Nov 202010

We had a lot to get done yesterday, and accomplished very little of it. Some days are just like that, I guess.

We had quite a bit of stuff that we had been carrying around in the van that we decided had to go away, so I loaded it into the Explorer to drop off at a Goodwill or Salvation Army. It’s amazing what you discover that you had forgotten you own!

A little after noon we drove back to the car dealer in Winter Haven, where we bought the Explorer, to pick up the the SMI auxiliary brake that they had agreed to disconnect from the van, and to drop off the van’s title, which we had forgotten the day before. Along the way, we stopped at a Salvation Army store and unloaded the items we had to donate.

We had noticed a squealing noise coming from the Explorer, that I suspected was a fan belt or something like that. It wasn’t a big deal, just irritating. So I asked their service department to take a look, and they decided that a serpentine belt and a pulley were glazed, which was causing the noise.

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They pulled the vehicle into the shop to change them, and said it would take  a couple of hours to get the parts and do the job. Okay, we were there, they were paying for it under warranty, so we’d get it out of the way.

Well, we all know that no job ever gets done in the time allocated, right? The two hours stretched out to almost three before they were done, but they did a good job. This was supposed to be a quick trip, so I had not taken my iPad with me, so I spent the time reading old magazines about topics I had no interest in, while Miss Terry, always better prepared, had a book to read.

We needed to find a Fed Ex drop box to send the loan paperwork back to Alliant Credit Union, and we thought we had seen one in a shopping center we would pass on the way out of town. As it turned out, we were wrong, so we stopped at a hotel to ask if they knew of one nearby. They didn’t.

Again, if I had my iPad, I could have gone online and found one quickly, but we figured we’d pass a Staples or Office Depot, which usually does Fed Ex shipping. No such luck.

Miss Terry was driving, so I got online with my Droid Incredible and looked up Fed Ex, called them, and they gave me the location of the nearest Fed Ex drop box. Isn’t technology a wonderful thing? I entered the address into our Garmin GPS, which directed us a mile north, only to then tell us to make a U-turn and drive two miles back south to the drop box! Isn’t technology a wonderful thing?

Eventually we found the drop box, deposited the envelope, and headed back to the Thousand Trails campground. We stopped along the way for a bite to eat, made a stop at Lowes, and got back to our motorhome just after dark.

We’re due to leave here tomorrow, and we still have to pack the Explorer, get our hard kayaks onto the roof, and get some other chores done. All the stuff we had planned to accomplish yesterday!

Thought For The Day – Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million little things.

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Nick Russell

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  6 Responses to “Jogging In Quicksand”

  1. We drove an Explorer for well over 100,000 miles ourselves after we bought it with 55,000 on it. We were very pleased. Now to apologize for not knowing what to keep and what to toss. Just this Sept. in TorC NM we were clearing out stuff in the bays of the Eagle. I came upon the Neutral Tow Switch for the Explorer. ‘Knowing’ we would never have a use for it we tossed it. So so sorry. Did you find one?

  2. Hey Nick, I am slowly learning to go to “show map” on our garmin after putting in an address because we too have had the “drive a mile and then do a U turn and drive two miles” happen.
    That is really frustrating, but I look at it like, if “Maybeleen” (our gps) takes us to an out of the way place, then we needed to see that area for some reason or another. (and someday I will know why).
    Enjoy the new ride…

  3. Hope you get time to snap a picture of your new Explorer fully loaded! This could be interesting… :=)

  4. iPad …. never leave home without it…

  5. Nick,

    Next time try the maps/navigate app on your incredible. It does a good job of turn by turn navigation and the data base is more up to date for businesses than my Garmin. It does eat up battery capacity but that’s what the charger is for.

  6. We were in Traverse City looking for a shop where my wife wanted to stop. We punched it in the ‘ol Garmin and away we went. Did a complete outer tour of the city before arriving at our destination- about a half mile from our starting point.

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