Dec 142010

I think we missed a turn somewhere along the way south, and instead of Fort Lauderdale, we ended up at the South Pole! I mean really, 33 degree overnight lows just 30 miles from Miami? Really? Isn’t that just a little bit ridiculous? Uh huh, global warming, sure. Would somebody get that damned penguin off my patio!

Yeah, I know, they are having blizzard conditions in Indiana and Michigan. I don’t care! I’m not in Indiana or Michigan! I left Indiana and Michigan and came to warm, sunny Florida!  Did I mention it was 33 degrees here overnight?

Yes, I’m sniveling. Get used to it. I intend to snivel until it hits at least 72 degrees and stays there. And don’t be surprised if I throw in a pout, a tantrum or two, and some serious bitching until it warms up!

Yesterday my friend Chris Guld, from Geeks on Tour, spent several hours with us, going over a lot of technical issues with our websites and e-mail. I would really like to move all of my websites off the Yahoo servers and to some other hosts. Over the years, Yahoo has messed things up so many times, and their technical support is terrible when you call with a problem. But I didn’t want to try moving to a new hosting company until Chris was available to help deal with any problems that might come up.

Chris has some concerns about moving the websites, and I’m not sure what we’ll end up doing yet. I defer to her in things like this, because that lady has more computer knowledge in her little finger than I do in my whole pasty, flabby body.  

Late in the day we went to the post office to mail out some orders, and when we came back, we stopped at J.C. and Beverly Webber’s beautiful Country Coach motorhome for a tour. Wow, what a palace on wheels!

The four of us went out to a great Chinese restaurant for dinner, called the Dragon Gourmet Buffet. The selection was huge, and everything was hot, fresh, and delicious.  

Even with the unseasonably cold weather, this is still snowbird season in Florida, and this great You Tube video pretty much sums things up. It’s just as applicable if you’re in the Rio Grande Valley; Yuma, Arizona, or any other snowbird roost. check it out, I guarantee you’ll get a giggle.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago that something inside our door lock got out of synch, and we had to have a mobile tech fix it. Yesterday when we started out the door, I stuck my key in the lock to turn it, and the entire lock cylinder fell out! We can still secure the door with the deadbolt, but I think it’s time to just replace the entire thing and be done with it.

The door’s been acting flakey ever since I slammed it on the burglar’s hand last year, even though the RV repair shop took it off the Winnebago and put it in a jig to straighten it. Apparently you’re not supposed to use your door as a weapon. Who knew?

We still don’t know where we’re going when we leave here on Sunday. The weather still looks funky, so we probably won’t go down to the Keys after all. I want to spend our time there kayaking and playing in the water, not sitting inside shivering.

I had better close for now, before I launch into another rant.

Thought For The Day –The measure of a man is not whether he falls down, but whether he gets up again.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  17 Responses to “Get That Penguin Off My Patio!”

  1. OMG! Watching that video is a great reminder of why I stay in New York all winter and much prefer working! Did that retirement thing for a few years and felt like I was waiting for the hearse to come and collect me.

  2. Ah… go on down to the Keys Nick. When I gets warm again, that will be the first place to get …warm.

  3. COLD!! we are here in Campbellsville KY I’m working at and this AM the temp was 5 yes 5. Of course all the Amazonians say it never gets this cold – this is unusual. There is snow on the ground too. Last day is Friday 12/17 (we had a choice to stay to the 21) and we’ll be out of here on Saturday heading to AZ. You ask why are we staying – well is smart – we get a $500 bonus for completing the season. Oh yea did I mention my shift starts at 5am. On a positive note I get a ride in with a neighbor who has a large truck which he preheats.
    But overall the job at has been good but I won’t be sorry to leave.

  4. Nick, Friday 17th high will be 71 in Key West. Doesn’t look like any decent leap into mid or high 70’s. Just checked We are in Lake City area and this am 20 and with wind chill down in mid teens. Was thinking of starting up the engine and go south, but it doesn’t look much better so will save the gas for now. It is not even winter yet!

  5. The video was great. It’s just like that here in east central Florida. What with the space program winding down snowbirds here are even more important. It’s so funny but I think I am beginning to resemble the video. Inside my body I feel 35 but on the outside I look and feel my biological age which is now collecting social security.

    We love retirement. We have never been so busy. Sometimes we say we would have to go back to work to have more free time. And how did we ever do all the things we did when we were working?

    In response to Jean Watson, we spent last winter out in the southwest and that’s what everyone said to us, “The weather is never like this. This is So UNUSUAL.” Yes, another good laugh.

  6. Quit your bitching Nick you could be up where I live in Ontario where it was – 13 during the day yesterday and a wind chill of -20. lol I have been to the Keys when it was the warmest temp in florida and it was in the low 40’s. You need to head back to Yuma it seems to be the only place that is warm.

    I do know what your saying when you go south you want WARM

  7. I really do not want to rub it in but it was 83 here in Yuma. It is supposed to be 82 today. Hurry to the southwest, We will save some warmth for you!!!

  8. Nick have Cris look at for hosting your websites.

  9. Great video Nick. It looks like it was shot in Ft. Myers, Florida. We lived there four years and every aspect of the video is TRUE! Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful place…just be prepared.

  10. We’ll be in Key West from the 18-20th for Stu’s birthday present. We’ll be riding the motorcycles so hoping the weather stays above 60 during the day. LOL! Back to Moore Haven till the 31st, then Lakeland for Jan/Feb. Won’t hit Bushnell till some time in March. Sure hoping the temps warm up for the rest of the winter!!

  11. 80s ?!?! Yuma, here we come!!!

  12. Nick, on the web hosting thing….I have used a number of hosting services.I am currently using 1&1 for 5 sites I either own or maintain. I like them a lot – they are very reliable and pretty cheap as well.

    On all 5 sites I have had ZERO downtime in over 5 years (on 4 of them) and over 3 years on the other. ZERO.

  13. Check out this month’s Trailer Life mag for a review on a new RV Door Lock that includes a remote (like the most modern Motorhomes). However it costs over $200

  14. We had trouble with our deadbold. Ended up putting in residential deadbold. Terri would have no problem putting it in. Nick, well, …. don’t try.

    Good Luck — Kevin

  15. We’re at Marathon Island, fl and the low this morning was 40. At 2 pm, it’s 50 with the sun out and not a cloud in the sky. The Gulf is starting to flatten out and the wind is calming down. Road trip to Key West Thr.


  16. Hey Nick! Come west young man. It’s sunny and warm here in Houston. Not like coooooold Florida. Coldest I’ve ever been in an RV was in Pensacola. And I’ll buy you the best chicken fried steak in town. 🙂

  17. Hey Nick
    That video is a HOOT!!! I worked in the Rio Grande Valley for 12 years and we would always have a pipeline project going on during the Snowbird season. I would have to warn the contractors to get their equipment off the roads around 4PM as that was the time the RV parks would clear out with everyone headed to Luby’s!!! But it was always great to see everyone enjoying themselves and the RGV. And the season was always a big boon to the economy in the area.

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