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One of the nice perks of our business is that from time to time we get to try out neat new products, and tell our readers about them. Occasionally we get a product that’s a dud, and I make somebody mad because I say so, but most of what comes our way is pretty cool.

We’ve recently received several new goodies to review, and I’m impressed with all of them. Since I didn’t have anything else to write about today, and with Christmas coming, I thought I’d tell you about them now, and maybe you can make one of your RVing friends (or even yourself) very happy. I don’t make a commission off of any of these, they are just good products I think you might want to know about.

The first is the Dandy Duster, from Cliff’s Custom Crafts, in Bay City, Michigan. Measuring over eight inches long and made of static free hog bristles, mounted in a beautiful wood handle, they are perfect for cleaning everything from computer keyboards to musical instruments, fans, air conditioner vents, and lots more around the home or RV.

Dandy Duster 3

I keep one with a handsome Brazilian cherry handle in my desk drawer to clean up after myself, and Miss Terry’s is a light oak, and also gets a lot of use.  Cost is just $19, with free shipping. You can find out more by e-mailing company owner Cliff Atwater at

Another product that I am impressed with is the Eyelog Personal Wireless Mobile Camera, supplied by our friends Phil and Tracey May at TechnoRV. I first became aware of this nifty tool at our Indiana Gypsy Gathering rally, when Phil called me late in the evening to tell me that somebody was in his booth in the locked vendor building. We immediately ran to the building, only to find it empty. Phil showed me the picture on his cell phone, which turned out to be the campground’s owner, who had been setting the air conditioner thermostats on the wall behind Phil’s display.


The Eyelog uses AC and/or battery power, and is motion sensitive. When armed, if an intruder is detected it will send either a photo or a video to your computer and cell phone. If we would have had one of these a year ago, we would have been forewarned and would not have walked in on an armed burglar in our RV! For more information, contact Phil or Tracey through their website or by phone at (866) 324-7915.

The Adalite is a handy wireless LED light that is perfect for RV storage bays, closets, kitchen cabinets, truck toolboxes, storage sheds, and anywhere else where you need some extra illumination.

Adalite 2

The Adalite comes with a detachable mount for emergency use, and wireless sensors. The light operates when a storage compartment or closet is opened, and the sensors are separated. The “sending unit” sensor sends a signal to the Adalite that can be mounted anywhere within a 30 to 45 feet range of the sensors. Once the sensors are separated by opening the compartment, a signal is sent to the Adalite, which has (33) multi-directional bright LED lights that light up any area automatically. This is a great new product that is handy in dozens of ways around the RV or at home. Look for Adalite at your favorite RV rally or show.

Maybe I didn’t have anything to write about, but Bad Nick did. While I was playing with new toys, he was busy posting a new Bad Nick Blog titled Choose Your Poison. Check it out and leave a comment.

Thought For The Day – Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that!

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  2 Responses to “New Goodies For Christmas”

  1. Nick, where can we get the “Adalite”?

  2. We have purchased solar “path lights” from Harbor Freight. They are about 3 sq. inches and we set them out during the day to charge and then use them as nightlights in the rig while boondocking. Helpful when navigating around the stretched out German shepherd for those midnight (and/or hourly) strolls to the bathroom. We keep one on the raised steps on my side of the bed in the diesel pusher, one in the hall, one in the bathroom, and one by the exit door in case of an emergency.

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