And Away We Go!

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Jan 142011

We’ve had all the fun we can have, or at least all the fun we have time to have, and today we plan to hit the road. There were a lot of things that we didn’t get done while we’ve been here in Florida, but we have to be in Yuma in mid-February to get things set up for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally. We have some things we want to do between here and there, including spending some time with family members in Tucson and Apache Junction, and we want to have some flexibility along the way.

To the many folks we had hoped to connect with while we were here, but never managed to get together with, we apologize. Hopefully we will have another chance somewhere down the road.

It’s been an interesting couple of months here in Florida, and even though the weather has been disappointing a lot of the time, we’ve had fun, met some new friends, spent time with some old ones, and best of all, I had the opportunity to reconnect with my niece and four nephews in the Pinellas Park area, after 25 years. I’m looking forward to growing those relationships in the future.

I’m really disappointed that we didn’t get down to Key West, and that I didn’t get to cross kayak fishing off my bucket list. But the great thing about the RV lifestyle is that we can come back again and do the things we missed this time around.

Yesterday, a very nice lady named Cyndy Moon (I hope I have the last name right) came by to buy a couple of our books, and we had a very nice visit. Cyndy is one of those people whom you feel like you’ve known forever, as soon as you meet, and I’m afraid we about talked her ears off. Cyndy and her husband have a Prevost that they completely gutted and converted themselves, so we talked about bus conversions, and I think that all three of us agreed that while we enjoyed converting our buses, it isn’t something we’d want to do again. Once was enough!

After Cyndy left, we got some orders ready to mail out, then drove into the post office in Bushnell. Talk about timing, we walked through the counter lobby door at 4:28, and they locked it at 4:30! Timing is everything! 🙂

With that chore done, we made a quick stop at WalMart, and then drove to Beef ‘O’ Brady’s for dinner. We just discovered this chain a few days ago, and were really impressed with the food and service on our first visit. This time around the food was still very good, but the service left a lot to be desired. We sat for a while waiting for our waitress to notice us, but she never did, so finally the manager came by and took our drink orders.

After the waitress came and took our food orders, it arrived pretty quickly. But I had specifically asked her not to put the fried onion rings on my sandwich, due to my allergy, and I told her I just wanted the sandwich and cheese, no lettuce, no mayo, etc. Well, of course she ignored all of that, and I got the works. By then the place was getting busy, and our waitress didn’t get back for quite a while, so I just moved the vegetation off my sandwich and ate it. Eventually the waitress came back by and noticed that our drinks were low, and took my glass, saying “Diet Coke, right?” Hey, I know I’m a fat guy, but that’s precisely because I don’t drink diet soda! I corrected her and wasn’t offended, but I can see where someone else may have been. Oh well. Like I said, the food was good.

Back at the campground, I made some calls to Yuma, one being to the fairgrounds where the rally is being held. Last year they told me that they planned to install a bunch of new electrical hookups for RVs, and I wanted to see what the status was on that project. The folks at the fairgrounds told me that the trenches were dug, and electricians were standing by ready to finish the job. All they are waiting on is for the city to sign off on some paperwork. They were hopeful that the job would be completed well before our rally begins in March.

I also called the golf cart rental company in Yuma to confirm that they have a couple of carts reserved for us, to make parking all of the RVs, as they come in, easier. After last year’s fiasco on Early Bird parking day, when Yuma got its entire annual rainfall in one day, we’re hoping for better conditions this time around.   

Rally reservations are coming in fast now, as we start getting closer to the date. I still have some work to do before the seminar schedule is complete, but I have a rough outline on our Rally Registration Page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see just some of what we have in line for you. This is not the final schedule, and there will be some changes and several additions before the rally starts. I hope we’ll see you there!

Thought For The Day – Bureaucrats do not change the course of the ship of state. They merely adjust the compass.

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  3 Responses to “And Away We Go!”

  1. “they planned to install a bunch of new electrical hookups “

    Oh, goody. Just when I thought I knew where all the hookups were last year, they go and hide new ones for me to find.

  2. It’s challenges like this that help keep your mind sharp, Greg.

  3. You will be glad to know that the huge parking lot out front has been paved. Won’t be as muddy. Hopefully, they will let us drive over it with our heavy rigs.

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