Sleeping The Day Away

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Jan 052011

Yesterday was a yucky day. I had not been feeling well the day before, and by bedtime the crud had really hit me. I was standing in the shower with the hot water running over me, and still shivering so hard my teeth were chattering. I drank some Alka Seltzer Nighttime Cold Formula, took a couple of aspirins, and went to bed to shiver myself to sleep. Sometime in the night I woke up in a sweat, and my pillow and sheets were soaked.

I don’t know what time Miss Terry woke up, but she let me sleep in, and it was after 11 when I finally woke up yesterday morning. I sat around sucking on Zicam and feeling sorry for myself for a while, and then we ran to the post office to mail out some orders, and stopped at the grocery store so Terry could pick up some items.

Back home, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. I laid down on the couch and slept for a couple of hours, then woke up and moped around the rest of the day and evening. Now, I’m about as lazy as they come, but even I hate to sleep most of a day away and not accomplish a darned thing.

I may have been out of commission, but Miss Terry was busy. That girl never lets any grass grow under her feet! Besides answering her e-mails, doing some laundry, making dinner, and listening to me moan and groan, she also made up a couple of loaves of delicious potato bread yesterday. Fortunately, my taste buds were still working enough to appreciate a slice of fresh hot buttered bread and a cold glass of milk. Yummy!

Fresh bread 2

Since I didn’t do anything worthwhile yesterday, I’ll tell you about a couple of neat projects that other people have recently shared with me.

If you are both an RVer and a baseball fan, you need to know about Bob Carson. For the last 20 years, Bob has been publishing a neat little newsletter for baseball fans called Minor Trips that is a guide to finding America’s Minor League baseball parks from coast to coast. Bob also publishes an annual guide to Minor League and Independent baseball teams that every traveling baseball fan would find useful. For more information, e-mail Bob at

Yvonne Root at Journal In A Box sent me a copy of both their original Journal in a Box and the new RV edition. To be honest, Yvonne sent them to me a while back, but in moving around they got put aside. I wish I would have told you about them before Christmas, because they would make great gifts for anybody on your list. But don’t forget, all of those folks still have birthdays and anniversaries coming up! The journals have spaces to jot down notes about everything from your daily activities, any RV repairs or upgrades made, people you meet, and much more. Think of it as a diary with hints about what to write about. Check out their website, and hopefully, Yvonne will also be at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in Yuma.

Journal In A Box

I also got an e-mail yesterday from a lady named Sara Beck, informing me that this blog has been included in her list of Top 50 Camping Blogs. I was checking out her list, and there are some interesting blogs listed. Thanks for including us, Sara!

Well, that’s about it for today folks. The darned keys keep moving and I can’t type anymore. Hopefully today will be a better day. Our friends Denny and Cindy Henderson just arrived back here at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve, and we are supposed to go kayaking with them. I’m not sure whether I’ll be up to it.

 Thought For The Day – If Hooters offered a door to door delivery service, would they have to change the name to Knockers?

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  7 Responses to “Sleeping The Day Away”

  1. Poor Nick, we hope you make a speedy recovery from whatever you caught from whoever. But stay a distance from Terry, no need to get her sick too..

  2. Get well, Nick. Those loaves of bread are making me hungry!

  3. Get well. Sure sounds like the flu to me. Is Miss Terry willing to put the receipe for her bread on line? Did she cook it in convection oven? I might give it a try.

  4. Get well, Nick. Someone needs to make sure Greg White gets his blog out on time.

  5. Sorry to read that you are ill, sounds like the Texas crud has spread to Florida. Drink plenty of fluids and rest. Mike and I are still trying to get over the bug. Did you get the flu shot? I hope so it will not stop you from getting it, but make it a lot less vicious. We hope Terry does not get it also.

  6. I see that you are debuting at #22 on that list of top 50 camping blogs! Not a bad place to start.

  7. Howdy patient Nick,
    YOU HAVE GOT IT!!!!! Don’t give it to Terry or you won’t have a nurse, cook or
    mechanic.. Man! Those potato loaves look great!! Please, have Terry put the recipe on her blog; Joyce is afraid of the convection/microwave and will only warm up stuff in it, but we have an oven, also.. PLEASE, GET WELL!!! COME ON BY THE RSR and Joyce’s chili will cure you!!!

    Smooth roads, balmy breezes and Wild Turkey toddies,


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