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Dec 102010

Sometimes I have all kinds of things to write about in this blog, and there are other times when I sit down at the computer with no idea what I will come up with to fill the minimum 500 word quota I set for myself every day. Fortunately, one way or another, I always seem to manage to come up with something. My old man used to say, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS. 🙂

But in writing today’s blog, I had a completely different problem. I couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to type, and my fingers all felt like limp noodles when I tried to hit the keys.

No, I’m not sick, just super relaxed. Our friend Jean Damon gave Miss Terry and I full body massages yesterday evening that just turned us both into Jello. Jean was born and raised in the Philippines, where she studied Asian massage techniques before marrying Dave and moving to the United States to become a fulltime RV gypsy. Now they work the rally circuit, selling 303 products, and Jean gives massages.

Jean said she did about 10 massages at our Eastern rally at Elkhart Campground, and another 25 at the Escapade in Goshen. She offered us massages at our Elkhart rally, but we were just too busy to take her up on them. So when we ran into them here at the Orlando Thousand Trails, Jean said we weren’t getting away until she got us on her table. All I can say is wow, it do feel good! If you have never had a professional massage, trust me, you have no idea what you’re missing. Pamper yourself and get one sometime.

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Speaking of RV rallies, I’m thrilled to say that our friends Joe and Vicki Kieva will be presenting two of their excellent seminars at our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in Yuma. Joe and Vicki are two of the most well know RV writers and speakers of all time, and having them at our rallies is a real honor for us.

They will be presenting their ever popular  Alaska, the Ultimate RV Adventure seminar, and if you have ever wanted to make the trip north, you don’t want to miss this one. There are plenty of travelogues showing pretty pictures of Alaska, but Joe and Vicki’s presentation is a how-to type seminar telling people how to prepare for a trip to Alaska, and what to expect along the way.

Joe will also be drawing on his experiences as a police officer, and their years of RV travel, to present his Personal Security Tips for RVers seminar. Overall, RVing is one of the safest lifestyles that one could ever choose, but even so, we know firsthand that anyone can run into trouble anywhere. Joe’s seminar shows you the criminal’s point of view, and gives you tips and ideas on how not to become a victim.

Check out Joe and Vicki’s RV Notebook blog, and  be sure to take note of the books and e-books they have advertised in the right hand column. I’ve learned a lot from them over the years, and they’re happy to share their vast knowledge with you too.

For anybody planning an Alaska trip, you can’t have too much knowledge. This rally is going to be a real learning experience on making the big trip north. Besides Joe and Vicki’s seminar, my buddy Dennis Hill from the RV Driving School will be presenting his Preparing To Drive To Alaska seminar, and we will also have an RVing Alaska panel discussion with several folks who have traveled and lived in Alaska participating. So as you can see, we have the topic covered well!

Okay, I’m so relaxed I can’t write another word. I’m headed for bed.

Thought For The Day –  I am not stupid. Everyone else is just smarter than me.

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  8 Responses to “It Do Feel Good!”

  1. Looks like we picked a good year to be going to Alaska. We’re choosing NOT to go with an organized caravan/packaged program so we’ll be all ears at your rally. Had already planned to attend Dennis’ session and will now add the Kieva’s session to our schedule. For those SKPs and Boomers planning to go to AK in 2011, check-out the travel threads I started on the Escapees & Boomers discussion forum websites.

  2. We will be going to BC this summer. Will touch a tiny bit of Alaska at Tok when we come off the TOW highway before heading back down.

  3. I’ve always thought you were great at both the ‘dazzling’ AND the ‘baffling’.

  4. Judy, you don’t need a caravan unless you are the kind of people who need somebody to plan every last detail of every day for you. Our son lives in Alaska and we have been up there every other summer for 16 years. It’s one huge informal caravan of travelers, and we usually see the same folks every night or two, and everybody shares tips and ideas. The Kievas and Dennis Hill do excellent seminars, go to those, get Mike and Terri Chruch’s book on RVing Alaska and a Milepost and you’ll have everything you need for a fun and successful trip.

  5. Tim, thanks for the feedback. I did indicate we would NOT be going with a tour group. We will traveling independently and meeting folks along the way. I have already ordered the Church’s latest (5th edition) of the Alaska Camping book, waiting for the 2011 Milepost, and will be getting the popular coupon book.

  6. I know you did Judy. I was just trying to assure you and anybody else planning an Alaska trip on their own that they don’t need to go on a caravan to enjoy the adventure. You are doing it the right way in my opinion. A lot of myths and tall tales have people worried that they are going off the edge of the earth, when in truth it is a wonderful trip if you are prepared. Some people need and enjoy the caravan experience and they can be a lot of fun. But for us and many more who enjoy spontanity a caravan is just too much organization.

  7. I’ve attended both of those seminars and highly vouch for the great content and presentation!! Wish we could be there…see you next year!

  8. I’m so happy to hear about Joe and Vicki’s presentations. They are wonderful speakers, I could listen to them all day.

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