Nov 152010

Sometimes it sucks to be me. Oh, the life of a hard working fulltime RVing newspaper publisher! Will the grind never end?

Yesterday I slept in until about 10 a.m., which isn’t really sleeping in for me, because that’s about the time I usually wake up. But Miss Terry wasn’t there to snuggle and cuddle up with like she usually is, so I had to just lay there all by myself and drowse off and on for a while before I finally drug myself out of bed.

And just in time, because Terry was busy making me a batch of her delicious crepes, with strawberry jam, for breakfast! I checked my e-mail, then read some of my favorite RV blogs. Greg White had finally posted something, after taking a day off; Dennis Hill was bragging, and deservedly so, about the pork butts he was smoking in Texas; my pals Joe and Marcia Jones are leaving Key West in search of new adventures; Stu and Donna McNicol’s blog had some new pictures of their puppy; and Mike McFall’s had pictures of his cat. Then I popped into Facebook to check in on all of my friends there.

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With all of that done and breakfast finished, we goofed off for several hours, and then decided to get some paddling in on Lake Hancock. We’re getting better at inflating my Sea Eagle PaddleSki 435 kayak, but Miss Terry and I both agree that we need to contact Tim at Inflatable Boats 4 Less and order one of their electric pumps to make the job even easier. Even so, in less than 10 minutes the boat was ready to go and I was paddling away from the launch.

Nick head on 2

We paddled to the south side of the lake, to check out this derelict old sailboat, which somebody apparently pulled up to shore and abandoned. At one time this was somebody’s pride and joy, and now it’s just rotting away. I wonder how it got into this sad condition.

Old boat hulk 4

We paddled around the lake for about 90 minutes, crossing over to the far side and back, stopping occasionally to rest and just enjoy the water.

Nick Paddling Lake Hancock 4

Miss Terry has the sharpest eyes of anybody I’ve ever known. We can be rolling down the highway at 60 miles per hour, and she’ll point out antelope grazing in a meadow, or a hawk resting on a fence post.

She spotted this osprey perched high in a tree beside the lake, and paddled over to take its picture. With the things she can turn out with her cheap little Olympus point and shoot camera, I think Terry needs to move up to a digital SLR. But the pocket size camera is handy and she always has it with her. A larger camera might end up spending more time in its case, instead of being carried all of the time.

Osprey 7

We also saw all of these turkey vultures sitting together. How many can you count?

Birds on a tree

The sun was sinking low in the sky when we came off the water, and by the time we got the boats dried off and stowed away, and got back to the motorhome, it was starting to get dark. We spent the evening watching TV and cruising the internet.

So there you have it, my hardworking day. Unlike most working folks, I don’t even get Sunday’s off! Yeah, it sucks to be me.

Bad Nick didn’t have it any easier. He worked yesterday too, posting a new Bad Nick Blog installment of the popular Dumb A$$ Report. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg, even if you are half-cracked.

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Nick Russell

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  9 Responses to “Sucks To be Me…. Not!”

  1. Just curious, when you are staying parked near your kayaking launch area, do you have to deflate or disassemble the kayak at the end of your day? Can it be transported (short distances) in your van or atop a vehicle? I read your earlier posting about its manageable weight when deflated, but how is it to carry it when inflated?

  2. Yeah! How much does the air weigh in your kayak?

  3. 90 minutes in your new high-back seat…. you didn’t mention how your back felt after that time. Was the seat supportive and comfortable? We fellow owners of bad backs are eagerly awaiting the final verdict!

  4. That kayak looks awfully appealing. Even Suzy is beginning to take an interest, and that’s a turnaround for her. As for Terry’s camera, you are correct. A bigger camera would certainly spend more time back home. Her small one is quicker and easier to use, she takes great pictures, and really, the most impotant item in the photographer’s kit is the “photographer’s eye.” Terry sure seems to have that!

  5. Judy – The PaddleSki is over 14 feet long inflated, and will not fit in oor van, where we also have our two hard kayaks and a load of newspapers. We could put it on the roof, but the van is so tall that we would need stepladders. It’s just easier to deflate it at the end of a paddling session.

    Debbie – The new high back seat is a dramatic improvement. 90 minutes on the water and I was fine. No back pain!

  6. Hey, Nick. . . I was just wondering: does your Winnie have an access to it’s air system for filling tires and/or inflatable boats? Our Phaeton has air access points both back and front. . . now no excuse for not keeping the tires inflated. This is just a wild thought, but we all miss one now and again. “I”m not thrifty. . . I’m cheap”. Oh well, as always, oRV

  7. Poor Nick you have such a hard life. I do not know how you manage. I guess someone has to do the hard work. We are enjoying learning about your new Kayak and the new seat. Thanks and please do not work so hard. Who loves you baby.

  8. Thanks for the link, Nick!

    Now you know why we have three cameras….in my purse or tank bag on my motorycle, I always carry my Nikon Coolpix S4000/S3000 with 4x wide angle zoom. My main camera is my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5K with 10x zoom, fits in BIG pockets. When doing really scenic viewing, Stu uses the big boy…Canon Powershot S5 IS with 12x zoom.

  9. If Terry ever decides to get a new camera that isn’t as expensive as an SLR, she might want to check out the new Canon SX30 IS. 14 megapixel. The 35X optical zoom is the amazing part of this camera. It’s perfect for a non-professional photographer because there is no need to lug around the separate lenses of an SLR. On sale now at Walmart for $399. I still carry my small Sony in my pocket or purse for simple, quick shots, but I really love the Canon SX30 IS for zooming in on flowers and wildlife. Hey Santa, it sure would make a great Christmas gift for Terry.

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