I May Live After All

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Jan 062011

Thank you to everybody who left comments or sent e-mails hoping I would get well soon. I think I’ve finally turned the corner, and I may live after all. But there was a while there when only the hope of death was keeping me alive! Except for my allergy to onions and my bad back, I don’t get sick often, but this crud has seemed to come and go ever since before Thanksgiving, and every time it comes back it’s worse than the time before.

I owe our friends Denny and Cindy Hendersen an apology for flaking out on our planned kayak outing with them yesterday. I had to beg off, because I just didn’t feel up to it, as much as I wanted to go. I guess we’ll have to try to get together next season guys.

And I really owe poor Miss Terry a big thank you for her patience as as I moaned and groaned my way from the bed to the sofa and back again every  day. Whoever told you that women are the weaker sex has never been around me when I don’t feel good!

Okay, enough of that, on with new business. Overall, the new blog format and the migration away from the Yahoo servers seems to have gone pretty well. We are getting reports from some regular blog readers that they can’t access the new blog, and most of them seem to be using AOL. When they use Internet Explorer or any other browser, they can go right to the blog with no problem. I gave up on AOL years ago. There’s a reason some folks call it Almost On Line.

I’m sure my pal Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour must cringe every time the phone rings and she sees my number, or when she opens her e-mail box and sees another message from me. Chris has patiently worked through all of the little quirks and hang-ups that beset any technological change like this.

Speaking of technology, I get at least one e-mail every week from somebody wanting to know if I am still satisfied with my iPad, now that I have used it for quite a while.

I love it; however, it has some limitations one must be willing to accept. I find it slower to type on than with a regular computer, so except for a quick e-mail reply now and then, I do all of my writing on my regular computer. Also,  iPads don’t support Flash, so some popular online games, and embedded videos on websites may not work, if that is important to you. Another thing is that they are fairly heavy to hold in your hand for a long time; noticeably more so than a Kindle, for instance. So some people find that they need a stand to support it.

The plus side is that besides a computer, the iPad is also an e-book reader, a music player, and a lot more. If mine got stolen today, I’d go right back out and buy another one. However, I would not get the AT&T 3G model I have now. I’d get just the standard WiFi only model and a Verizon MiFi card, which is a wireless WiFi device. Service costs about the same per month, but the Verizon coverage is much better than AT&T’s, and the WiFi only iPad itself is a lot less expensive than the 3G model.

And one more technology note for you. A while back I was approached to participate in a new project called RV News Net, which is an online RV broadcast set to launch January 15. Think of it as a television program on your computer. I will be hosting a regular segment called Just A Gypsy, in which we’ll discuss everything from the RV lifestyle, to RV destinations and products for the RV lifestyle. This is a brand new area for me, and I have no idea if I’ll be able to hold up my end of things, or fall flat on my face. But I believe that if we don’t push the envelope and step outside of our comfort zone now and then, we’ll never grow or get anywhere.

RVNN creative director Dave Dufor tells me that they will have a blurb up on You Tube starting about noon today as part of a countdown to the launch. Click the link above to check it out, and let me know what you think.

Good news for all of you folks who have been asking for a cookbook or blog by Miss Terry. Several of you wanted the recipe for Terry’s delicious potato bread that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Click this link to the new Miss Terry’s Kitchen blog and have at it! This is Terry’s first attempt, so please let her know how much you appreciate it by leaving a comment, or sending her an e-mail at travelinterry@gypsyjournal.net.

Meanwhile, while I was being a couch potato, Bad Nick was busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled No Offense. Check it out and leave a comment.   

Thought For The Day – Some people are not bad because they were neglected, molested, or abused as children, or grew up in dysfunctional families. They are just jerks.

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  4 Responses to “I May Live After All”

  1. This may lift your day. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Glad you are feeling better…know our sinus allergies have been the pits here in FL. Looking forward to seeing you guys at lunch. Looks like it might clear enough for us to take the bikes!

  3. Just saw on CNN that the biggest items at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are notepads competing with the iPad. May the technology wars continue and the best products survive and, hopefully, the prices will come down.

  4. Glad to hear that you are getting better being sick is the pit!!!
    Enjoy your blogs and adventures hope to meet you in Yuma this year!

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