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Yesterday was another day of plugging away at the new issue of the paper, so there’s not a lot to talk about on that end of things. I’ve got 13 pages to go, so barring any unforeseen delays, we’re on schedule.

The Thousand Trails campground was pretty full over the weekend, but by Sunday afternoon, a lot of people had pulled out, most of them weekend campers headed back to their regular lives. Whenever we see people headed back to lives that include workday schedules, mowing lawns, and all of those responsibilities, we really appreciate our fulltime RV lifestyle.

Sometimes we have a hectic schedule of RV rallies, printing deadlines, and such, but overall we’ve got it darned good, and we know it. It seemed like we were on the go pretty much nonstop all summer, and we are looking forward to a much slower paced winter.

If all goes well with getting the new issue of the Gypsy Journal printed this week, we plan to leave here on Saturday and drive to Lexington, Kentucky, where I have my annual medical checkup at the V.A. hospital, and we’ll get the new issue mailed out while we’re there.

I am seriously considering transferring to the Tucson V.A. hospital for my annual checkups and medical care. I started out in Lexington because my dear friend Nancy Hazelton was my primary care provider there, and she helped me get my routine stuff done every year in a timely manner, to accommodate our traveling schedule. Now that Nancy has retired and become a fulltimer herself, with her hubby Orv, I have a new doctor, who is excellent. But the scheduling seems to be a little more difficult. Plus, the only RV park in Lexington is the Kentucky Horse Park, which is a bit spendy if we have to be in town for any length of time.  

We lived in Arizona before we became fulltimers, and have family all over the state, including Tucson. There are plenty of RV parks there to choose from, and since we’re there every year, it just makes more sense. I’ve heard some good reports on the Tucson V.A. hospital, so when we’re out west this winter, I plan to stop in and check things out.

Once we are done in Lexington we’ll head south, and we plan to spend some time in Florida this winter. We’d like to get back down to Key West. I have some nephews and a niece in the St. Petersburg area I want to look up, and we always enjoy spending a couple of weeks at the Escapee park in Bushnell. And somewhere along the way, we want to get our kayaks wet. It’s been over a year since we’ve had them in the water.

We don’t have a set schedule, and we don’t want one. We have to be in Yuma, Arizona for our Arizona Gypsy Gathering in early March, and between now and then, we plan to take it one day at a time.

What are your winter plans? Are you headed for a favorite snowbird hangout? Are you also playing it by ear? Or are you still stuck with a working schedule and facing a cold winter at home?

Thought For The Day – Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you’ve got to start young.

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Nick Russell

World-Famous, New York Times Best Selling Author, and All-Around Nice Guy!

  17 Responses to “Another Day Plugging Away”

  1. Hi Nick,

    Well, this is it…this is the year we say goodbye to the snow, the cold, THE TRAFFIC JAMS and all the other negative connotations about New Jersey. Lenny’s retirement was accepted by the Board. The only reason for sticking around here is to celebrate our daughters 21st birthday, then it’s south we go till it’s warm enough for shorts. We have at least 6-8 friends and family who have invited us to stay in their driveways or a nearby campground from the panhandle to the keys, so this will be interesting. We’ve been looking forward to this for some time now. My in-laws aren’t too happy, they’re calling us a bunch of gypsies, but me???, I kind of like the sound to that. Maybe we’ll see you on the road…stay safe.


  2. Since we spent the ten weeks of summer RVing Newfoundland, we’ll hang around Vermont until after the New Year so we can enjoy the fall colors and hopefully get enough snow to cross country ski. We’ll then head for Betty’s RV Park in Louisiana for a month of Mardi Gras fun. In April we think we’ll be volunteering at CARE. We have to renew our South Dakota Driver’s licenses the end of May so we’ll go up there before heading back to Vermont for the summer at our cottage. In between these places, who knows???

  3. One of our goals when we retired was to spend a winter at a ski resort. We are avid skiers so we are spending the winter in Breckenridge CO. This past summer we ran up there and found a year round luxury campground, met with some owners who were there for the summer and worked out renting their site for the winter. There was also a gentleman there who has the same type of motor home that we have, so we met with him and he showed us how he had winterized with insulation. We have our heated water hose, we are picking up the insulation in Denver on the way, and off we will go to check this off on our bucket list! Yeah, I know, we are crazy, but hey, life is too short not to enjoy while we are healthy!

  4. We still plan to be in Florida but no idea where. We’ll be looking at monthly rates to save $$ though…LOL! Bushnell will be at least a couple of weeks, then maybe some east coast time and then some up on the panhandle.

  5. We too plan to visit Key West this winter! We missed seeing you when you were in Gilroy, maybe we can hook up when you come to Florida. Hope so.

    — jc&bev

  6. We will be spending the winter (or most of it) at Salt Spring Rec Area near Ocala, FL. It is a COE park with full hook-ups and 50 amp service. They have a 19 sites that they allow long term reservations for (up to 3 months); of course I had to book this in July. Their senior discount was 40% not 50%; but the pricing still comes out quite reasonable. Looking forward to exploring the area and hiking the Florida National Scenic Trail which can be accessed from the park.

  7. After 3 great months in the NW visiting friends and relatives, we have traveled the back roads to arrive at the SKP Chapter 21 rally in Columbus, NM. Next week we will be in the SKP park in Benson, AZ until at least after 1 Jan. Then who knows! Kay and I will be hosting the chapter 21 rally in April south of Tucson so look forward to seeing many of our SKP friends at this time. Safe travels to all.

  8. We got back to Yuma last thursday. Will be here until around the first of April or May.

  9. The deserts of SW AZ are calling us back. Will hang around the Bouse & Q area with a few foray’s to Yuma. Have enjoyed our summer trip thru the Dakota’s, MT,WY,CO and now NM for the FMCA Rally.

  10. We know you love to kayak, so when you are in Florida this winter you may want to check out the Crystal River/Homosassa area and kayak with the manatees. It’s not too far from Bushnell. Better yet, plan on staying a few days at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Resort in Crystal River. We have a site there and will be there from December through March at least. It is a great park with lots of trees and natural landscaping—a state park like atmosphere. Be safe in your travels.

  11. Nick
    I started having chest pains when I was in Tucson two years ago and I went to the VA hospital there. I needed a shunt and they took such excellent care of me that I switched my primary care there. They get a lot of snow birds and understand schedules like we have.

  12. We’re voting for VA Tucson! That’s our neck of the woods for winter!

  13. We’re headed for Rockport, Texas for the third year in a row. We like the slow pace, affordable RV parks, and great fishing. We tried the Valley once, but too many grouchy old farts in most of the RV parks. My wife joked that they never smile or laugh because they are afraid their dentures would fall out! If you like bingo, free music that is worth exactly what you pay for it, or playing Hand and Foot every day, it’s okay. Just not our cup of tea.

  14. We will be heading to Quartzsite right after Christmas and will be setting up in Tyson Wells to sell our Good Sam insurance. Then will move to the Big Tent for the RV show then back to TW. Will leave there when it’s time to go to Yuma for your Gypsy Gathering. Come see us!

  15. My husband has been using the VA Hospital for quite a few years now to manage his cancer. We are familiar with only the Oncology clinics, but can say that the staff there is just great!

    We also had a good experience with the VA Hospital in Bend, Oregon when we were traveling in that area last year.

    Judie Ashford

  16. We will be spending another winter (our fifth since moving into the rig) in Iowa. Hubby put up the insulation Friday night, so we should be set. Of course, I would rather be in Arizona or Texas, but that will have to wait a couple years until we “retire”.

    Looking forward to living vicariously through your travels.

  17. After spending the winter last year in Florida, we headed to Alaska for the summer, but now that is history and we are in California for the winter and spring months. Hope to meet a lot of you at the Gypsy Journal gathering in Arizona (after all we will only be one state removed or, as I like to say, one map fold away). Now where is that snail mail registration for the rally??

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