Time Will Tell

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Nov 042010

We had already planned our trip to Titusville and The Great Outdoors RV Resort when we learned that space shuttle Discovery was going to be launched for its final mission on Monday, November 1. So that was like icing on the cake.

Since Titusville is right across the Indian River from the John F. Kennedy Space Center, we’re in the perfect location to see the launch.

Well, Monday came and went, and the launch was delayed until Wednesday,  due to mechanical issues. Those issues were resolved, and then an electrical problem caused the launch to be rescheduled until this afternoon. Then, late yesterday, NASA said that there is an 80% chance of the launch being postponed again, due to bad weather that is moving in. So I guess time will tell if it flies or not. We’re scheduled to leave here Sunday morning, so I hope the launch goes off before then.

We have not been doing any exploring on this trip to the Space Coast, because my dear friend Tim Moran has been having some very serious health issues, and I’ve been spending as much time with him as I can. Miss Terry and Tim’s wife Ann have been running around a bit, doing some shopping and having girl time while I stay at the house and keep Tim company. It’s hard to see somebody you love suffering so much. Folks, live every day to the fullest, because life is very tenuous, and the time goes by way too fast.

When we leave here Sunday, we’re going to the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve, which is actually in Clermont. This is a big campground, and one we haven’t stayed at before before. Our friends Dennis and Cindy Henderson are at the Thousand Trails, and we hope to get a chance to get our kayaks in the water and do some paddling with them.

Our annual Thousand Trails membership dues give us 50 nights of “free” camping a year, and any nights over 50 are $5 a night. We’ve had the membership for five years now, and this will be the first year we have used our whole 50 nights. We knew going in that it would take us a while to have the time to really get the most out of our membership, but since we basically got it for free, we were okay with that.

This is a good example of why I always tell new fulltimers to wait at least a year before they buy into a campground membership, because it will take them at least that long to define their camping and traveling style. And I always encourage RVers to look for used campground memberships, because you can save literally thousands of dollars. Our nationwide Thousand Trails/NACO Platinum membership sells for a lot of money brand new, but on the resale market one can be picked up for pennies on the dollar.

Do your homework before you go shopping for a campground membership, and understand that a membership may not be right for you. Many, many RVers we know get by just fine with a combination of Escapees campgrounds, Passport America RV parks, Corps of Engineers campgrounds, and such. A membership is only a good investment if you use it enough to get your money out of it. Only you can decide that.

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Thought For The Day – The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.

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  11 Responses to “Time Will Tell”

  1. Even from Orlando the Space Shuttle launch is spectacular to watch.

  2. I love the Thought of the Day.

    Tomorrow looks good for the shuttle; partly cloudy, 20% chance of rain, high of 68 and then low Friday of 45. Good fall weather and good shuttle launch weather. It should fly!!!

  3. I saw a night launch and it was the most spectacular thing. Not only the visual but the sound is unbelievable. Hope you get to see this one.

  4. For kyaking try the Suwannee River. Very “old Florida”. Yellow Jacket has docks & a launch area. You can go north to Manatee Springs to see the manatees and south to the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.
    Hope you see the launch. Always spectacular!!!!

  5. We sure hope you get to see the launch. You were so correct when advising people wanting to buy a membership park package to go to a resale person and not thru a campground you will save thousands. We have to of the and when we bought no one told us about a resale person. Our ROD has been used enough to where we got our money out of it. This helps us be able to do the full time travel. Our other membership we will lose a great deal of money on it since we have not used it enough times. We have it listed with a company out of Florida. Be safe on your travels

  6. If you have never seen a launch before, it’s a must. Like others said, the launch can be seen from TT Orlando. Also a must do is the Kennedy Space Center. When you buy a pass it’s good for 2 days and you need two days to see it. They have a lift off simulator that will make the cheeks on your face flutter on take off. It’s real cool.
    We have a TT membership with ROD and used it over 200 days the one year. We have used it 6 weeks this year and 6 more on reservations. Dues are $50 a month and for us it’s well worth it ( IF ) you use it.

  7. Nick:

    TT Orlando is a very nice campground, cosmetically. The pool area and clubhouse are very nice, with a new adult gym next to the pool. The infrastruction is old and the water system seems to go out frequently enough that we never go there without half a tank of fresh water, just in case. Also, the G section has 50amp electric grandfathered in, so no extra cost. We have watched a few shuttle launches from TT, the night ones being the most spectacular. Enjoy your stay.

  8. We had (or have) a coast to coast membership that we can hardly ever use. Since we joined, the number of parks is about 1/10th of what was originally there. Also, when we do try to make reservations in the SW area of the US in winter, they are mostly blocked out for use during those months. The annual fee is around $500. because you have to pay maintenance fees to a home park to become eligible for coast to coast. No way can we get close to that much use out of it, especially with all the blocked out times. We tried to quit it and was told that we are members for life. In other words, stuck paying until we die with no way out unless we can sell it to someone else to get us off the hook. If we quit paying, they said they would legally come after us for payment and when we die, our children would then take over the burden. I’ve contacted an attorney that sent them a letter. We are waiting to see now what next will happen. We will not give these people another penny. We will not ever recommend coast to coast to any one.

  9. [Folks, live every day to the fullest, because life is very tenuous, and the time goes by way too fast.]

    Amen to that, Nick. Been there, done that…not fun. Glad you and Terry are around to help Tim & Ann.

  10. Dave, we heard that same line of BS and threats when we dropped Coast to Coast and our first membeship park. It never went past a couple of nasty letters. I told them to stick it and never heard another word.

  11. Yes, Nick it is hard, my wife had several major issues, spent more time in the hospital than she was at home, I was her caregiver, and helped care for my mom. You know they are going to pass, but not so close, mom 8/9/10, then my wife 10/19/10 . We went to NM an Az last winter in the old hound I converted, we enjoyed the trip, also we discussed what the other would do, she would need a nurshing home if I went first, me I will take the old hound, the old 10 pound Pug mix we rescued in NM last Dec., and Jeanne’s ashes will go along, to warmer wheather. She missed her 63rd birthday by 5 days. Each day is a guift, please use it to the fullest.

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