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I’ve been working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, which I will be sending off to the printer early next week, and we still had a few bundles of the November-December issue left. We needed to get them distributed so we’d have room for the new issue after it’s printed.

So yesterday, we spent the day dropping off sample bundles at RV parks along Interstate 4 between the Kissimmee area and Interstate 75, on the west side of the state.

It was interesting see how folks were bundled up, due to the cold snap that has hit the South. Everywhere we went, we saw people in jackets, scarves, hats, and even gloves! And they thought they were coming to Florida to spend the winter basking in the sunshine!

I was surprised by how many Carefree RV resorts we stopped at! They have a lot of RV parks in Florida! All of them were very nice, and I really appreciate the fact that Carefree Resorts also gives veterans a 50% discount on RV sites. That’s very nice, and I made it a point of telling their managers that, at the resorts where we stopped.

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One of the campgrounds where we stopped, Tampa East RV Resort in Dover, has a special weekly rate that is good until the end of December, so we may pop in there for a week between Christmas and New Years. It’s about a half hour away from my nephew Steve’s place in Pinellas Park, and might make a good place to stay while we visit Steve and the rest of the family in that area.

One place where we won’t be staying, or doing any business at all, is at Lazy Days, the mega-dealer just off Interstate 4 that has an RV dealership, campground, Camping World, and Cracker Barrel on the premises.

We stopped there to drop off a bundle of papers, and the manager on duty said no, because we had two ads for RVs for sale in the paper. One is a tiny little 1984 Mirage camper with an asking price of $4,000 up in northern Indiana, and the other is an eight year old Class A gas rig a couple have for sale in Texas.

The manager never actually gave me the courtesy of talking to me, the message relayed by the young lady at the counter was that since Lazy Days is a dealership, they don’t want to “encourage the competition.” Yeah, that sixteen year old $4,000 Mirage is sure some competition for the land yachts that Lazy Days sells!

I find it interesting that Lazy Days has contacted us in the past suggesting that we consider holding one of our Gypsy Gathering rallies there, and they have sent me press releases in the past when they want free publicity for something. But I guess that’s a one way street.

But that’s okay, we found another campground just down the road that was happy to get the papers, and whenever anybody is RV shopping and asks me my opinion of Lazy Days (and I get a lot of people asking for advice), I’ll be happy to share it. Did you ever notice that the little mom and pop places are so much nicer to deal with, and that the biggest outfits are the most chickensh..?

By the time we were done, we only had two or three bundles left, and I’ll get rid of them at a couple of places we’ll be stopping in the next few days. It was twilight by the time we were headed home, and I don’t see well after dark, so Miss Terry took the wheel. We stopped for dinner at the Sonny’s Barbecue in Clermont, and by the time we got back to the Thousand Trails, it was downright cold again! It sure felt good to get inside, turn up the thermostat, put on our Teepee Creepers slippers, and warm back up!

Bad Nick is no fool. He stayed inside where it was warm all day, pounding out another Bad Nick Blog titled I’m Sorry, I Just Don’t Get It. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of Algebra.

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  17 Responses to “Making Room For More”

  1. Lazy Days sounds like the kind of place that is friendly to you only when taking your money. The kind of place I don’t wish to be associated with.

  2. We’re in Plant City parked in my sister’s driveway right now and are only a few miles from Lazy Days. We sold our house in Pontiac, Michigan and we are loving our first winter as full time RVers. Now that the house has closed and the money is out of escrow, Julie and me are going to be buying our dream motor home between now and Christmas to replace our older Bounder. We have shopped dealers from Michigan to Florida, and met some nice ones and some scabby ones. Thanks for saving me a trip to Lazy Days. I refuse to do business with any company that is that greedy. I’ve learned an awful lot from you at Life on Wheels and through the Journal Nick, and thanks for all of the one on one time at LOW and for answering my many e-mails, helping us have the courage and patience to keep our dream alive until it came true.

  3. Well I can cross Lazy Days off my list of places to do business with. Not that I was a fan anyways. The times we have stopped in there I couldn’t get a straight answer from any of the salesmen. I like their RV park, but if they treat you that way, I’ll just go on down the road.

  4. I’ve visited Lazy Days a couple of times (used to live nearby) but haven’t been a buyer. In our case it was simply a problem of the rv and the purchaser (us) not being in the same area. Did not get the idea they were crooked; just aiming at a market that was far away from us.

  5. We stayed at Lazy Days for a rally once and liked the campground and having the Camping World and all that right there. It was very convenient. But if they have that kind of attitude I won’t be back. What in the world would it hurt them to let you leave some papers there? Do they really think that somebody would walk away from a deal there and drive all the way to Indiana or Texas to buy one of the RVs you had advertised in the paper? And how much value did their guests lose by not having it there to read? I hope every Gypsy Journal blog reader takes a minute to send them an e-mail at or call them toll free at 888-500-5299 telling them to stick it! I think John Horton is the CEO.

  6. Don,
    I never said they were crooked. They just seem to think that they are the only RV dealership out there, and don’t appear to want anybody to know that there are other RVs for sale in the world

  7. I knew that was you! We are at Tampa Bay East and were coming out of the trailer to walk over to McD’s for lunch. You came from behind me, so I saw an SUV with kayaks on top driven by a “portly gentelman” then I realized it was an Explorer of the correct color. All of this took about 3 seconds but by then you were 50 yards away. I would have yelled at you to stop and bought you and Terri lunch.


  8. Cold in Florida but in the mid 70s in Apache Junction all week.

  9. Lazy Days filed bankruptcy just a year or so ago and with that kind of attitude, I wouldn’t be at all sorry to see them go out of business.

  10. So Lazy Days is just another big outfit that treats little guys like crap, and hides it under the term “corporate policy”. What’s new? But thanks for telling us about the way they treated you. I’m not shopping for a new RV at this point but I do need service and parts from time to time. I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  11. JC,
    Sorry we didn’t connect. I was really hungry about then too 🙁

  12. If you get near the Crystal River area bring some past issues to drop off at Rock Crusher Canyon and the other parks in the area. You could put your kayaks in for a nice time as well. Top it off with a trip to the “Freezer” for the best steamed shrimp ever.

  13. I just emailed them, telling them I would not be purchasing an RV from them nor even stopping at their establishment for anything due to their shabby treatment of Nick.


  14. Amazingly, I just received the following response from Lazydays….

    Hello Mr. Gilbert,

    My name is Steve Adams – I’m the marketing manager at Lazydays.

    I appreciate you letting me know about this situation and I would like to apologize on behalf of the manager that did not take the time to speak with Mr. Russell. I’ve been with Lazydays for over 13 years and can honestly say that all of my partners here have the same job – to take great care of our customers. Our customers are the only reason Lazydays is here today and this is not how we typically treat our guests.

    I would also like to apologize for the misunderstanding around the explanation given to him – the ads in the publication have nothing to do with us not distributing it at Lazydays.

    As you can imagine, there are many individuals and businesses that would like to make their literature available to our guests. For many years, we tried to accommodate these requests. Unfortunately, it became very difficult to manage and we decided to stop distributing any literature or publications (outside of those produced by Lazydays and RV manufacturers) on our campus.

    If you get a chance, please share this with Mr. Russell. If you have any questions or think I can help you in any way, please contact me personally.


    Steve Adams
    Marketing Manager
    800.626.7800 x 4284

  15. Nice of Carefree to give discounts to vets; but be aware the San Antonio Carefree RV Pk that I googled (all??)… indicates a five day maximum stay of Sun-Thur time frame. Life is good. Keep warm.

  16. Nick did you get what you wanted from Dish?? I don’t want to tell you that I have their DVR in my RV. I don’t understand why they can’t understand that their signal goes everywhere, and once they send it out they can’t stop it.
    If you go to Webster flea market there are people there selling Dishnet systems that you don’t have to pay for it. Don’t know what they do if the Feds find out you have the system.

  17. Nick,

    That was a decent apology from Lazy Days. But I still would not give them my business. They are big and greedy.

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