Oct 312010

We slept in yesterday morning, catching up on our rest from our fast trip from Raccoon Valley to Titusville. Then we spent a couple of hours following our normal routine of me checking e-mails and my favorite blogs, while Terry had her morning coffee and logged onto the internet to check her favorite blogs.

In the early afternoon we drove about 20 miles south to Rockledge to visit our old friends Tim and Ann Moran. We met Tim and Ann during our first months on the road, over twelve years ago, and they have been a part of our extended family ever since. Tim has been dealing with some terrible health issues the last few years, and they have hung up the keys. Whenever we’re in the area, we stop in for a visit, and always have a wonderful time with them. We’re looking forward to seeing Tim and Ann again while we’re here.

When we left Rockledge, we drove back to Titusville on U.S. Highway 1, a four lane road that passed through a couple of small towns along the way.

I can’t count the number of readers who have suggested that we have dinner at a restaurant called Dixie Crossroads, in Titusville, when we are in this area. We figured that many people couldn’t all be wrong, so we stopped there for dinner, and I believe we have a new favorite restaurant.

The waitress greeted us with a big basket of piping hot corn fritters dusted with powdered sugar, and they just melted in our mouths. The restaurant is famous for their rock shrimp, and we both ordered a seafood sampler that included broiled rock shrimp, broiled scallops, and fried shrimp. Terry and I agreed that it was the best meal we have had in years.  The portions were huge, the sides were fantastic to match, and we were both stuffed by the time we cleared our plates. If you’re anywhere within 75 miles of Titusville, you owe it to yourself to try Dixie Crossroads. It’s well worth the trip. 

When we scheduled our visit to Titusville, we didn’t know that the space shuttle was supposed to launch on Monday afternoon, but that was an added treat. Then the launch was rescheduled to Tuesday afternoon, and now they have postponed it until Wednesday. I sure hope they decide to do it in the week we’ll be here! The locals tell us that as many as 500,000 people are expected to come to the Space Coast to see the launch. I think that could be a real circus!

We are staying at The Great Outdoors, which is a very nice, very upscale RV resort with every amenity you could imagine, and some you probably can’t. The place is so big it has it’s own post office, restaurant, RV repair shop, beauty parlor, and more. It’s not our regular kind of hangout, we normally stay at smaller mom and pop campgrounds, or Escapee parks, but it’s sure a nice place!

We don’t have any real plans for today. We may visit some other friends in this area, or we may go out and do some exploring, or we may just hang out and do a whole lot of nothing. I’ll let you know what we decided tomorrow.

Thought For The Day – The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.

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Nick Russell

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  4 Responses to “Old Friends And A New Favorite Restaurant”

  1. We were there for a launch in late 2007 and ended up staying till February 08 to actually see it fly. Well worth the wait and we got to see a lot of Florida while we waited.

  2. Hi Nick and Terry,
    We love The Great Outdoors. We’ve gone there several times for a couple of weeks in December. It’s a great relief from the Cleveland winter that we still endure!
    Happy Halloween!
    Claire and Chuck

  3. Hey Nick & Terri,

    Really hope you get to see the shuttle. It’s one of the things we have really hoped to get to see and probably won’t see before they stop flying.

    If you get down towards Plant City, we have a Host there that you might enjoy visiting. Let us know if you’re interested in that complimentary membership.

    We’re really hoping to make it to the Western Rally, we had a great time last year.

    Have fun!

    Kim & Don

  4. used to live close to Dixie Cross Roads and of course ate there often=great food as you discovered. now I am to old to eat all that!!! sorry. We stayed all winter at a mom and pop camp in Mims, Florida just a short distance north from Titusville. we were there for several years its a great friendly place=have seen many shuttle launches over my time, all very exciting whether a night one wee hourly one or day lite one, just make sure you see one before you leave.==good luck enjoy each day and especially each other.

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