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Oct 102010

Yesterday morning somebody knocked on my door, and when I opened it, my worst fears were realized. It was time to meet Pete! I would have run out the back door, if we had a back door on our motorhome, or crawled out a window, if they made RV windows big enough to fit my portly posterior. But alas, those were not options, so all I could do was face the music.

You may remember that the other day I picked on a fellow for moving his RV with his main awning out, and I learned later on that that fellow was Pete. People told me that Pete has a good sense of humor, and took it in stride, but you just never know. I had an ex-wife once whose father swore she was a nice mild-mannered girl!

Anyway, I opened the door, and there stood Pete Chilcott and his pretty wife Alwayne. The first thing I noticed was that Alwayne had her arm in a sling, and I almost peed my pants! I mean, Pete likes Alwayne and she’s walking around with a wounded wing. What was he going to do to me?

Well, as it turns out, Pete is a very nice man, and we had a very nice visit. He and Alwayne are wonderful people, and we really enjoyed getting to know them.

Pete Alwayne Chilcott 2 

Yesterday the Thousand Trails campground hosted Dragon Run Day, which included bike rides and hikes along the Rappahannock River, craft booths, food vendors, and a live band.

Dragon Run tent


I took a break from working on the new issue of the paper and we walked over to check out the festivities. One booth was displaying these beautiful handmade quilts.


The folks from Island Build A Boat were displaying this handsome sailboat, as well as this beautiful kayak, both of which can be built from kits. You can buy the kits, which are produced by Chesapeake Light Craft, and build your boat by yourself, with their technical assistance, or attend a workshop where they will oversee your construction project.



I was talking to the company’s owner, who told me that he has a 200 year old house on five acres near Richmond, and he said if RVers wanted to attend a workshop, they could dry camp right there! How cool is that?

For the little kids, they had a swimming pool filled with dried corn that these three youngsters were having fun in. I love to see children playing, without a worry in the world. Do you remember when we were kids and couldn’t wait to grow up? That’s because we had no idea just how good we had it!

Kids playing in pool 2

We spent an hour or so checking out the craft booths and talking to folks, and Miss Terry bought some delicious light honey from one of the vendors that is going to be delicious on fresh baked biscuits.

Except for a couple of short breaks, I spent most of the day working away at the new issue, and made a big dent in it. I’m right on schedule, and if all goes well, it will get printed the middle of next week, before we have to leave here to get over to Lexington, Kentucky for my annual checkup at the V.A. hospital.

Thought For The Day – Today is the last day of some of your life.

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  5 Responses to “I Meet Pete”

  1. What a surprise to open your blog and see familiar faces! I met Pete and Alwayne Chilcott on a WIT (Winnebago/Itasca Travelers) tour of Michigan 3 years ago. What a nice couple; glad you got to meet them, too.

  2. As the crow flys, we’re just about 15miles up the Rappahannock Rivah, as it’s pronounced around here. We’ll be here for another couple of weeks. Would be nice to see you guys. Bob and Molly

  3. “live band”…..as opposed to a “dead band”! this phrasing always tickles me!

  4. That was a new way to meet your neighbors. Then again they do own a Winnebago don’t they? Good luck with your check up

  5. Well, did you get the story as to why he moved his RV that way? And what happened to her arm? Come on tell us!!

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