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The old saying “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” dates back to the story of the Trojan Horse, when the Greeks besieged the city of Troy during the Trojan War. According to legend, after a long siege, the Greeks built a huge wooden horse, and concealed a small force of their best soldiers inside. Then they boarded their ships and sailed away.

The besieged Trojans thought that they had outlasted their enemies, and opened the gates to the city and pulled the horse inside as a victory trophy. That night, after the Trojans all went to sleep, the Greeks hidden inside the horse force crept out and opened the city gates to the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back, under cover of night. The Greek army entered and seized the city of Troy, ending the war.

The purpose of this history lesson is to tell you that while you might want to avoid Greeks bearing gifts, Geeks bearing gifts are something else altogether!

Yesterday evening Jim and Chris Guld, from Geeks on Tour, showed up at our door with grilled lobsters that Jim had caught while scuba diving just off the beach, here in Fort Lauderdale. Those things were huge!

Lobster 2

Terry Nick Lobsters

Jim and Chris supplied the main entree, and Miss Terry filled out the menu with wild rice pilaf, stir fried mixed vegetables, and fresh sliced Heirloom tomatoes. Everything was delicious, and I guarantee you nobody went hungry!

After dinner we sat around visiting for a couple of hours, and Chris showed me a trick or two with G-mail, Windows Live Writer, and Microsoft Streets & Trips. And, of course, we swapped a lie or two, and solved a good number of the world’s problems in the process.

Jim Chris Nick visiting

It’s been wonderful having this one on one (or actually two on two) time with Jim and Chris, away from all of the hustle and bustle of an RV rally. Thanks for all your time, help, and especially your friendship, Jim and Chris! It’s been a lot of fun!

Since the weather is supposed to cool back down next week, we have scrubbed our original plans to go to the Keys, and instead, today we’re leaving Fort Lauderdale and are traveling to the Peace River NACO preserve in Wauchula, Florida.

We’ll hang out there until we get the new issue of the Gypsy Journal back from the printer and mailed off, and hopefully we’ll get in some kayaking on the Peace River, if the weather cooperates during our stay.

We’ve only got a few weeks left in Florida before we have to start west to get ready for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in Yuma March 7-11. During that time, we want to get back to Pinellas Park for a family gathering, and we’d love to spend a few days around Crystal River, and maybe at Cedar Key, if we can.

Bad Nick has been busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Blame Your Parents, Not Us. check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you have changed.

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  8 Responses to “Geeks Bearing Gifts”

  1. Aw, gee, man you know how to hurt a guy!! What we wouldn’t give for some of that seafood!!! It sure does look good!! Not much of it here in the desert of AZ. It will be Florida for us next fall for sure!! Emjoy my man!

  2. It was great visiting (and eating) with you guys!
    Next time, we want you to leave the bad weather instead of bringing it with you. South Florida is so much better when it is warm and clear.
    Safe travels.

  3. Nick

    We spent a couple of days at Cedar Key two years ago…found it to be lacking.
    Hope you have a better experience.


  4. Spent many a winter at Crystal River. That’s where my husband passed away and his ashes are in the gulf off of Tiger Tail Beach. We stayed at Lake Rousseau RV Park. Beautiful park on the Lake. Kayaking great over at Dunellen on the Withlacoochee River.
    And a must is to kayak Crystal River down to the Homosassa park and kayak with the Manatees.

  5. Oh and go to the Margarita Grill near Homassasa for some great food.

  6. We’re here in Rock Crusher Canyon in Crystal River and as Donna said above if you wanna kayak there is no better spot than Kings Bay in Crystal River or the Homosassa River in Homosassa. A great piece for the “Journal”, which we have been subscribers of for 5 or so years, would be a kayak trip along the Homosassa River from the state park to Monkey Island (a great story in itself). Then a trip to the “Freezer” for steamed shrimp would top it off-it’ll be on us!

  7. Wanna meet up? We met you in Goshen this summer. We’re at Little Charlie Creek RV Park in Wauchula. Our park is just yards from Peace River. Let us know when you get here.

  8. What I want to know is why Froggi Donna and Stu can hack it in Key West and you can’t?

    Bet it’s because there’s all those bridges to cross to get there.



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