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Because the office at Rustic Sands Campground was closed when we arrived Friday night, I was up bright and early yesterday morning to get in and pay for our site, and to see if they could recommend a shop to work on our coach. The office was supposed to open at 8 a.m. and I got there about 8:30, only to find it still closed. Hmmm, that’s strange. Then I looked at my phone, and realized it was only 7:30! We went through a time zone change the day before, and nobody told me about it! I could still be tucked away warm and cozy in my bed. Who changed the darned time? Heads will roll!

I went back to our motorhome, sniveled a little while, had a cup of hot chocolate to warm myself up, and when I returned to the office it was open and a very nice young lady named Candis, and one of our blog readers, Doug Titus, were waiting there to greet me. Doug had already read my blog and knew we were having mechanical problems, and they had several suggestions for places to call. Candis also called her uncle to ask him for any recommendations. What a wonderful way to help a stranger with a problem! Thanks Candis and Doug, I really appreciate it.

Candis’ uncle recommended Dave Gainous at Gainous Services, in nearby Port St. Joe, and he even called Dave to ask him to open up his shop on a Saturday morning to  take a look at our rig. Dave lives right next door to the shop, and was waiting for us when we arrived. I backed the motorhome into his garage, and then we had to spend some time figuring out how to get to the fuel filter. I have never owned a vehicle that was easy to work on, and our Winnebago was no exception.

But Dave was up to the challenge, and in short order he had the old filter off, and the diesel he poured out of it was black and nasty. I think we definitely had an algae problem, along with condensation. Dave had called one of his suppliers to see if they had a filter in stock. Actually, they had two in stock, and I told Dave I’d buy both, so I’d have a spare, as several blog readers had recommended. Dave made a quick trip to pick up the filter, and then it was an easy task to get it installed, prime the fuel line, and get us started. We were back on the road a little after noon. If you’re anywhere around Port St Joe or Mexico Beach, and need mechanical repairs done, give Dave a call at (850) 227-5072. He told me he doesn’t want to take on major projects on an RV, but for things like oil changes, brakes, etc., he’ll take good care of you.

The motorhome is running great again, and as soon as we got to an auto parts store with a big enough parking lot to pull into, I stopped and bought some diesel fuel additive and poured it in the tank to clean out anything else that may still be lingering in the tank. I’ll treat it again when I fill up later on today.

We left Port St Joe and cruised west on U.S. Highway 98 through Tyndall Air Force Base and into Panama City, where traffic immediately got much busier. At Panama City Beach, we stopped at the Man in the Sea Museum to gather some info and photos for a story in the next issue of the Gypsy Journal. If you’re into diving, this place has an amazing collection of exhibits on display, from antique hard hat diving gear to Sealab-1, the world’s first underwater living facility. It’s a cool place, and I’m glad we could make it there before they closed.

Hard hat diver 2


Several people had asked us to stop by on our way across the Florida Panhandle, or invited us to stop for the night in their driveways, but we were running behind schedule due to the breakdown. We needed to get to Eagle’s Landing RV Park in Holt to meet with Dick and Judy Riblett, who also run Recreation USA Camping Club and have been friends and advertisers for years. They have both had some serious health issues in the last few years, but have finally overcome them and are doing great. We had a nice dinner with Dick and Judy, discussed some plans they have for promoting their camping club, and Dick picked my brain a little about using the internet to maximize their efforts. There’s not a lot of useful information in there, so I hope Dick was able to get enough to help him out a little bit. 

Today is a very special day for us, it’s our thirteenth wedding anniversary. Can you believe that Miss Terry has put up with me that long? I tell you, the woman in a saint. She is also my best friend in the whole world, my lover, my partner, and my hero. People are always telling me how much they like my newspaper, or my blog. or my rallies, and I have to remind them that this is a team effort, and nobody knows that more than me. Terry is both the brains and the beauty of this operation, and I owe every bit of whatever success I may have to her. I always tell folks at our rallies that without Terry doing the 1,001 things behind the scenes that make it all run smoothly and make me look good, I’d just be a fat man up there on stage telling jokes. She made me what I am.

Terry,  I hope you know how much I love, respect, and cherish you. Thank you for all that you do, and all that you are. Happy anniversary, my darling.

Thought For The Day – Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. (Robert Browning)

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Nick Russell

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  26 Responses to “Hey, Who Changed The Time?”

  1. Happy Anniversary, Nick and Terry!

    Greg and Jan

  2. Hope you found a romantic spot for dinner out with your bride. Happy Anniversary you two love birds. See you in Yuma.

  3. Nick and Terry we wish both of you a very Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy 13 Nick & Terry, hope you have many more.

  5. Happy 13th, and may you enjoy many more healthy and happy years together.

    Pat and Jim

  6. Happy Anniversary Nick and Terry. May God bless you with many, many more happy years together!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you two!

  8. Nick..Terry,

    You get to live each day as you wish with travel and work you enjoy. Add the fact that you can do it with each other is truly a blessing. Have a wonderful 13th you two.

  9. Adding our best wishes for a happy anniversary to all the rest! Enjoy your special day and we hope that this year is even better than the previous 13!

  10. Nick and Terry,

    Happy anniversary! Have adventurous travels for many years to come! I love reading your stories.

  11. Hi Nick & Terry : We would like wish the two of you a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
    and many more to come and your right we are truly bless to have them and I have one for 23 years the love of my life Bonnie . GOD BLESS both of us and travail
    safely down .

  12. Happy Anniversary guys! Nick, you might want to buy a couple of more fuel filters to have on hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if the one you just put on gets clogged up fairly soon. You may have to do several filter changes before all of the crap is out of your tank. Treat it again at your next fill up and keep your tank full when sitting for any length of time and you should be ok. When you get to Yuma we may have space for you if you need a place to stay before the rally.

  13. PS. the weather has been nice here and nobody messes with our clocks. :>)

  14. I agree with Ed. Be prepared for the filter to plug up again as you kill the little critters in your tank.

    Happy anniversay!

  15. Bob & I wish you Happy Anniversary and be sure and find that romatic spot to celebrate. See you soon. Safe traveling.

  16. Happy Anniversary! That was a very nice, loving tribute to Terry. It appears you two were made for each other!

  17. Happy anniversary, Nick and Terry! You’re the second happiest, luckiest, and most in love couple we know! Who’s the first? Why, us, of course! Still going after 50+ years.

  18. Wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary. We have enjoyed seeing you and look forward to crossing paths again soon. Travel safely and enjoy every day.

    Russ & Patty

  19. Happy Anniversary…you 2 are an inspiration to all the rest of us fulltimers..you make us laugh, cry, worry, and have fun right along with you. Thanks for always writing a great blog every day…we are sure looking forward to the Yuma rally.
    Jake & Nancy

  20. Happy Anniversary, you are special friends to us. Happy that you were able to get your filters with little trouble. Stay safe see you in Yuma

  21. I’ve been to your rallies; I know who’s the worker bee and who’s the queen bee. 🙂 I hope you two have many more years together.

  22. Happy Anniversary to you both it is a wonderful thing to have found a life mate and enjoy adventures together.

  23. Happy Anniversary to the two of you! May their be many more anniversaries and happy miles on the road left for the two of you!

  24. Happy lucky 13! At your last rally I observed Miss Terry working diligently behind the desk day after day, and will testify to how lucky you are to have her! Best of luck to both of you for the next 13+ years.

  25. Happy Anniversary! It’s great to be married to your best friend!

    What wonderful service you got fixing your problem on the motor home!

  26. Congrats on the 13 years. Hope you have many more together.

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