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My wife is a very hard woman to shop for, because she doesn’t want very much in the way of material things. Whenever I ask her what she wants for Christmas, her birthday, our anniversary, or whatever, she always says she has everything she wants.

Once in a while, she’ll let me buy her a bottle of perfume, and I’ve managed to get her a few pairs of earrings over the years, but that’s about it. I guess I should be grateful, she’s not only easy on the eyes, she’s easy on the pocketbook.

I, on the other hand, am easy to shop for. I want everything! I’m like a chimpanzee in a department store. If it lights up, makes noise, goes fast, or tastes good, I want two of each. Why do you think my friend Brenda Speidel calls me Gadget Boy?

I love wandering through the tool section at Lowes and Home Depot, even though I know it’s kind of like going to one of those stripper joints. Most of what I’m seeing I have no idea what to do with, and I’d probably just end up hurting myself if I tried.

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Of course, living in a motorhome (not to mention being of modest means) does put some restrictions on my wants and desires. I really miss my hot tub, from our life before fulltiming, but I just can’t figure out where to put one in a Winnebago.

Actually, there really is very little I want, and nothing I need, that I don’t have. Most of my wants are not things, but rather experiences. I really want to do some kayak fishing, someday I want to catch a fish from an ocean pier, I want to take a cruise, and I want to see Alaska one of these days.

But, if I had to choose one material thing I’d like Santa to bring me, assuming the big guy could figure out a way to slide down the chimney our motorhome doesn’t have, I guess it might be a DVR so I could record some of my favorite television programs. I know a lot of people don’t care all that much for television, but after a lifetime in the small town newspaper business, I’m a news hound and I like to watch the news, if for no other reason than to see who we’re at war with this week. And there are several silly sitcoms, and a drama or two that I enjoy watching. It’s kind of like junk food for the brain.

Of course, it wouldn’t do me any good to get a DVR anyway, according to Dish Network, who told me last week that you can’t watch TV in an RV! 

How about you? What do you want for Christmas?  A new RV? A flat screen TV? A GPS unit? Maybe a new laptop computer?

Or are you like me? Does your wish list include more experiences than things? Tell me about some of them.

Thought For The Day – Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to shop.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  22 Responses to “What Do You Want For Christmas?”

  1. Hey Nick, you’re into inflatables:

  2. Hey Nick, fyi this was in this week’s edition of RV Travel newsletter…here is the link to the information that was posted.

  3. i want an RV so we can begin our journey… oh, and a nice new toad 🙂

  4. I prefer experiences to things. My kids have been asking me what I want and I can’t come up with much. Gift certificates to Taco Bell are the most useful gift! 🙂 I am blessed with so much already.

  5. Nick: Did you get those DISH numbers I sent you to get things fixed?

    As for presents for the person who is content with everything they have: how about a donation to their favorite charity in their honor? Those have always been presents I have appreciated and remembered.

  6. How about starting with Peace on Earth, love instead of hate, cure for all diseases, enough food for everyone, happiness for everyone, nor more killing, abuse or crime, smiling at everyone, kindness, I could go on but I think you get the picture.

    Now to real life, fortunately I have my material needs met, and most of my wants too. But I sure would like each of us as humans to be happier, more loving to each other and more kind. Perhaps that’s why I like the SKP motto of sharing, caring and parking. All those concepts are about helping one another and being kind.

    So my wish for Christmas is for each one of us to take a moment and think how we can more happy, more kind and more sharing not only on Christmas but every day of the year. And I’m a tree hugger too. Love belongs not only for each other but for our planet (plants, animals and earth) as well. Those concepts sure beat the “real” news any day.

    Enjoy each day, love, Connie B.

  7. I just read your words to my Kathy, and she says her foremost wish is a south seas cruise. My fantasies, on the other hand, tend more toward those joints you mentioned, where les femmes disport. Unfortunately, the capability to truly enjoy those experiences has passed me by and, like you, I would probably just hurt myself, so I guess I should settle for the cruise.

  8. We wanted satellite radio so we got an XM Snap radio last week (plug into cigarette lighter and movable from truck to car) and the family friendly package (no Howard Stern) for a year. We are both happy. I get lots of music and he gets Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and Elvis.

  9. As your normal senior..(a kid at heart).. I too gaze at all the gooodies that one can spend himself into debt for. But the truth is I really want more time with my beautiful child bride of 5 years now. One month to the day after she said.. I do.. I had a serious heart attack….family history caught up with me. For my Christmas present…. I’d take another 5 years of the best life I’ve ever known with the best gift I have ever received.

  10. I like my gadgets too and currently have all the ones I want. Of course someone will come up with something new to want.

    For now I just want to head to Florida and enjoy my life….and we’re leaving Thursday.

    For catching fish on a pier I think Sebastian Inland Pier would be a great place. It’s fun watching the surfers, sharks, dolphin, rays interact with the surfers.

    Go for the DVR. We’ve had a TIVO for years and no way can we go back to watching regular TV with all the commercials.

  11. Some of the things that i have done for Stevi are, hot air ballon ride, helicopter ride, submarine ride, and sail plane ride. Memories last longer than most things.

  12. I would like a companion for Christmas so I can share all my travels with them. This year I decided to give instead of getting. With the cold and snow here the people on the street need a lot of things so that is my giving for this year.

  13. there is just one thing we would like for Christmas and that is a permanent site here at Lone Star Corral. Other than that we have all we want, that is love and to be able to travel when ever we want. Good heath is another blessing we both share. The materialistic stuff does not matter, if we want it we usually will jut get it. Nick they have portable two person hot tubs. The fold up for storage. We have seen them at fairs and most shops that sell regular hot tubs have them. Have a great holiday season.

  14. I have been looking for a DVR for some time. The only ones I found were for Directv or Tivo or other specific providers. I was on and found the Magnavox MDR-513H/F7 320GB DVR and DVD Recorder it is $227.

  15. Karen said: “…It’s fun watching the … sharks … interact with the surfers.”

    Uh, Karen…just exactly what did you mean by “interact”???

  16. I’m exactly like your wife. BUT, getting a gift card for food sounds like a great idea.
    Good luck on the Dish, we’ve never had a problem with them.

  17. Nick, I just upgraded my dish reciever to HDDVR in both the house and MH. When the tech came out to the house he said that he probably would not be able to get the one for the MH to work. He tried to get the unit to work in the MH but gave up, I told him to go and install the unit in the house and I would see if I could get it to work. He told me that I need to have two cables coming from the dish to make it work since the splitter he normal used didn’t work. I went up on the roof and look at the dish and sure enough there were two cables coming out. Went back inside and looked around in the cabinet and there it was the second cable. plugged it in and it works great. I have an in-motion kingdom sat. dish. I can’t get HD programs but can get HD on the network channels.

    Good luck

  18. My family will get me gifts whether I want them or not so I’ve learned to keep a list. My list includes things I’ve had to cut out for my budget while planning to RV. Classy coffee like Starbucks or Duncan Donuts that I can grind. A big, fancy Atlas/Map book of the U.S., Renew my Netflix membership. Simple stuff, but things I would not buy for myself. I love your blog Nick, Thank You. Can’t wait to meet you once I hit the road.

  19. Howdy Nick,

  20. Well if you’ve not given up on Dish yet, they do have a rather neat deal where you can hook up a USB External Hard Drive to their 211k HD Receiver and for a one-time $40 activation fee, you’ll get the DVR features of that receiver activated without having to pay any additional monthly fee. The Dish website doesn’t seem to promote this feature much, but it works nicely.

  21. My DVR just finished taping a new episode of “The Closer” that Dish says ain’t possible. We have had a Dish system for 4 1/2 years and dread whenever we have to call. You never know what they are going to say. No matter the reason why we call, Hubby has to explain every time that the system is in an rv, no, we don’t want to change our billing address, yes, we have a waiver on file, Grrrrr. Anyway, I want those that are homeless to have homes, those that are hungry to have food and those that are sick to have health care. For me, I miss a bathtub!

  22. Hey, to be honest, I’m happy as hell; but still bitch’n myself! I wanted a new Rv!!!!! w/a slideout and bigger kitchen space, “I LOVE TO COOK”. So hope the best to all… Merry X-mas and no matter what, of course, joy is all around. Mostly for me is the traveling in a new place w/ new friends in a great place! Ps …I’ a women hard to shop for as well, my guy found a diamond for me at the state park. Not what I really wanted but it’s better than I’d ever wanted. I guess I’m saying; the best part of it all is the surprise and enjoyment of it all and any.

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