Jan 222011

Yesterday was a busy day, even though we never left the campground. I woke up about 9 a.m., poked a leg out from under the covers, and it was so cold I pulled it right back in, rolled over, and went back to sleep. I tell you, if we get much more of this darned global warming, I’m going to get frostbite!

While we have 50 amp electric and a sewer hookup here on Dennis and Carol Hill’s lot, the water is tuned off while they’re traveling. No problem, our friends Wayne and Beth Roberts are right next door, and said we could run a hose from their house. By the time I finally got up and dressed, Wayne had already run a hose over to our motorhome, so I went outside and hooked it up. Thanks, Wayne!

Terry had some laundry to catch up on, as well as several orders to log in from our last mail delivery, and while she did that, I worked on details for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally. We only have six weeks to go, and things are starting to happen fast! Three vendor registrations came in yesterday, so we needed to record them, and then I started making telephone calls about seminar details with the different presenters who will be coming to the really from around the country.

David Bradley was a hit when he performed for us at the rally last year, and we had scheduled him again for this year. But he called me a few days ago to apologize because he had an unexpected scheduling conflict and had to back out. David recommended a husband and wife duo called Ea$y Money, who perform at a lot of the Yuma area RV parks, and said he’d give them a heads up that we needed a replacement. I called them, and they agreed to fill in for him. I have not heard them yet, but they do country music, and I’m taking Dave’s word that they will put on a good show for us.

We have had several entertainers approach us about performing at our rallies at different times. Some were very good, but they expect a lot of money, much more than our budget can accommodate. Others, like Dave, and One More Time, who performed at our rally in Elkhart, are happy to let us pass the hat, and that has worked out well for them. We’re always looking for somebody new, to give our crowd variety.

I got an e-mail from a fellow who had agreed to perform at one of our rallies in Casa Grande a few years back, and then backed out on the day of the concert because he got a better offer. He wants another chance, but I don’t trust him to show up. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I may have to put up with broken promises by our elected officials, but not from entertainers.

Several people have asked if our Digital Edition of the Gypsy Journal will work on the various e-book readers on the market. We send the digital edition out in PDF format, and subscribers Wil and Cyndy Olsen wrote to tell me that it works just fine on their Sony Reader. I don’t have an app on my iPad to read PDFs, so I can’t tell you how that would work out. One person told me that the digital edition reads fine on his Kindle, and another said it was too hard to enlarge it enough to read, and scroll back and forth. If you have an e-book reader, you can try it before you subscribe to the digital issue by downloading a sample issue.

In the afternoon, we went outside so Terry could trim my hair and beard, and shivered our way through that process. Then I dropped off a bundle of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal at the Activity Center. On my way back to our motorhome, I saw Bud Carr and stopped to chat with him for a minute. Bud said that the family is doing as well as can be expected in the wake of family patriarch and Escapees RV Club co-founder Joe Petersen’s recent death, and that Joe’s wife, Kay, is in good spirits.

And that was about it for our day. We had a quiet dinner at home, and Miss Terry started a batch of her delicious homemade cinnamon rolls for today’s breakfast. I saw her taking pictures of the process, so I suspect she’ll have them on her cooking blog soon.

Today we’re going to have a lot of fun. Our pals Greg and Jan White are driving up from Houston for a visit. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen them, and we’re really looking forward to it. The only problem is, I can’t think of one thing that I need Greg to fix when he gets here. I may have to hurry up and break something!

Thought For The Day – The voices in my head may not be real, but they have some good ideas!

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Nick Russell

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  5 Responses to “Entertainers And E-book Readers”

  1. Come on, Nick. You can find something that needs fixin’.

    I mean, as you always say, ‘Nick happens’.

  2. Nick try Good Reader for you iPad and reading PDF’s and its a free download.

  3. Nick, if you have the free iBook app on your iPad, it allows you to read and store PDF files beautifully. It stores them on its beautiful wood bookshelf. Same goes for the iPhone.

  4. Nick,

    Isn’t it just amazing at the nerve some people have? The entertainer who canceled on the day of for a better offer is really a low life. And then the idiot wants to come back after putting you in a bad position I can’t think of any reason to give him a second chance to let you down. Good decision on your part.

    As far as needing Greg’s skills. Be patient. Eventually something will break. It is just the nature of a motorhome. Just hope it doesn’t happen the day after Greg and Jan leave following the Gypsy Journal Rally.

  5. Say hi to Jan & Greg for us, we are looking forward to seeing them again in Yuma. I have it on good authority that the weather is going to start being warm again, we only have a few more days of cold weather ahead, Our youngest son says for me to quit complaining about the cold. He is in snow country and yesterday it was -16 when he had to go to work. Do not worry Nick, something will break and Greg will fix it. Take care and be safe.

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