

As if that isn’t enough, Dennis will also be hosting a cookout for our parking crew on Saturday evening. He will furnish his delicious slow cooked smoked pork, and we’re asking the other parking crew folks to bring a pass along dish of goodies to share.

If you are new to RVing, or maybe have a new rig you’re still not comfortable with, contact Dennis at the link above, and schedule a behind the wheel driving lesson, in your own RV, before or after the rally. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your safety, and the new confidence you’ll gain will change your RVing life forever.

We have had several people asking about RV repairs or service at the rally. Phil Botnick will be on hand to do emergency RV repairs, and can be reached  by e-mail at annphilrv@gmail.com or by phone at (828) 606-9918 to schedule any repairs you need.

Redlands Truck and RV will also be on hand, offering all kinds of mechanical repairs and upgrades, from installing tow bars, to gas or diesel engine performance upgrades, handling upgrades, generator service, and a lot more. Click this link to their Work Request Form, print it out and complete, and drop it by the Redlands vendor booth, or call them at (888) 249-0124 to pre-register for service. At last year’s rally, Redlands installed new Koni shock absorbers on our motorhome, and it has made a big improvement in our handling and ride comfort.

Thought For The Day – If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.

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Nick Russell

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  2 Responses to “Gourds, Guns, & Goodies”

  1. Nick, WTH??? yesterday rain, now this morning, frost on the jeep!!! What is next???? :>) It doesn’t show in the photo, but if you look closely at the windshield of the rv on the gourd, you will see that Stevi even has included the faint reflection of a tree and the mountains. She says that now that you have mentioned her in your blog she feels like a celebrity and the paparazzi will probably be hounding her now. lol.

  2. That bowl is a real beauty and a true tresure! And we agree with you about avocados. Suzy loves them, I don’t eat them — except when she makes her special guacamole.

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