Never Enough Time

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Jan 042011

I swear, it seems like we never have enough time to get everything done that we want to. I need about 12 more hours in every day!

We only have about three weeks left here in Florida before we have to start heading west to get set up for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in Yuma March 7-11. And that’s not nearly long enough to get around to doing everything we had hoped to.

We plan on leaving the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve a day early, on Friday, because Saturday, my nephews and niece in the Pinellas Park area want to have a family cookout. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, and some other family members that I have not met yet.

Meanwhile, we’d like to get our kayaks in the water again, and our pals Stu and Donna McNicol just arrived in the area,and we want to get together with them for lunch or dinner before we go. They have a brand new puppy that I haven’t gotten to spoil yet, and I hate to leave that chore to amateurs.

We wanted to get to Tarpon Springs, the Greek fishing town on the Gulf Coast; and to spend a few days around Crystal River and Cedar Key before we leave the land of palm trees and orange groves. I’m not sure which, if any, of those places we’ll get to before we run out of time.

When we head west, we need to make a quick stop in Livingston, Texas to get some business taken care of, and to close out our account with the Escapees Mail Service. We switched our legal domicile to South Dakota a couple of years ago, but kept the Escapees address until now so we could wrap up some business in Texas.   

At least we finally have all of the mailing done for the new issue, and that’s a big load off of us. Or rather, I should say off of Miss Terry, because stuffing the envelopes is her task and she has it down to a science. It’s always funny when we use a new commercial mailing service to print our envelopes, and take them home to stuff. They get all nervous, because each envelope is bar coded, and if even one envelope gets out of sequence, everything comes to a screeching halt when they get to the post office. So whenever we use a new mailing service for the first time, they expect the job to come back all disorganized, and to have to spend hours re-sorting everything again, then they are surprised and delighted to learn that Terry really is a professional who gets it right the first time, every time! In fact, after we dropped off the job at the mail service in Orlando yesterday, the account representative called us to compliment Terry on how well she kept everything organized. That’s my girl!

While Terry was busy doing her thing with the mailing, Bad Nick decided it was time for a new Bad Nick Blog post, titled My Way Or The Highway. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day –  When in charge, ponder. When in doubt, mumble. When in trouble, delegate.

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  5 Responses to “Never Enough Time”

  1. Nick, you just let us know a time and a place. We’ll be there. Right now our only plans are to got to Petsmart & Sam’s Club in Ocoee tomorrow. We’re open for eating anytime…LOL!

  2. I’ve been hoping you’d head back over this way, so we could meet up with you.

    We’d love to look at your new kayak. We’re in Zephyrhills (Tampa area) now.

    Let me know if you get to do a kayak trip!

  3. Nick,

    How about elaborating on your decision to move your domicile from Texas to South Dakota. We’re getting close to making the domicile decision and would like to know your feelings.


  4. nick,
    if you’ve never been to Weeki Wachee Springs you have to paddle there. The water is so crystal clear you can see every pebble on the bottom.

  5. Howdy Nick,
    Did you get you a wetsuit to paddle in?? Hope your last week in sunny Florida is sunny!!! Y’all are still considered Texans even if you do move your mail to the county of South Dakota(thatz still in N Texas)… After Livingston just head for the RunningStar Ranch and Joyce’ll cook up a big bowl of venison chili for you all…

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes,


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