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I wrote in Thursday’s blog post that while the Peace River NACO campground was okay, we really didn’t care for the town of Wauchula very much, and that if we could change our reservation and leave early and go back up to the Orlando Thousand Trails, we’d do it.

That same afternoon, I got a call from the folks at Camping Connection in Kissimmee telling us that both our new entry door latch and the parts for our Norcold refrigerator recall had come in, and they wanted to schedule a time to come in to get them installed. That was all the incentive I needed; I went up to the office, told them we needed to leave early, and they shortened our reservation. So yesterday morning we pulled out and drove the 75 miles  back to the Orlando Thousand Trails.

Traffic was light most of the way, but if you hear anything about a motorhome being involved in a high speed chase with the local police, here’s the story: We were on State Route 60, waiting for oncoming traffic to clear so we could make a left turn onto the ramp to U.S. Highway 27 at Lake Wales. All of a sudden, a police car roared up behind us with his lights and siren on. He tried to climb up onto the island on the left to get past us, but his car couldn’t get over the high curb, and I was stuck waiting for traffic to get out of the way.

The way the road and ramp are configured there, with curving concrete islands and guardrails, there was no place for me to pull over or go to get out of his way, except right onto the ramp, so that’s what we did the minute there was a break in the traffic. I sped down the curved ramp and onto the highway, our kitchen drawers flying open and things rattling around inside the coach, with him right behind us. The minute I was past the guardrail and had room to get over, I did, and he flew past us headed north. Once the excitement wore off, I told Terry I bet anybody seeing that was wondering if that idiot in the motorhome towing the SUV really believed he could outrun the cops!

Once we arrived at the Thousand Trails and got settled into our site, Charles Deutschmann stopped in to say hello. Charles and his wife Nancy were at our last Arizona Gypsy Gathering rally in March, and now they are parked in the RV site next to us. It’s a small world, especially in the RV community.

We took a ride around the campground, admiring the way folks decorated their rigs for the holidays. Some opted for simple things like Santa caps on their mirrors, or maybe a wreath or bow on the front end.

Alpine Santa Coach

Let it snow

Wreath RV

RV with bow

A few folks went a little further, and decorated a tree, or put out a lawn ornament or two.

Wreath on door

Decorated tree

Ho Ho Ho RV

But these folks take the prize. Talk about going all out for Christmas! I wonder if they carry all of that stuff in their motorhome year round, or store it someplace?

Decorated yard 6

Decorated yard 2

Our friends Dave and Jean Damon, who sell 303 products at RV rallies, are here at the campground, so we got together and had our Christmas dinner together at, where else? A Chinese buffet! The food was good and the company was even better. Here is a picture the waitress took of our well fed, happy group.

Nick Terry Jean Dave

I’m glad we came up yesterday, because the weather is supposed to get nasty for the next few days, with wind and rain predicted for today. In fact, just before midnight when I wrote this, it was raining off and on, and the wind was really rattling our window awnings and slide toppers!

Today’s high is supposed to be 51 degrees, and overnight lows the next three nights are supposed to be in the 20s! I probably won’t be doing much, except sitting inside reading, watching TV, and oh yes, sniveling. Lots and lots of sniveling. Tell me again, why did I come to Florida for the winter?

Thought For The Day – Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow they may make it illegal.

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Nick Russell

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  9 Responses to “Christmas At The Campground”

  1. Well, I’m glad you got to see Solomon’s Castle. That is SO your kind of thing. I’m bummed that you didn’t paddle the river. That’s what Peace RIVER is all about! And you had gorgeous weather too. Personally, I would never choose Orlando TT over Peace River. To each his own.

  2. Just be thankful you’re not in New Jersey. My aunt and cousin keep telling me it’s cold down in Florida…I tell them those temps are WARM for me. At least I’m still in a sticks and bricks for the blizzard and not in my motorhome.

  3. Nick,
    How could you visit Peace River in nice weather and not go paddling?
    You’ve lost all credibility as a kayaker.
    Turn in your paddle! Wimp!

  4. That will teach you to leave S Florida and go up “North”. One night of cold here, then back to great weather in a couple of days. The Keys still would have been the way to go! Hope the weather warms up for you in a few days.

  5. We were also told to quit sniveling about being cold here in Hondo, we have not gotten above the mid 50 during the day and at night it is totally freezing we have been in the low 30s and then last night broke all records being it was 19 like you we thought southern TX would be warm. The person telling us to stop sniveling was our youngest son Ian who is in St Paul Minnesota. When he called he stated they were having a heat wave at 12 degrees. Just a couple of more months here and we will be in warm if not starting to get hot Yuma. As for the high speed chase involving a motor home it does not surprise me at all. We have seen pursuits of big rigs, buses so why not some total idiot doing it in a motor home.

  6. I was only in a car when fire trucks pulled out of a station I had just passed. There was no room at the curb so I quickly turned the corner. So did they!

  7. What good paddling weather? We put our kayaks in last week at Peace River NACO and it was so darned chilly and windy we got out in less than a half hour. We are due to leave on Thursday and I don’t see any more opportinities while we are here. Bummer.

  8. That right there is what appeals to me most about RVing. If you dont like a place for any reason at all you can just pick up and go! I cant want to have that freedom. 2 more years and I retire and we are gone!!!!

  9. Howdy Nick,
    How did the Explorer come out after the island-hop??? Thank you, so much for the trip to Solomon’s Castle… It was great!!! Thatz an artist, boy!!! Campground-bound RVrs
    do decorate for holidays… Thatz life!!!!

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