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Jan 232011

We had a wonderful treat yesterday. Our pals Greg and Jan White drove up from Houston to spend the day with us. We had not seen them since we left Elkhart Campground back in early September, so we were long overdue for a visit. We always have a great time with Greg and Jan, and Greg is one of the guys I call on whenever I break something. That means we stay in constant contact, because I’m always breaking something!

This time around I didn’t have a darn thing for Greg to fix, but he still came in handy. Miss Terry was telling Jan that she sometimes gets frustrated with me, because whenever she asks what I want her to cook for dinner, I always tell her that it doesn’t matter. I piped up in my own defense to say that she knows the things I like to eat, and unless I say I want a steak, or a burger, or pasta, or whatever, then anything on my list of preferred foods is fine. Terry countered by saying that she wants suggestions once in a while. That’s when Greg said that we need to hang a wheel with a spinning dial on the refrigerator and mark down the different food choices, and call it the Wheel of Food, sort of like the Wheel of Fortune game show on TV. That Greg’s a smart guy!

Miss Terry had made up some of her famous cinnamon rolls, and was just taking them out of the convection oven when our friends arrived. So after hugs all around, we dived into the goodies. Yummy! And to make my day even better, Jan had baked up a batch of my favorite cookies to bring to me. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Cinnamon rolls

We had a good time catching up on our mutual adventures since we were together last, and they showed us some pictures of their new grandson Landon. Jan admitted that while she and Greg both have hitch itch, from sitting still so long to be with their kids, saying goodbye to that little guy is going to be hard. We know that feeling very well, and when we leave our loved ones we have tears for the first few miles, but then the thrill of being back on the road takes over and helps to ease the pain. 

Greg and Jan had never been to Rainbows End, so we took a drive around the campground, and then did a little sightseeing in the area. Lake Livingston, a few miles west of town, is the second largest lake in Texas, and a major attraction for fishing and boating activities. We stopped at a boat ramp to check it out, and spotted a Great Blue Heron on the bank. Terry managed to get a couple of pictures before it flew off.

Blue heron

Blue heron flying

We’ll be going back that way today as we continue our westward trip, and I’m not thrilled with the bridge we’ll have to cross over the lake, but it’s not as bad as some that we’ve been over in the last few days.

Lake Livingston bridge 3

It was a chilly day, and before too long we were ready to get back in the Explorer and turn on the heater. Jan had spotted a Mexican restaurant called Pueblo Viejo on our way to the lake, so when we headed back toward town we stopped for an early dinner. The food was great, and after we finished our meal, we sat and talked for quite a while. Greg will be presenting a seminar on computer security and other things about your computer at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering  rally in March, sharing some of the secrets his commercial clients pay him big bucks to do to keep their systems up and running.

Back at the motorhome, there was just enough time to take a few pictures, and then Greg and Jan had to make the long drive back to the RV park they are staying in, south of Houston. Thanks for coming up and visiting us, guys! We really enjoyed the day, and look forward to spending more time together when we’re all in Yuma.

Greg Jan White

We’re leaving Livingston today, and hope to make it to Abilene so we can pick up a couple of articles for an upcoming issue of the Gypsy Journal. We have some stops we want to make in Texas along the way, to gather stories for the paper, but once we get that done, we’ll be putting some serious miles behind us. We’d like to be in Arizona by the end of the week, so we can spend time with Terry’s parents before we move on to Yuma for our rally.

Thought For The Day – The evening news is where they begin with “Good evening” and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.

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  7 Responses to “Wheel Of Food”

  1. Darn!

    I knew I should have trademarked “Wheel of Food”

  2. Hey Nick;
    How come your friends are chubby guys with gray beards(me included)

  3. Birds of a feather, Harry, birds of a feather

  4. Who are calling ‘Chubby’, Harry?

    I perfer ‘Chunky’.

  5. I think Miss Terry should provide some cinnamon rolls at the Rally in Yuma ONE morning. Sounds much better than donuts.

  6. We use” Darts for Dinner” but we have to watch for the cat. “Wheel of food” sounds safer.

  7. Dick,
    Terry said no problem. She’ll need 50 more ovens, 25 helpers, and an extra day to make it all. You arrange that and we’re good to go.

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