Feb 182011

While we think the folks here at RV Renovators are a great bunch, and they have treated us very well, I’ll sure be glad to tell them goodbye! This is our fourth day in the shop, and I’d really like to look out my window and see the Superstition Mountains, instead of mechanics and RV repair technicians scratching whatever it is that they scratch. 🙂

Yesterday morning Billy was back at it, bright and early. Way too early! Don’t these folks have a night shift we could work with? 🙂 He installed the new side to the bedroom TV cabinet, and then mounted oak blocks to the wall to hold the shelves that would go into the cabinet.

Billy setting wood blocks

And here is the finished bedroom cabinet, with the door not yet attached, and the TV mounted to the door. By extending the cabinet side down to the dresser below, and adding the extra shelves, we picked up some much needed extra storage space. I think it looks pretty darned good, don’t you?

Bedroom cabinet door off

A lot of the rest of the day was spent in dry fitting pieces for the front TV cabinet. Those were all finished and stained yesterday afternoon, so they could be put together today. Then they just have to mount the TVs and we’re done. Billy assures me that he’ll make our deadline of closing time today, and I really hope so. We have a lot to get done before we can leave for Yuma next week, and we can’t accomplish much sitting here, with the crew coming in and out, working all day long.  

I said yesterday that we had planned to use our 19 inch Vizio LCD television in the bedroom, but last night we realized that the power plug comes into the set in the middle of the back at a 90 degree angle, not on the side like it does with the front TV. This could present problems in mounting the TV to the door, so we may have to go buy another TV after all. 🙁

After the shop closed down yesterday afternoon, Terry and I ran to Sam’s Club for a couple of things, and then stopped at Black Bear Diner for dinner. We ate at one of this chain’s restaurants in California last year, and while the portions were huge, and the food was okay, it wasn’t anything special, in my opinion. I felt the same way after trying this one too. Terry loved her grilled barbecued chicken salad with chipotle dressing and onion straws. I had the shrimp and tri-tip steak combo. There was nothing to complain about, but it just didn’t set off any fireworks in my taste buds. If Terry wanted to go back, I’d say okay, but I don’t think I’d make the suggestion. 

For some reason, my e-mail crashed again, and from about 3 p.m. yesterday to 9 p.m. any e-mails sent to me never made it through. So if you tried to contact me, and I didn’t respond, please try again. But instead of my regular e-mail, which is still tied into the Yahoo servers, use Nick@gypsyjournalrv.com That will be my new e-mail address once we are finally free of the Yahoo servers.

Thought For The Day – The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.

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  4 Responses to “Another Day In The Shop”

  1. Cupboard looks great! Living in a motorhome inside a building is a bit monotonous, but you don’t have to experience the variants of weather that way.

  2. We must be on the same email server at Yahoo. One of their servers was down but others weren’t. My main email crashed during those hours yesterday so had to use an alternate one too. . Hopefully, they’ve worked out the kinks and everything will remain as it should be without any more problems.

  3. Nick – not sure how you might have “pickled up” the extra storage space. Did you have to use a lot of brine? (Shame on me — I make an awful lot of typos in what I do too!)

    As far as Black Bear Diner is concerned, we love it! Our first experience with Balck Bear was in Gilroy, CA, then in Redding, CA and a few other places later. I’ll agree that the food may never show up in Epicure Magazine, but for us it was the total experience. Different strokes!

  4. It is obvious that RV Renovators is a class act.

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