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When we checked into the Peace River NACO campground on Sunday the office was closed, so the ranger said to go up to the office anytime Monday morning and pay for our stay. Apparently “anytime” is first thing in the morning, because at 10 a.m. somebody was knocking on our door.

Since we seldom get to bed before 2 a.m., we don’t get up early, so by the time I threw on some clothes and got to the door, the person was driving away in a golf cart. After I brushed my teeth and combed my five or six hairs, I went to the office and paid for our stay. Geez, we’re here for fourteen days, it’s not like we were going to stiff them out of $70.

Over the years, we have gotten a lot of flack from other RVers who seem to be offended by our sleeping schedule. More than once some older RVer has said something about “lazy” people sleeping the day away. I usually tell them I’m not lazy, I was up late working hard so I could pay into Social Security so they can get their check next month. I mean, really, is it anybody’s business when we go to bed or get up, as long as we don’t make any noise or disturb them when we’re up and they’re in bed?

Since the rain had stopped and we had a nice blue sky overhead, even if it was still rather cool, we went down to check out the boat ramp to the Peace River, here at the campground. The river was nice and calm, and if it warms up some more, we want to get our kayaks wet.

Peace River

Okay, maybe we want to get our kayaks wet! I saw a sign about alligators at Lake Hancock at the Orlando Thousand Trails, and that didn’t bother me. But snakes? That’s taking things a little bit too far! I’ve heard of people wrestling alligators, but this fat boy don’t do snakes!

Alligator Snake sign

The Spanish moss that hangs from the live oaks trees all over Florida is even on the palm trees here at the campground! 

Trees with moss

Our South Dakota license plates and registration for the Explorer came yesterday. The nice folks at our mail service in Sioux Falls, Alternative Resources, handled all of the paperwork, got the plates and registration, and sent them to us by Priority Mail. Since the 30 day temporary plate from the dealer where we bought the SUV expired Saturday, I was glad the plates arrived.

After picking up the license plates in the office, we drove into town to make a stop at the post office to mail off an order, then on to WalMart for a few things, and back to the campground. As we were driving back to our RV site, we stopped to take a picture of this motorhome with steer horns mounted on the front end. I wonder if this guy is from Texas?

RV Steer Horns

We spent the rest of the day at home. I answered e-mails, had a long exchange with a lady in Oklahoma who is looking at a used RV and was asking my advice because she had some concerns. After hearing them (105,000 miles on a 1999 gas powered Class A, many stains on the ceiling from obvious roof leaks, a musty smell inside the coach, a generator that would not start, and a broken windshield), I told her to run, not walk, away. She still wasn’t convinced, because at only $25,000 the seller tells her it’s a heck of a deal. Yes, it is. I’m just not sure if it’s a heck of a deal for him, or for her!

Thought For The Day – Good health is merely the slowest possible rate at which one can die.

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Nick Russell

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  10 Responses to “Gators, Snakes, And Steer Horns”

  1. Better steer horns than big girl panties!

  2. I’d like to see those big girl panties on the steer horns!
    Happy Solstice!

  3. Don’t worry about snakes. We’ve seen a few small ones in the water which didn’t bother us at all. I saw one on a tree branch that I almost put my hand on, but as long as you keep your hands off branches, you’ll be fine.

    Our two kayaks are sitting out beside the motorhome and unused. We’re hoping to get them wet soon….as soon as it warms up.

  4. Hey Nick and Terry,
    Looks like you’re as close as you will be this trip. We would like to drive out and see you guys and do another interview for Living the RV Dream. Would you be available the afternoon of Tuesday the 28th or therabouts?

  5. Your steer horn neighbor certainly carries a lot of gewgaws for decorating at Christmas time. I noticed the saguaros in front and possibly on that banner. Maybe he’s from Arizona!

  6. That piece of junk motorhome will cost her as much or more than the original price just to put it into decent shape — even more if the side walls begin to de-laminate. Why oh why do people believe the obvious lies that salesmen spew?

  7. You are correct that your schedule is no one’s business BUT, because your hours are a bit out of the norm, how about a sign you can put on your door that says something to the effect “Night Owls and Late Sleepers. All business will be conducted after noon.” Then anyone who disturbs you deserves the salt in their butts. Surely there is an artful reader who could create this with a whimsical flair.

    You are correct that you are not going to stiff them for $70, but I bet it has happened to them before. Now they are paranoid….

    Anyway, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

    — Kevin

  8. Howdy Vicki & Nick,

    If YOU SAID ‘No!’ I’d run run run…hell I can’t even walk!!!! BUT some people can’t turn down a ‘smooth talkin’ brown eyed man’….
    Hey fast runner, well wobbler, the SNAKES GO HIDE BELOW 60 DEGREES !!!! THEY DO IN WEST TEXAS!!!!! The only ones you got to watch out for down there are the ones
    folks buy and then turn loose in the swamps..ANACONDAS, BOAS, PYTHONS, COBRAS
    and the native RATTLESNAKES, COTTONMOUTHS, CORALSNAKES !!!!!!! All of the others
    are ‘pocket snakes’, just pick’em up and put’em in your pocket… My dad stopped a guy
    one time from putting his hand in dad’s coat pocket, stealing peanuts!!!! One time…….
    …NO MORE!!!!!!!!! Teachers don’t like you having them in school, either….



  10. Nick, give this web site a look.

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